Magaluf Memories | Part One


Hello everybody! As you can probably tell by my Spanish greeting, although it’s been a week now since I arrived back from my holiday to Magaluf, I am still very much in the Spanish holiday mood. Get me back to chilling poolside ASAP please.

At the end of last month, my girls and I took a little trip over to the sunny island of Mallorca for four days ‘n’ nights of partying, cocktails, sunshine and sunbathing. We had a delicious, hilarious time and it was so great to bond and make memories with my girls.

Our destination of choice was Magaluf, one of Mallorca’s most famous party towns. This was my second time in Magaluf and although last time I went with Emily and Chantal, this time the three of us were joined by our best friend Daisy!

Of course Magaluf being a party town, the girls and I spent the majority of our time on holiday drinking and dancing. Upon arrival at our hotel, the Sol Guadalupe, we checked in, put our bags down then headed out for some food and a couple of games of Uno. We spent the day relaxing before getting ready for our first night out of the holiday!

The first night, we went in! I’m talking glitter, glitter, glitter. It’s funny because as the week wore on, I slowly started putting less effort into my makeup because I was so tired, but that first night I dolled myself up like I was off to a premiere. The girls and I played some drinking games and took some photos before heading out to the bars at around 11pm.

Guys. This night was wild. We definitely, maybe drank too much at pre drinks. But that’s okay because it’s all an adventure isn’t it? We were so excited as we headed out to party and dance, feeling very merry thanks to the Rushkinof (Magalufs answer to Smirnoff Vodka). By the time we had ordered our first drink at the first bar we stepped inside, I’d already been sick. Oops. Half expecting to get kicked out I thought brilliant, that’s my night over before it’s even begun! But I was shocked and if not a little horrified to discover that being sick at the bar is an absolute a-okay occurrence, as the bartender simply smiled and handed me a napkin. Thanks hun, the relief I felt at not being kicked out was euphoric though. I was ready to continue partying!

A couple more drinks in and Daisy and I decided it would be a fun idea to buy some badges. Mine stated ‘Don’t tease me if you can’t please me’ and Daisy’s said ‘No Calvin Klein no sexy time’, both definitely worth the €2 each we spent on them. Later on that week to add to my collection I also bought a ‘baddest girl in Magaluf’ badge, which I’m not sure I can claim the title of because although I did a few crazy things out there, I’ve definitely heard tales of people doing worse.


After purchasing our fabulous lil’ badges, we decided it was time to head on over to the next bar. Well, if you can call it a bar. Somehow, unbeknown to any of us who was the first one in there, we ended up in a tattoo parlour, or a tattoo ‘bar’lour, I should say. We all have different versions of who went in there first but regardless, whichever way the story begins, it ended the same, we all came out with tattoos. Of lasagne.


Okay. So technically the tattoo looks like a wave. But we know the truth. Its a lasagne. To represent the layers of our friendship. I’m the cheese, Em’s the pasta, Daisy’s the sauce and Chantal’s the beef. We got this. I’m so happy to have matching tattoos with my girls, it’s something that’s so special to us now and we will always have this tatt to symbolize our friendship! I love my girls!

After getting our tattoos done, we decided to call it a night as we were all ready for bed, I woke up the next morning hungover as heck and I had a sheer panic moment when I thought I’d lost my phone but luckily the superstar that is Daisy managed to find it by the side of her bed. Thank God!

That day we spent recovering from our fabulous lil’ night out, chilling poolside and taking a lil’ dip in the water. I sunbathed, read my book a little and then it was time for us to get ready for night two…


  1. I so thought the tattoo was waves😂The fact it’s a lasagne made me laugh as it’s so different. I’m with you girl, I’m the cheese (or pasta)! You look amazing in your bikini btw xx


    1. Hahah! It does look like a wave doesn’t it, which I think is good because like, imagine if we got a full on emoji plate of lasagne 😂 it’s so random! Yes to being the cheese! Aw thank you lovely 💖💖 can’t wait to read your next holiday posts 😍 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh! Your makeup is perfect! ♡ You are a champ for continuing to party after getting sick. Wow! Sounds like you guys had such a fun night! The lasagna tattoo is freaking adorable & I love the meaning behind it. So sweet. ♡


  3. Omg the tattoo hahaha if you wouldn’t have said anything I would have thought it was waves too haha
    And you look gorgeous in all your outfits. Glad you and your friends had a lot of fun! Can’t wait to read more about it


    1. Hehe yess a girls trip sounds so good!!! It would be so much fun to party with you, I’m sure it would be the funniest night 😂 aw thanks so much hun! I love my tattoo! It was an epic night! Thank you again 💖


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