LUSH Oxford Street Exclusives Haul

Hi everyone and welcome to my first LUSH post of 2018. Back in December I did a ton of reviews on LUSH’s Christmas range so today I’m shaking things up a little and bringing you all a haul.

In the past couple of months I’ve day tripped to London twice and on both occasions I’ve made sure to stop off at LUSH’s Oxford Street store, where they sell an array of exclusive bath bombs, bubble bars etc. etc and so naturally, on both of my visits I simply had to treat myself to a ton of exclusive LUSH goodies.

Starting with Supertramp, I actually ended up buying two of these bubble bars as on my second trip to London I forgot I had already purchased one. The design of Supertramp really reminds me of everyone’s favourite the Comforter, as it has the same swirly pattern and is similar in size, the only difference is the colour and the scent. This product is a pale mint green shade with pink swirls and has more of a musky scent. I’ve already used one of my Supertramps and if I’m honest I can think of other products I’d rather have bought two of because I didn’t find this one to be very exciting at all. Although it created lots of bubbles I wasn’t overly keen on the scent and I felt as though the product was a little average.

Grass is a bubble bar I’ve used once before and really adored, so of course I had to treat myself to another when I saw it in store. I love all things nature and I think this bright, cheerful bubble bar is perfect for this time of year, with Spring just around the corner I couldn’t think of a better product to use to remind us that sunnier days are close.

One of the most exciting Oxford Street exclusive products I treated myself to has to be the Little Dragon bubble bar which is quite possibly the coolest bath product I’ve ever seen. This is basically two products in one as you can see from the picture, because you get two sticks of product with the head of the dragon being on one and the tail end on the other. The design of Little Dragon is so much fun and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. With vibrant colour and a little bit of sparkle, what more could you want from a bubble bar? I can’t wait to use this!

The Windmill bubble bar is another product I’m really excited about and like Little Dragon is one of the coolest LUSH products I’ve come across. The design of this product is completely unique and I love the fact you can even spin the windmill around and around, for all the bathtime fun. I’m really looking forward to using this fun, bubbly product.

Cherry Blossom is a beautiful bubble bar which I had to buy as it’s a real treat to the eyes. The design of this product is simply gorgeous, with two beautiful pink flowers connected by a willow stick this bubble bar is a floral lovers dream. I haven’t used Cherry Blossom yet because it’s so pretty to look at, I want to save it for best.

Divination is a really random bubble bar which I decided to buy purely because of its exclusivity to the Oxford Street store and before checking out the reviews on LUSH’s website I wasn’t all too excited about it, however, judging by what I’ve read everyone seems to love it so I’m definitely looking forward to trying it now.

The Pink Pumpkin bubble bar is another product that is completely new to me and although I believe it to be part of the Halloween range, I somehow managed to get my hands on it long after the spooky season had passed in December. Ah, it must have been made for me! This is the perfect product for me as pink is my all time favourite colour so any LUSH product that is dedicated to such a gorgeous shade is bound to win me over instantly. Not only is this product pretty ‘n’ pink but it’s also got a beautiful little sparkle to it, making it for definite the dream product design for me!

Moving onto bath bombs another product that I haven’t used before is the Thundersnow bath bomb which I think sounds really cool and cosy. I love the design and colours of this product and I think the gorgeous blue and green tones will create gorgeous bath art once placed in the water. I’m looking forward to using this one on a colder evening because the name just instantly makes me think of being all warm and snuggly inside whilst outside the weather is freeeezing!

Lastly in my haul is the Guardians Of The Forest bath bomb, which I’ve used before and really enjoyed. I like this bath bomb because I find the name and design of it to be warm and inviting. I love the colours of this product and the strong earthy scent and although I’ve not tried the combination before I think this will work really well together with the Grass bubble bar, for a nature lovers perfect bath!

I love LUSH’s Oxford Street store so much and I am so excited to use all of my amazing new products especially Little Dragon and Windmill, they are the coolest!!!

Have you ever used any of these products before? What’s your all time favourite LUSH Oxford Street exclusive product (mine would have to be the Roller bath bomb)? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading,




  1. I always here about this magical Oxford Street LUSH store from you Brits! So neat to get some exclusives. The Little Dragon bubble bar looks so eye catching! I’ll have to check it out one of these days…


    1. Omg I can’t believe it seems it’s the only store which does exclusives? Imagine! Yes when i saw it I was like neeed that definitely! I can’t wait to try it! Ooh you deffo should when you get the chance! Thanks for your comment hun X


      1. Omg yeah haha and everything else of course haha I think I’ve seen another UK blogger review guardians of the forest and it made wish I could try it lol. Do they change the products every season or do they keep a few all year round?


      2. It is a lovely bath bomb, hopefully one day you can try it! Another reason to come to the UK! So they tend to change it up with the seasons, like grass is a spring one but returns every year and then things like little dragon i’m not sure about because I’d never seen them before but yeah mostly they change with the seasons and some are brought back each year then others don’t return! Xx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve never had any of the exclusive products but they look amazing. I’m completely obsessed with their rockstar soap it’s amazing


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