January Favourites ’18


Hello everyone and welcome to my first monthly favourites post of 2018. I can’t work out whether I agree with everyone’s tweets and memes about how January seemed to last forever or not, because on the one hand, how are we in February already? But then on the other hand, January did feel quite long. Hey ho, long or short it’s irrelevant now. February is here and I’m making the most of everyday of this short but sweet lil’ month.

Throughout January there were a few beauty bits and bobs that I loved however most of my favourites from last month are actually quite random, from TV shows to music to books buuuut to keep up with my usual tradition, I’m going to start my favourites with everything I was loving in beauty.

NYX face & body Glitter Brilliants

I’m a glitter gal, pure and simple. For me, 99% of the time if my look doesn’t include some kind of glitter feature then it’s not complete and in the past few weeks I’ve been completely obsessed with NYX’s glitter brilliants. Honestly, these glitters are the best I’ve used in forever. They are dazzling, sparkly and glitzy, glitzy, glitzy and in my opinion they are the strongest in pigment compared to all the others on the market. I have the glitter brilliants in the shades blue, red, white and silver. My current favourite glitter to use is the silver, it goes with everything and takes a look from 0-100 in an instance.

NYX Glitter Primer

I couldn’t use my amazing glitter pots without the NYX glitter primer which is by far one of the best eye primers I’ve come across. This stuff is better than super glue and is a must if you’re aiming for all the glittery eyeshadow vibes. When using this as a base it ensures that the glitter can be packed onto the eyelids for a put together, full dazzle rather than a sparse shimmery look which is what tends to be the result without use of this primer. Since using this primer before applying glitter I’ve had so many people ask how I get my eye glitter to look so perfect and my answer is always ‘you need to get NYX’s glitter primer’.

Natural Collection Brow Kit

Throughout January I rediscovered my love for  Natural Collection’s brow kit, which includes a powder, wax, and two miniture brushes. As my brows are quite full I don’t need to use a lot of product on them at all which is why this kit is perfect for me. It’s good quality, costs just £2.49 and lasts me forever. For a girl who doesn’t do her brows too much, this is all I need.

L’Oréal’s Pure Glow face scrub & Fine Flower gel cream wash

When it comes to removing my makeup, last month I finally started getting myself into a better skincare routine and although I alternate between these face washes every morning, last month I started using them in the evenings too to give my skin a more thorough cleanse and really take all that make-up off. I like to use the Pure Glow scrub when I feel my skin needs an extra good clean and then I use the Fine Flower gel wash most other evenings when my skin doesn’t need so much exfoliation but more of a gentle cleanse. L’Oréal has been my go to for skincare for as long as I  can remember and I couldn’t recommend their face washes more, they work so well to keep skin looking fresh and with such an extensive range of products there is something for everyone.

The Greatest Showman

Onto more random favourites now, something I’ve been totally obsessed and in love with lately is The Greatest Showman. I adore both the movie and the soundtrack to this film so much and I’m already looking forward to it being released on DVD. I found this film to be inspiring, heartwarming and visually stunning and my favourite songs from the soundtrack would have to be Rewrite The Stars, A Million Reasons, The Greatest Show, This Is Me, Tightrope and errrr… all of them! Ha ha, how can I pick a favourite when they’re all so incredible? Ladies and gents, if you haven’t seen The Greatest Showman yet, what are you waiting for!?!?

One Night With My Ex


One Night With My Ex is a tv show which was recommended to me by a few of my work girls and I’m just so happy they told me about it! One Night With My Ex is a reality TV show where exes go to spend the night together in an apartment and are given questions about their relationship, both the good and bad parts. It’s always such an interesting show to watch and I honestly can’t believe some of the rubbish some of the people on the show come out with… One guy really cheated on his girlfriend and couldn’t understand why she was so upset about it, I mean, really?

The End Of The F*cking World


The End Of The F*cking World is a TV show I watched on Netflix and I was hooked from the beginning. This show is about a guy, James, who thinks he’s a physcopath who wants to kill people and a girl who wants to escape the everyday and go on an adventure with James unbeknown to her that his intentions are very different from hers. This show takes you on the journey of their adventure and is dark, humorous, shocking and so classically British that I watched the whole season in one night. I would really recommend this show to people who like a little bit of suspense and if you were a fan of Skins, you’d love this.

Jason Derulo / Tip Toe

This one is quite possibly the most random thing on my favourites this month but lately I’ve been so obsessed with Jason Derulo’s song ‘Tip Toe’. I listen to it everyday and it’s always my go to song for workouts. It’s such a fun, catchy song that I love to singalong and dance to and I can’t stop listening to it.

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

Wow, what a book The Alchemist is. A fable about following your dreams, this book was recommended to me by a friend and I couldn’t be more thankful to her for introducing it to me. This story is absolutely incredible and has definitely inspired me to follow my heart and trust my instincts more. Since reading this book I feel as though I’ve been more connected to my feelings, more spiritual and more inspired and trusting of the Universe. I enjoyed this book so much I’ve told so many people about it and my Mum’s now borrowed my copy off me to read it herself. This is by far one of the best spiritual books I’ve ever read and I’m definitely planning on reading it again soon.

What were you loving throughout January? Have you ever read The Alchemist? What’s your favourite Jason Derulo song? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Great faves! I love the NYX glitter primer it’s what I always use to keep my glitters on. Such a good product😊 I have the blue/teal NYX glitter too but I’ve not tried it yet☺ I saw that One Night With My Ex. Some ex-couples just look like they hate eachother😂 x


  2. I love seeing NYX in favorites lol. I can’t believe I don’t own any glitter but I really would like to, just not sure what shades to get because I want to make sure I will be using it and not just have it sitting in my vanity lol.
    Anyway, I think I’ve heard of the author, but for the life of me I cannot remember where….But that’s great that you want to follow your dreams and trust the universe 🙂 It reminds me of my favorite quote by Joseph Campbell: “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”
    I almost want to get it tattooed but I’m afraid I’m copying my favorite lyrics from my favorite Senses Fail song lol.


    1. Omg, glitter is my favourite! You need to get some but yes make sure you pick the perfect colour, golds or pinks would suit you so well! Yes, I’d only heard of the author last year but I think he’s quite succesful! Oh yes I absolutely love that quote too 👏🏼It’s so true! The Universe always open doors for you when you follow your destiny! Ooh do it, if you like it then it doesn’t matter if you’re copying! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t wanna get gold just because I have so many gold eyeshadows lol. I’m thinking if there’s like an iridescent shade, I want it haha. I’ll have to look. *fingers crossed*
        I’ll keep that in mind lol cause I really want to get a star tattoo somehow or a constellation idk around my wrist or forearm lol. So I wanna save up some money first but I already saved a bunch of idea on my pinterest for tattoo ideas 😊


      2. I see! Ooh iridescent would be nice, I can’t think of any brand who do one? Definitely something to google! A constellation would be so cute especially around your wrist, I love wrist tattoos!! X


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