A Weekend In Benidorm | MundoMar & More

Hi beauties!

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have noticed that the weekend before last I was lucky enough to be spending my time in the beautiful España, where I went with my best friend to celebrate her birthday.

This was a very spontaneous trip as we actually only booked it last month, since we had no other plans for my friends birthday we thought let’s just go away for a couple of days, do something adventurous and different! It was the best decision we could have made.

Emily celebrated her birthday on Friday 13th, the same day we flew out to Spain. For our trip we stayed in the Spanish town of Benidorm, famous thanks to the TV show of the same name.


Benidorm is nothing like I expected, it was a thousand times better. There’s so much going on and so much to do there. Emily and I only spent four days there but I could easily spend a week, especially in peak Summer time when the weather is hotter so I can spend my time sunbathing. Even though it was hot when we were there, I wouldn’t say it was bikini weather.

We arrived on Friday evening at around 9pm and we checked into our hotel, the Magic Rock Gardens, straight away. This hotel is lovely, located at the top of a hill but only about a five minute walk (if that) from the beach / restaurants and shops. The hotel has an African / animal type of theme to it which is super fun and the pool area is awesome. There is a hot tub, TV and even waterslides! Unfortunately the water slides weren’t open whilst we were there I believe because it’s not peak season yet, but in the Summer they will be so much fun.

The only thing I could fault about the hotel is the food, as we had breakfast and dinner included in our booking but both buffets were awful. If you think you can’t go wrong with pizza, think again. It was gooey and slimy and made me gag on the first bite! We did not have dinner there again. The breakfast was bearable if you like a plate full of scrambled eggs and a dry pancake but honestly, not the best. In fairness this addition of breakfast and dinner only cost us an extra £2 overall so I can’t complain too much but still, not fab.

Anyway, moving on from the hotel review, let me tell you more about the actual trip itself!

Night One

As I said Emily and I arrived at around 9ish on the Friday night and we were pretty tired, so we had quite a chill evening. We checked out the hotel, got some pictures then grabbed some food from the hotel buffet which as you already know, was not delicious or nutritious. But it is what it is. After we ate we headed outside of the hotel into town to see what was about but it was actually pretty quiet. Most of the bars / cafe’s along the beach were closed and after our search for a scoop ice cream proved unsuccessful we decided the best thing to do was to settle for a supermarket bought ice cream and head back to the hotel for an early night.

Back at the hotel we got ready for bed and I decided that before I went to sleep I’d take advantage of our relaxed evening and put my energy into blowing up my inflatable banana pool float the girls had bought me for my birthday. It turns out I didn’t need to worry about whether I had much energy or not, as the ‘jumbo size aqua fun’ banana ended up being the tiniest thing I’d ever even seen! Just look! I’m honestly not sure what the designers had in mind with this product or what they thought people were going to achieve with this, but it was a laugh nonetheless.

Day Two

Day two of Benidorm was much more eventful and for sure one of my favourite days of this year so far. Guess why!? Because I got to see the dolphins! My favourite animals ever, anything to do with dolphins will fill my heart with the most joy.

Emily and I started our Saturday with a spot of breakfast and with plans to spend our day at MundoMar, the local marine park, we ended up waiting for a whole hour for a bus until deciding to get a taxi! It seemed we’d be waiting forever otherwise. We arrived at MundoMar at the perfect time, just half an hour before the dolphin show was due to start. We took some photos and had a little stroll before settling down to watch the show.

Woweeee! The dolphin show was beautiful. I absolutely adore dolphins, they are my all time favourite animal but this was my first time ever actually seeing a dolphin show. It was incredible! The dolphins were doing backflips, jumping over water jets and playing catch with a ball. I’ve never seen anything like it before. They did dance routines with the trainers (who clearly have the best job in the world) and my favourite part was the Moana scene. I love Moana so my heart exploded when ‘We Know The Way’ came on as the backing music! It was magical! Not only was the show spectacular, but afterwards we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to get a photo with a dolphin which of course I had to do! It was quite a brief experience but wonderful all the same and I’m so happy I got to meet a little dolphin again! I love them.

