Shopaholic Monday | Max Factor, NYX, Cyberdog, QUIZ & More

“I could give up shopping, but I’m not a quiter”

Hey my lovelies, how is everyone?

So despite celebrating Christmas and my birthday in the past few months and of course receiving some amazing presents thanks to these celebrations (I was spoilt rotten by all my friends and family and I’m so grateful), that still hasn’t stopped me from treating myself a lot to an abundance of treats, from clothes, to makeup, to everything else in between and today I think it’s about time I shared with you my shopping haul featuring everything I’ve been buying in the past couple of months. I hope you’re excited cos’ there’s lotsss of goodies!

L’Oréal Glam Nude BB Cream Shade Ultra Light

I have never used a BB cream in my life, until I discovered this beauty. As much as I adore make-up, I’m also a major fan of the au natural look and I often like to have make-up free days, or days when I wear a little less. I was having a no makeup day when I was in Boots and decided it would be a good idea to try out L’Oréal’s BB cream because not only is it super popular but I thought it would be fun to try something different. I was sold the minute I’d applied it to my face. This BB cream has a warm undertone so gives skin a really natural yet enhanced glow and leaves skin looking flawless whilst giving you that no make-up feel. I’ve used this a few times since I’ve bought it on days I want to be more casual and I feel good about myself every time I wear it.

Max Factor Ageless Elixir Miracle Foundation Shade Natural

Max Factor’s Ageless Elixir foundation has been my go to for the past two years and I finally had to treat myself to another last month as mine had run out and it feels so good to have a fresh bottle. This is my favourite foundation forever and I love the way this makes my skin appear radiant and glowing. The texture of this foundation is gorgeously soft and creamy and it can be built from medium to full coverage.

NYX Glitter Primer

You may have noticed me mentioning this product in my January Favourites post because despite the fact I actually only purchased this NYX Glitter Primer last payday, I’d been using a little sample pot of it for months however it finally run out last month so I needed to buy the actual product for real because it’s oh so amazing. I won’t ramble on too much about this as I gushed plenty in my favourites post but it’s fantastic and one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time.


I finally had my hair done last month, my roots have been all touched up and I’m officially a blondie again (YAY, finally). This meant only one thing, I was in desperate need of a toning shampoo and having used the PRO:VOKE one before and it being reasonably priced I thought this would be the best one for me to go for. So far I’ve used it around twice and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my hair since, it’s less brassy and more white blonde which is good because that’s what I was aiming for. Oh happy days!

Roberto Cavalli Eau De Parfum

This perfume is one of my favourites ever but when you’re trying to save money, already have an abundance of body mists at home and the full size bottle retails at around £60 I really couldn’t justify buying this UNTIL I discovered Beauty Base were selling it for just £30 so I had to treat myself. How could I not?? I love this fragrance so, so much.

Disney Minnie Mouse Socks

Oops! I bought these socks so long ago now that I literally can’t remember in the slightest where I got them from, all I know is that from the moment I saw this set I knew I had to purchase. You can never have too many socks can ya, and with these being Disney they are perfect for me.

CYBERDOG Neon Hoodie

Jumper hoodies are one of my favourite types of clothing and I spotted this casual / fun hoodie in Cyberdog back when I went to London for my birthday and I thought it would be the most perfect thing to wear to the Steve Aoki concert I was going to later on in the month. This hoodie is so comfy and the design is so fun, plus the yellow patterns are amazing because they glow under UV light (hence why it’s perfect for a Steve concert). I’m actually wearing this hoodie as I type and I laaaav it so much!

QUIZ Red Slit Jumpsuit

Wow. From the moment I saw this jumpsuit from Quiz I knew it had to be mine, this is the perfect outfit for me to wear in order to be the real life salsa emoji. It’s perfect and even better because with Valentine’s Day this week, this red number is the best outfit I could wear on my Galantine’s Day night out. I love the slit in this jumpsuit because it just gives it that extra level of sass, I’m so excited to wear this.

EMINEM Revival Album

I rarely ever buy CD’s, I purchase them maybe once, twice every few seasons (note that, seasons, not even months) but when I heard Eminem was releasing a new album there was absolutely no way on this Earth I could not buy it. I think I own virtually every single Eminem album there is (even Infinite) and Revival is the icing on the cake to add to my collection. This album has exceeded my expectations and my favourite tracks would have to be Heat, Bad Husband, Tragic Endings and Framed but gosh you best believe I love them all. Eminem will always be my favourite.

Harry Potter Jigsaw Puzzle

Way back in December my bestie and I visited the Harry Potter studios tour in London and it was an incredible day exploring all things magical, especially as I was seriously missing Harry Potter World in Universal. Naturally at the end of the day I had to buy some souvenirs from the gift shop and as I’d just started getting into puzzles I thought why not pick up this Harry Potter themed Jigsaw for all the family fun. This puzzle is 1000 pieces and what I love about it is how it features so many scenes / scenarios from the films. I’ve really been enjoying doing this puzzle with my family lately and I’m so excited to see the finished result. It’s taken us a while, but we’re finally getting there and only have a little left to do.

I have treated myself to so many amazing goodies lately and I’m just loving all of my new clothing items and beauty products! My favourite things from this haul would probably have to be my Cyberdog hoodie, my QUIZ jumpsuit, my Harry Potter puzzle, the NYX primer and of course Eminem’s Revival.

What have you been treating yourself to lately? Have you listened to Eminem’s new album yet? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Every time I hear about max factor products I wish I could try them. I don’t think we have them here 😦
    And I’m LOVING that red slit jumpsuit, it looks amazing on you! Great choice!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


    1. No Max Factor isn’t available in the US which I find so bizzare because i’m sure it was founded there?! Who knows!!! Cover Girl is the US version so i think some of their products are similar! Thank you so much hun, I’m so excited to wear it tomorrow 😀 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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