May Favourites 2018

Hello my loves and welcome to a very belated May Favourites. How are we over a week into June already? This is absolute madness. But it means one thing! Favourites time!

Throughout May I was loving lots and lots of different things, with beauty products dominating my favourites so without further ado, here’s all my favourites from May.

NYX Ultimate Brights Palette

This eyeshadow palette is everything! The colours are so gorgeous, bright and pigmented and absolutely perfect for me. I love wearing colour and creating fun, colourful eyeshadow looks and for me, I’ve really struggled in the past to find the perfect colour shadow palette that has really strong pigment, this is where the Nyx Brights palette stands out. The quality of this palette is so brilliant and the shades so bold and strong.  I use this eye palette pretty much every single day, and it’s definitely my go to product at the moment.

Glitter Pigments From Kyrolan and NYX

As you all know I’m 100% a glitter gal. I love wearing glitter and lately, my love for it has just grown. I’ve been wearing glitter as part of my look more often than in previous months because I think it really makes my eyes pop and gives a little extra something to a look. I feel like glitter just instantly adds a little glam to any look which is why I enjoy wearing it, we all love a little sparkle don’t we? Recently my favourite glitters to wear have been the Kryolan glitter pigment in the shade Pastel Pink and the NYX glitter pigment in the shade 6. Of course I wouldn’t be able to perfect my glitter looks without the help of NYX’s glitter primer, which is an absolute necessity if you want your glitter to stay packed on and sparkle all day / night.

Bourjois Brow Natural Felt Tip Pen Shade Chatain

F6EB515C-6FB7-4949-8771-9C0688699FE2I have been loving this product recently. But not for brows! I use this eyebrow pen as a freckle pen because I adore freckles but I don’t have them naturally myself, so I draw them on using this pen. This pen is really easy to use to create natural looking freckles and I’m excited to use it more this summer.

L’Oréal Glam Bronze La Terra Sun Powder Bronzer

Uh! This bronzer is one of my favourites ever. It really gives skin such a gorgeous, radiant, bronzed glow and is perfect for that sun kissed look. I enjoy wearing this with and without foundation for a healthy, Summer glow. I’m very excited to wear this on holiday.

L’Oréal Glam Nude BB Cream

Lately I have been loving the more natural makeup looks and wearing less makeup on my face. Although I still love my foundations, I have been opting more for a BB cream recently. L’Oréals Glam Nude BB cream is a great product in my opinion, it’s very natural and leaves skin looking very dewy and radiant. It’s light coverage whilst making skin appear naturally radiant and glowing.

Instax Polaroid Camera

For my birthday this year my fabulous girl squad bought me a polaroid camera and its only recently that I learnt how to use it. Well what have I been doing with the past few months? It’s so easy to use so I don’t know why it took me so long to learn! I have been loving using my polaroid camera recently to take sweet, beautiful photographs of my adventures with friends and family. I love having these polaroid pictures as keepsakes and I’m looking forward to displaying them in my room.

Lindt Chocolate

*Photo credit goes to google*

Lately I have been loving melting Lindt chocolate and having a yummy bowl of melted choccie with strawberries. So delicious, so delicious! I’ve been enjoying lindt chocolate to melt over other brands because it has such a nice taste and is so creamy and yummy! (Although gimme any chocolate and I’m happy).

Love Island Season One

*Photo credits go to google*

If you haven’t heard of Love Island, then where have you been!? Although the new series has only just started this month, I have been enjoying binge watching season one on Netflix. It’s so good. Love Island is just such a fab show, so exciting to watch but also easy viewing, I absolutely love it and hello, Chris? He is gorgeous! I woulda coupled up with him had I been in the villa!



Bazzi featured in my favourites last month and he’s only gone and done it again making it into this months favourites too. I just love his music, it’s so lovely and dreamy. This months top three Bazzi tracks would have to be Star, 3.15 and Mine. Check him out!

I Am Malala

Wow. Malala Yousafzai’s book I Am Malala is truly one of the greatest books I have ever read and I could not recommend it more. Malala is truly incredible and inspires me to be a better person everyday, and having read her book I just feel so inspired to make the world a better place, stand up for what I believe in and be a good role model just like Malala is.

Quiz Clothing

Quiz is by far my favourite store to buy clothes from and in the past few months I’ve bought so many beautiful pieces from there. Last month I popped in to pick up some new Summer clothes and wow, I wanted to buy the whole store. They sell the most gorgeous dresses, jumpsuits and bodysuits and I wish I could own them all! Ladies, if you’re looking for the perfect Summer wardrobe, head to Quiz.

Fox’s Extremely Chocolatey Chunkie Cookies

F2F2245D-44BB-4554-AD64-FAE414417491Last month I went to a meeting where I discovered these glorious cookies and wow, I’ve been in love ever since the first bite. I’m not normally a cookie kinda gal but these have fully made me a changed woman. They are so yummy!

