Shopaholic Sunday | Max Factor, NYX, L’Oréal & More

Hey huns!

It’s that time again… We’ve had another two paydays (YAY) which means one thing, I’ve been shopping! This month I’ve treated myself to mostly beauty products, adding lots of new makeup to my ever growing collection.

Beauty / Makeup

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer

As you may know if you’ve followed my blog for a while, Max Factor’s Facefinity primer is my all time favourite primer so naturally when mine ran out, it was a must I purchase a new one straight away. Guys, this primer is incredible. It holds makeup on all day long and prevents any patching whatsoever. Out of the many, many primers I’ve tried and tested over the years, this by far is the best and has the strongest hold.

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2in1 Foundation Shade Natural

Along with my favourite primer, this payday I had to purchase my all time favourite foundation, Max Factor’s Ageless Elixir foundation. I have adored this foundation for the past two years and although I debated trying something different this time, I figured I’d stick with my favourite because I know it’s the best.

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Brights

Wow. One word for this palette, insane. This may be my new favourite eyeshadow palette ever. The colours are incredible! With 16 different shades to choose from, ranging from pinks to yellows to greens and more, what really impresses me about this palette is how bright, bold and pigmented the shades are. If you’re a lover of colour, this is the palette for you.

L’Oréal Skincare

L’Oréal is my go to brand for skincare and I absolutely love these products. The Pure Clay Glow Scrub is a great exfoliator and perfect for those days when your skin feels like it needs an extra good clean. I use the Pure Clay Detox Wash on alternate days to the scrub to ensure my skin is perfectly fresh and clean. I’ve used the Fine Flowers Toner for as long as it’s been out and so far, it’s the best toner I’ve used although I have to be honest and say, I don’t notice if it makes too much of a difference to my skin when I use it as opposed to when I don’t, but everyone needs a toner hey?

7th Heaven Face Masks

7th Heaven face masks are my favourite, they are so easy to use and I genuinely think they all do a great job at keeping my skin looking fresh and at its best. I personally prefer the peel off masks but I enjoy using the wash off ones too.


Primark Heartbreaker Crop

I was shopping in Primark recently when I spotted this cute ‘n’ casual top, which has the word ‘breaker’ printed on in the inside of a heart, obvs meaning heartbreaker. I really like the colour and style of this crop and thought it would be cute to wear in the Summer months.

Smile More Flask


I found this super cute flask in a store in Benidorm and knew I had to have it. Not only am I learning Spanish so the Spanish words on the flask are like a cute nod to that, but the words mean smile more! I love smiling so this is the perfect flask for me, and look at that cute little smiley face on the flask too! This flask is enough to make me smile just by looking at it!

The Greatest Showman DVD

I have been waiting for The Greatest Showman to come out on DVD since I saw it at the cinema and finally the time has come. Finally. Technically I can’t take credit for buying this as it was my Mum who treated, but it has had to go in the haul because it’s just too good. Greatest Showman ftw.

I just love shopping so much and I absolutely love all the new bits and bobs I’ve got, especially the cute Primarni top, The Greatest Showman DVD and of course my fabulous makeup.

Roll on next payday!!!

What have you treated yourself to recently? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Great haul!! I still want to try that ageless exilir foundation but I don’t believe we have that brand here in the states and I’m not as keen to buying it online for some reason lol.
    Also that NYX palette has been on my list for a while haha.


    1. It’s so good! Omg no I understand, I never buy makeup online! Do covergirl have a similar foundation? I’ll check online because I know that brand is like the US version of Max Factor! Omg the NYX palette is perfect for you! You could create so many looks with it! Thanks for your comment hun xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not sure and I only buy CF so cover girl isn’t on my list of brands to buy from unfortunately 😕
        I would buy it but I can’t justify having 3 color palettes lol.


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