After the dolphin show we explored the rest of the park a little and saw sea lions, meerkats, lemurs and more! At the entrance of the park there is a gorgeous bridge you walk across from which you can see beautiful flamingos and we stood here for a while taking in the beauty of the place. It really was dreamy.

Once we were finished at MundoMar, Emily and I headed back to the town centre and chilled at the hotel for a while before getting ready and heading out for dinner. Word of advice guys, don’t dress up in Benidorm. I wore my red jumpsuit and Summery heels and gosh, you’d think people had never seen someone ‘glammed up’ before. I was getting shouted at on the street, stared at and beeped at, it was so funny! Next time I’m going more casual!

Anyway, all dolled up Emily and I headed to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Thankful to escape the horrors of the hotels food we ordered rice, chicken and noodles and like a blessing, it was delicious. We had a couple of drinks, headed to another bar for some more and played Heads Up then after checking out an Abba tribute where the venue was really quiet, we decided to head back to the hotel and watch the karaoke that was going on there which was pretty fun and a great way to end a wonderful day!


My first couple of days in Benidorm were brilliant and I fell in love with the place instantly. I hope everybody enjoyed this post and if you’d like to see more, stay tuned because part two of my Benidorm trip is coming soon where I will be telling you all about my trip to the zoo!

Have you ever been to Benidorm before? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading.

Lot’s of love,



  1. Ahhh I have been excitedly anticipating this post! And your friend shares a birthday with my mom! (yay for aries peeps!:) Girl your pictures are killing it! YOU are killing it! That red jumpsuit? Work it girl! You are the red emoji lady! Bwahaha that is hysterical! that happened to my friend and I in DC. It is because you are a gorgeous woman!
    That is so cool about the dolphins! I loved all of your pictures! I have not been, but now I want to go! (Also could I use anymore exclamation marks? Lol) I am so happy you had such a great time sweets! ❤


    1. Eeek thanks hun! Omg really? Yasss, clearly two of the best people are born on April 13th! Woo go Aries huns! Thanks so so much ❤ Thank youuu, I love a red jumpsuit I can't lie! Haha, it's so amusing isn't it? You just have to laugh it off. As are you, beauty! The dolphins honestly made my whole trip, I love them so much. Well if you ever decide to go I'm coming with you because I'm already longing to go back and I'm sure we would have SO much fun together. Omg I'm the same, I always use so many exclamation points! Thank you gorgeous xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are most welcome sweets! Yes! Haha I completely agree! I have a lot of friends who are Aries actually. You are so welcome sweets! It looks AMAZING on you! It really is! We just owned it and definitely laughed it off…WHich just brought more attention o us, but whateves. lol. They are gorgeous and you loved so happy in that picture with them! Swimming with dolphins is on my bucket list! Girl yasssss! Oh my gosh we should totally plan a trip…Though I am thinking we might get into some trouble :p LOL. Two blondes having fun and raising hell! LOL. The struggle to not use them is real! (And there I go lol.) You are so welcome sweets! I hope you are having an amazing day! ❤


  2. this is lovely when i read benidorm i thought of a series but girl your pictures are good and also the fact that you had a good time is so amazing. chinese food is always the best for me hah safe choice nice blog loved it and will keep turned i had to follow as well nice one.



  3. I hear you on hotel food. Hotel breakfasts and buffets usually are so bad🙈 I love dolphins. I did a dolphin experience a few years ago for my bday💕 I’ve not been Benidorm before but it looks nice in your pics xx


  4. That place actually sounds so freaking amazing!!! The meerkats, dolphins, flamingos, whaaaa?, i would die if I got to touch a dolphin lmao. They’re so stinking cute. And girl you were rocking that red jumpsuit!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was I was so amazed by it! The meerkats were so cute and its like they were posing for the photos too 😂 the flamingos are so gorgeous! Omg honestly we got to touch it for free which I think is amazing. They are the most beautiful animals! I hope you can ‘meet’ one one day! Thanks so much gorgeous!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We do but as far as I know, we don’t have any meerkats or flamingos here 😦 I wonder if its because of our climate? It’s usually pretty cold but idk. I mean, we got lions too LOL


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