What have you been loving recently? What’s your favourite chocolate? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Great faves! I love glitter. You can never go wrong with a glittery eye look🙂 Also I love the look of the NYX palette. Would you do a post showing different eye looks using it?😊 I think I need the Bourjois felt. Drawn on freckles are so cute. The bronzer looks great is it quite dark? I need a non shimmery for my holiday. Are you going away soon hun?🙂 xx


    1. Thanks hun! No you really can’t. yes absolutely!!! i have a makeup of the day coming today using the palette butt maybe I’ll do a lookbook or something, you’ve inspired me! I’m definitely going to do a lookbook using this palette now 😀 ahh get the pen! Its so good for freckles because it looks so natural. Aren’t they? I wish i had natural freckles but at least I’ve got the pen to make believe 😂 yeah the bronzer is quite dark, like even just a little amount is quite noticeable. Was it a darker one you wanter or a lighter one? Yes I am next week!! What about you lovely? Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I do have freckles to be fair but I do like the cute drawn on ones near the nose🙂 Oh gosh. I better go for a lighter bronzer. Hmm I guess a lightish one, but not so light you can’t see it on. Aaw where you going?🙂 Yes next week too! X


      2. So lucky! Okay so I know max Factor bronzer in Light Gold is relatively matte but still gives a nice finish! Other than that i can’t think of any. I’m going to Magaluf where are you off to? Xx


  2. Lovely post!! I love that palette by NYX, the shades are so nice and perfect for summer!! I don’t think they are very pigmented but they still work well!!


    1. Thanks hun. Yes definitely perfect shades for Summer. I can’t believe you don’t think they’re that pigmented! For me I think they’re the most pigmented colour shadows I’ve used. What do you prefer? Thanks for your comment 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love all your clothes from Quiz! I love melted chocolate over strawberries for a snack too. Yum! I prefer dark chocolates though. Also I’ve never heard of Love Island? Is it a reality show? Lol I’ll have to look it up! Thanks for sharing! ♡


    1. Thanks so much hun! Uh isn’t it just the best snack? So delicious and doesn’t feel to unhealthy either because its mostly fruit. Ooh do you? I don’t mind dark chocolate but I don’t normally choose it. I’m craving it now though. Yes Love island is a reality show, it’s so good. Definitely see if you can have a watch and see if you like it. Thanks for your comment hun xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes yes, so delicious! You should try drizzling honey on top, too. 😉 EVEN BETTER! But prob less healthy lol.

        I’m definitely gonna check out Love Island! I haven’t watched a reality series in too long (besides KUWTK lol).

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Great favorites! I can’t wait to hit pan in one of my color palettes to buy the NYX one 🙂 and I bought one of NYX’s glitter pigments because of you but haven’t found the perfect look for it. I bought it thinking it was an iridescent shade but it has gold flecks lmao.
    And im only familiar with love island because you mention it on your Twitter lol. I didn’t know it was on Netflix, do you know if it’s a regional thing or worldwide?

    Anyway, I love that polarized camera, I wish I had one, I want to make a banner or some sort of bulletin full of memories of my family so I can have physical photos instead of digital on my phone or computer

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks hun! Haha yes so then you can justify buying it! Hopefully you hit pan soon. Oh no! Well I reckon those gold tones would really suit you, maybe do like a golden goddess look or something? 😍 or something Summery! Oh gosh I’m so sorry, I tweet about Love Island far too much 😂😂 I’ll try hold back! I’m not sure if its on US netflix or not, I can google it and find out. I imagine it would just be the uk version though, it’s not that popular outside the Uk. It’s a good show though. Oh you should totally get one! Its perfect because in this digital age, its rare to have actual copies of photos now! They’re all on our phones so the polaroid camera is perfect!I feel like I basically repeated what you just said but its true! Its nice to have an easy way to get physical copies of the photos without having to go into store and getting them printed from your phone. They’re expensive but so worth it imo xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well idk how to even explain what the shade looks like, it looks silvery but as I mentioned, it has golf flecks..idk I’ll have to come up with a way to use it.
        I haven’t seen it on my Netflix and I also haven’t searched. I’ll have to try and see.
        I think Michaels (arts and crafts store) sells them. But you’d have to buy the Polaroid sheets/papers separately right?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aw that sounds cute! I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to use it, you’re very creative. Yes have a look. Oh that’s cool, yes you have to buy the sheets regularly so I normally buy two sets of 10 for about £15, I’m not sure how much that is in dollars. Expensive but so so worth it x

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’ll be on the lookout for the camera and the sheets next time I’m at Michael’s, if not I’ll save up to buy one, it’s crucial that I get moments especially now that the weather is looking nice lol

        Liked by 1 person

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