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Hey everyone. Ooh yay! It’s Shopaholic Sunday time again today and you best get comfy, because I have a lot to share with you. I have been spending, spending, spending lately, that’s one thing for sure especially when it comes to cosmetics. I’ve been loving my beauty products recently (I always am). So sit back, relax and enjoy, for here is everything I’ve treated myself to in the past couple of months. Well, almost everything, consider this the highlights, we’d be here all day if it really was everything.

Skincare / Haircare

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Hair Oil Set


At my previous job I was lucky enough to work right next to the Elizabeth Arden counter, where I took full advantage of the perks and used the 8 hour oil on my hair virtually everyday. Uh, it’s so good. Anyway, now I’ve left it was of course a must that I actually bought some so I could continue daily use at home because it is just too good. The oil alone is £29 but currently Arden have an offer on where you can buy a whole set featuring a full size oil, a 30ml 8 hour hand cream and a 15ml 8 hour cream for the same price (£29) obviously I opted to buy the whole set because why wouldn’t I? The 8 hour oil works miracles on my hair and I’ve definitely noticed that my hair has become thicker and started growing faster since I started used it, so I would highly recommend. It’s by far the best oil I have used on my hair and the 8 hour creams are just a bonus to the purchase. 8 hour is great for cuts, bites, spots etc etc, and although I have no use for it at the moment, it’s definitely handy for me to have laying about at home.

Anatomicals Face Masks


When I saw these fun, bright, quirky face masks I knew I had to purchase a few. How cute are they? Look at the names of the face masks, they’re so cool. I chose the Grease Isn’t The Word mattifying mask because my skins been a little shiny recently, the Hawaii Five Glow hydrating mask because sometimes my skin of course needs a little hydration, the hottie tottie is never spotty anti blemish mask because one, I love the name and two, of course I want to banish any blemishes and finally the chocolate all over your face anti stress mask because I la la love chocolate so I really think this will be a delicious face mask to use on a full on pamper day, something I for sure intend to have soon.

L’Oréal Elvive Dream Lengths Saviour Mask


This is my second time purchasing this hair mask so I’m sure from that you can take that I absolutely love this product. I’ve never been one for a hair mask if I’m honest, like I have used them before but never frequently. Normally I’ll use a hair mask for a couple of weeks, run out, not to use one again for about half a year. The Dream Lengths Saviour Mask has me a changed woman. It’s delicious. It leaves hair feeling so soft and generally just makes me feel as though I am doing something good for my hair, like I’m looking after it. I use this hair mask once to twice a week and leave it on anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending, it’s so softening and I would definitely recommend. Before using this my hair was so dry and I will never forget the feeling I felt after my first use, it was like a miracle. Luckily I’ve had all my dead ends chopped off now so my hair isn’t half as dry as it was before, however this hair mask is really great at maintaining that softness and I fully intend to keep up with using it.

L’Oréal Elvive Dream Lengths Detangling Conditioner and Restoring Shampoo

Along with the hair mask, I of course had to repurchase my favourite Dream Lengths shampoo and conditioner which I have been loving for the past few months. Again from the first use of these products I noticed such a difference to how my hair felt, so much softer and easier to comb through, I wouldn’t want to use any other shampoo or conditioner now, these are by far my go to.

NO7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Hand and Nail Treatment


Just like with the perks of working next to the Elizabeth Arden counter, at my old job I also worked close to the Boots NO7 counter where I took full advantage of the hand cream testers, again using them virtually everyday. I often opted for the protect and perfect intense hand and nail treatment which I always found really hydrated my hands and prevented them from any drying. I can get quite dry hands if I don’t use a hand cream so of course I had to purchase this cream for home use everyday and it really works with keeping my skin soft and flake free, because I sure as heck notice when I don’t use this cream, my hands are so dry!


L’Oréal Paris Paradise Mascara And False Lash Sculpt Mascara

I’ve been needing some new mascara’s lately as all mine are on the verge of drying out and after having tried L’Oréal’s new(ish) Paradise mascara I was really impressed so I decided to treat myself. This mascara has caster oil in so is great for strengthening the lashes as well as darkening them for a more intense, dramatic look. The Sculpt mascara has been an absolute favourite of mine since it was first released, so I thought whilst I’m at it, why not treat myself to that too.

