Byron Burger Milton Keynes Review

If you know me, you’ll know that one of my favourite things to do of an evening is to go out for dinner with my family or friends, where I socialise with my loved ones whilst eating food, glorious, food and luckily for me I tend to go out for dinner at least once a week.

On Thursday my friend Hazel and I thought it would be a lovely idea to go out for some food, as she’s been home from University for the past couple of weeks and we wanted to do something together before it was time for her to head back again. We decided to eat at Byron Burger, somewhere that I don’t visit half as much as I should considering how good it is. Seriously, the milkshake alone was enough to have me wish I could go to Byron for dinner every day of my life.


Byron Burger is a British based chain restaurant founded by Tom Byng, who was inspired by the tastiness of the burgers he had once experienced at the American Diner the Silver Top, located in Rhode Island. I have to say, Byron Burger is so amazing that if the inspiration came from Silver Top, then I need to get me to Silver Top ASAP to try out what I can only imagine are their incredible burgers.

One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Byron Burger was because of their milkshakes, which although not the most photogenic of drinks, they are definitely the tastiest. I ordered the chocolate milkshake which tastes so good, when the lady came over to take our food order I had to take a moment before I could respond because I was too distracted by how good the shake was. I could not tear myself away from drinking it. It was thick and creamy and had the perfect amount of chocolatey-ness to it! Gimme another one now please!


For our main meal both Hazel and I opted for the same dishes. For our sides we ordered Mac and Cheese and French Fries and for our mains we both got ‘The Cheese’ burger, I ordered my burger to come without the Byron sauce and the pickle because I’m fussy, but I kept in the Byron cheese, lettuce, onion and American mustard.

imageThe moment I saw Mac and Cheese was on the menu my eyes lit up. I love Mac and Cheese. Byron’s was delicious and although the cheese was a little bit too strong for me meaning I couldn’t finish the whole portion I still very much enjoyed what I did eat and I’ll definitely be ordering it again in the future. The fries were great too, being your typical portion of chips and cooked to the perfect texture, not too soft but not so hard they were crunchy. So good!

The burger was a real winner for me. It tasted amazing. The flavours of the cheese, onion and the mustard worked so incredibly together and the burger itself was cooked to perfection. I asked for well done and they delivered! I can’t put into words just how tasty this burger was and my mouth is watering just thinking about it, if you’re a fan of the cheeseburger I could not recommend ‘The Cheese’ more.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience at Byron Burger. Not only was I with great company, but the staff were so lovely and friendly, the cost so reasonable (I spent less than £20) and of course the food absolutely incredible, so much so I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

Have you ever been to Byron Burger before? Would you like to go? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Ooh sounds good hun. I love a bit of Mac n Cheese☺ I went Byron’s years ago but they had a naff veggie menu back then. I had a super strong goats cheese burger which I didn’t love. I think they have more for me now, so I need to go back☺ x


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