April Reflections ’18

Hello huns!

Today it’s time for my April reflections, even though it’s been a while since I’ve done a monthly reflections, I figured it’s about time I start them up again because I’ve missed doing so.

For me April was an incredibly busy month, I had so much going on! And all of it so exciting. Of course, April is the birthday month of two of my best friends so we had plenty of celebrations going on for them, I went on holiday (to celebrate Em’s birthday), saw Dua Lipa live in concert and so much more.

Even though I did so much last month and they say time flies when you’re having fun, when I look back it actually feels like the beginning of the month was forever ago. So I’d say actually last month didn’t go too quick, which is a good thing for sure. I certainly had fun and I got to make the most of my time without feeling like it flashed by too fast. Lucky me!

I started off the month in the perfect way, with my family celebrating Easter Sunday. I visited my Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle and together with my parents we had the perfect day. I felt so inspired being with my family and in a way, I felt like I was reminded who I am on that day because in the few weeks beforehand, I’d felt like I was losing myself, feeling stressed and anxious often. Being around the people who love and care for me, my family who have been there since the day I was born and who I love so much, reminded me who I am deep down and of the values that I have and from that day I remembered to be someone who makes them proud always. It’s so heart-warming spending time with my family, I absolutely adore them and they fill my heart with the most love so it was great to start the month off in such a sweet, loving way.

Similar to feeling like I found myself again at the beginning of the month being around my family, I feel like a lot of last month was spent learning things about myself, about who I want to be. I feel like I grew a lot as a person throughout last month, I connected more with my spiritual side, found more motivation and got more into the Law Of Attraction. I began practicing gratitude daily (something I’m continuing this month) and have been working a lot on self improvement. April was definitely a month for self growth and I’m so excited to continue with this throughout the rest of the year. There is always room for self improvement!

Along with lessons and self development, last month I had a lot of fun as I mentioned briefly in the introduction of this post. I had a lush games night with my family, a couple of barbeques with my family when we were blessed with good weather and I reunited with my gorgeous friend Vik after she came back from travelling, she’s a great girl and just being in her presence makes me so happy. She radiates such good vibes. Another friendship reunion came with my friend Hazel who I went for dinner with as she was back from Uni, we had a Nandos and it was lovely to spend time with her. Hazel has such depth and is a great person to converse with, I always feel inspired after spending time with her.

My busiest time of the month was mid month as I went on holiday with my best friend Emily to celebrate her birthday! Woo! Gotta celebrate my girls birthday in style. We went to Benidorm for the weekend and had the best time, we laughed so much and had so many giggles together. Em is so funny and the trip was fantastic, we had silly banter together, got to see the beautiful dolphins which filled my heart with joy, went to the zoo and made amazing memories together to last us a life time. We had so much fun!

Straight after Benidorm there was no time to rest as it was Dua Lipa time. Myself and my best girls took a trip to Birmingham to see Dua Lipa live in concert and it was the most fun evening. The girls and I had such a fun time together dancing to Dua’s music, it was like a girl power night as I felt so much love for my huns, then after Dua we went to Popworld in Birmingham for even more dancing. I love my girls so much and this was by far one of my favourite nights of the year with them!

Then another little trip occurred as Emily and I went to Nottingham for the day to see Disney On Ice. You know we love Disney! We had a fun day together and it was fantastic to see Disney On Ice!

At the end of the month it was time for Chantal’s birthday celebrations and we celebrated with a fun day of activities. First stop paintball followed by a night out. Okay, so I’ve never done paintballing before but my word, I didn’t realise I was going to be so terrified! Although I kind of joined in with the games, I kept myself way way at the back to avoid being shot. I actually only got shot three times, once in the thumb which hurt sooo much and twice on my helmet, so I didn’t feel it. Considering we played from 10am to 3pm I managed to come away from the day pretty unscathed. It was an experience to say the least and I’m glad I had a go.


After paintballing we went to a new club that has just opened in our city, Popworld. Popworld is a chain of clubs that we first visited in Birmingham (as mentioned above) but I’d have to say I definitely prefer the Milton Keynes branch, not that I’m biased or anything. It was a fun night with the whole squad and I’m so happy we got to celebrate Chantal’s birthday with her! I still owe her a drink though as the club was so packed I didn’t get a chance to buy her one, next night out for sure.

Overall April was such an exciting month, I had the most fun time with my friends adventuring with them and I spent plenty of quality time with my family too. It was a fantastic month of happy times with my loved ones, and self improvement and personal growth. What more could a gal want?

How was your April? Did you go on any exciting trips last month? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Sounds like you had an amazing month, your trips, time spent with family, practicing gratitude daily, that’s the best!! 🙂 I hope May is another awesome month for you! ❤

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