DiorShow OnStage Liners in the shades Matte Yellow, Pearly Turquoise and Matte Pink

From the moment I saw these gorgeous, vibrant liners I knew I had to treat. To begin with I fully intended to buy only one as being that they are Dior, they are a little on the pricier side however it was impossible for me to pick just one colour. I mean, how could I!? It was hard enough for me to limit myself to only three if I’m honest, but I’m super happy with the colours I chose. The yellow is gorgeous and goes perfectly with a lot of the eyeshadow colours I wear, the turquoise is so vibrant and the perfect complimentary colour to go with my eyes and considering pink is my favourite colour and I have lots of pink outfits I of course had to treat myself to the matte pink. What I love about these liners is that they are liquid pen liners making them so, so easy to use and obviously the colours are just perfect for me, as I do love a bold, statement eye look. My only advice with these liners would be to make sure you keep your eyes closed for a couple of minutes after application because otherwise they do have the tendency to smudge / transfer, so just be careful. Other than that they are fantastic.

L’Oréal Infallible Pore Refining Primer

It’s not often that I use a product and instantly think wow, yep, that’s a good’un. What can I say, it takes a lot to impress me! That’s a lie, I’m easily pleased however it’s true when it comes to cosmetics, I don’t necessarily always believe the hype and instantly think ‘that’s amazing’. But this primer blew me away! Fortunately I don’t really have big pores or anything but around my nose area I of course do have a few little pores and this primer works miracles in smoothing out the skins surface and banishing those pores so they really are unnoticeable. I was so impressed when I saw my face in the mirror after using this for the first time, pores, what are they? Although I do wear this primer under makeup, I think this is the perfect product to use for those no makeup days as it leaves skin looking smooth and pore free naturally without looking like you’re wearing makeup, because essentially all you’re wearing really is a lil’ bit of primer.

L’Oréal Infallible Blush Palette Ambers

Can you tell I’ve been loving L’Oréal lately? Ok, in fairness, I’ve always been a fan but especially so this month. I absolutely love a blusher, but currently I don’t have a wide variety of shades. I’ve not got too many pinky pink colours in my collection so I really wanted to treat myself to a new blush, however I couldn’t decide on one perfect shade for me which is why I thought this blush palette would be perfect. It has a nice variety with 5 different shades, 3 gorgeous vivid pink shades, a really pretty mauve pink shade a little deeper compared to the others and then an absolutely striking golden orange toned shade, perfect for that sun kissed radiance. I for sure am going to get a lot of use out of this blush palette and I’m excited to use all of the colours!

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray and NYX Proof It Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer

Two of my go to makeup products of all time, I’m sure you’ve all heard me mention these products before. To be honest I’ve not a lot to say about the setting spray, it’s just my go to because NYX is a trusty brand, reasonably priced and out of all the drugstore setting sprays I’ve tried, it’s by far the best one. The eyeshadow primer is 10000% the best drugstore eyeshadow primer I’ve ever used and I really feel as though there’s no need to even buy a high end one when this is so strong (however I do love the Smashbox eyeshadow primer too). This eyeshadow primer is just fantastic and holds eyeshadow in place all day long whilst preventing any creases, I would definitely recommend.

Smashbox Petal Metal Highlighter Rosemantic

Wow. Did you ever see a highlighter so insanely beautiful? Uhhhh. The packaging alone is just gorgeous and enough to have me buying however the product itself is so delightful and beautiful too, and of course with it being Smashbox, it’s great quality. The glow this highlighter gives is gorgeous and perfect for the Summer months where sun kissed radiant, glowing skin is everything.


Be Our Guest Plate from the Disney Store


Is this plate not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I love Disney themed kitchen wear, mugs, plates, bowls, the lot and when I saw this beautifully designed plate on offer for just £4.99, it was a must that I buy. I’ve been enjoying eating biscuits and snacks from this plate because it gives me all the cosy, snuggly vibes whilst I eat.

England Flag Headband

World Cup Fever has hit, and when I saw this headband in Asda I knew I had to buy. I’ve been enjoying wearing this when watching the football matches although I have to apologise to anybody stood behind me because honestly this headband is so extra and big, it’s sure to be a distraction but all in the name of supporting England right? Bring on the semi finals!

So there you have a little glimpse into the world of what I’ve been spending my money on lately, I hope you all enjoyed this post. What’s your favourite item from this haul? What’s your favourite hair care product? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. I love the packaging of those face masks, how freakin’ adorable!! ❤ Those Dior vibrant colored eyeshadows are amazing, too! Wow! & oh my gosh, that rosemantic highlighter- soooo pretty! Love that Disney plate, too. 🙂 So many great buys, Jennie!!

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