My First Ever Experience With A Medium

Hello everybody!

For as long as I can remember, or at least for the majority of my adult life (so a good 5 years, maybe even longer) I have always wanted to visit a medium. The experience is something that’s always appealed to me as I am a very spiritual person and I’ve always thought it would be really interesting to see what a medium would have to say about my future and potentially give me some guidance on what steps I should be taking in life etc etc.

Well, as much as I’ve always wanted to see a medium, it’s been a long time coming for the opportunity to actually arise. I’ve always wanted to go, but actually getting round to booking appointments and what not is just something I haven’t actually prioritised. However, fate decided to take matters into its own hands last week and finally blessed me with the opportunity to see a medium! My friend had booked an appointment with another of her friends who happened to bail, so she invited me along and I of course jumped at the opportunity because hello, it practically fell into my hands like it was meant to be.

I will admit, I was nervous and wary before the reading. I was most wary about it being awkward, like what if the medium was terrible? What if she just chatted a load of rubbish and it was really cringe? Thankfully, it wasn’t awkward at all and I really enjoyed my experience.

As I introduced myself to the medium, she sat me down and asked me to pick a stone from a box (I picked the communication stone) before taking me through a quick guided meditation, I believe designed to not only help me relax but to help her get an impression of my character. She said I had quite a loving energy, which made me happy, and also a healing energy around me which I totally believe makes sense, especially when it comes to my love life. I definitely have a lot of love to give and I feel as though I do attract quite troubled souls really, which figures, so I need to be careful when it comes to who I attract because as much as I love helping people, in a relationship there needs to be a mutual love, if I’m attracting people who need healing then surely they’re not really ready for a relationship are they? Again, this all makes sense looking back on my past relationships! The medium also said that my main issue lies with communication and that I need to be more confident and open, again something I completely agree with because although I am quite an open person, I definitely struggle opening up with my true feelings sometimes and that’s 100% something I have been trying to work on for a long while now, so she read me like a book really and this is just another push for me to work on my communication skills and be more honest with myself and the people around me, and an encouragement not to shy away from my true feelings.

My stone with Buddha. ❤️

After the meditation, the medium read my hands. The left palm lines feature the direction your life was meant to take from the day you were born, and the right palm lines are where you have changed directions yourself. So I guess left is the hand of fate, and right is the hand of the paths you have chosen. It’s all very interesting. She stated that I have two love lines, but I’ve never been in love. Although she said that my ex was an absolute no no, so I’m not sure if he counts as one of the love lines or not. I should have asked her really, but I didn’t think. I definitely think she’s correct in saying I’ve never been in love, because although at times I’ve thought I was in love, looking back I know now that what I may have felt for certain people was a form of love, but I was never actually in love. I sure hope my ex counts as one of my love lines though because if not, with two love lines, that means I have a heartbreak in store. Goodness gracious! But that’s life I guess. The medium said she saw me meeting someone when I’m 24/25 and she imagined I would meet them in real life, look in their eyes and have a connection with them instantly! I so hope this is true as I’ve always said I want to meet my partner in real life, not over the internet or anything and I’m 100% a massive romantic and believe in love at first sight, so locking eyes across a room and instantly having a connection sounds ideal. She also said she could see me meeting this person through a work related scenario, and that he would be more business minded than hands on / physical labour. So we shall see.

Moving on from the palm reading, the medium had three decks of cards. The first set being career cards which she made me shuffle then choose three cards for her to read. With my career she said she saw me being successful and that good opportunities were coming my way which I need to grab at. At the moment I am actually unemployed, but she said that she could see me with a new job by the end of this month / the beginning of August no later which is exciting. She said that I’m definitely a worker so I wouldn’t be unemployed for long and that I should just relax and enjoy my time off because work is coming my way soon, so I shouldn’t waste energy worrying. What’s really crazy is that I hadn’t told the medium this of course, but in the past couple of weeks I had a job interview for a makeup counter in John Lewis and when talking about my career, the medium said all she could see was me working in John Lewis, with skincare as well as makeup, which is weird because the brand I applied for sells both skincare and makeup. She said she could see me learning new things in my new job, which 100% would make sense as I’ve never worked in skincare before so if I do get this job I interviewed for, then I will be learning all about it! Another thing that’s interesting about this scenario is that earlier on in the day before I had gone to see the medium I went to apply for some jobs I’d seen previously advertised online, all for counters in Debenhams. I’d been intending to apply for these jobs for the past few days but hadn’t got round to it, but when I did suddenly all these positions had gone. They weren’t there to apply for anymore, which I just thought, meh, too. Obviously they weren’t meant to be. So for the medium to say all she can see is me working in John Lewis and not to even bother worrying about anything else or anything, and for the other jobs I was going to apply for to have all of a sudden disappeared that day I thought was way more than a coincidence. So I’ll definitely be checking back in with you guys in a few weeks to let you know if she was correct and I’ve got the job!

After the career cards it was time for the relationship cards, and I’ve already touched a lot on what she said about my love life so I’m not going to ramble too much. She sensed there was someone in my life who I am confused about which is fully true (well it was at the time, since seeing the medium it’s taken a couple of days but I’m just excited to move on now), and she said that he’s not a bad person, but essentially he has his own things to deal with (completely understandable and do you see now about my healing energy)? She said not to rule him out, but I’m focusing too much of my energy on him when actually there’s someone out there who can treat me so much better and that if I did want things to work with this boy, I need to be honest with him. She said she could actually see me eventually being the one to walk away from him, saying ‘nope, this isn’t want I want anymore’! So again we shall see. At the end of the day I don’t actually care if he comes back or not (I’ve not spoken to him in over two weeks now) because I genuinely don’t really think he is the one, like we’ve not even got anything in common to be honest, but I would hate for him to come back into my life just for me to be like nope this isn’t what I want anymore, because I would never want to hurt him. I only want the Universe to bring us back together if we are good for each other and going to make each other happy you know, maybe we could be friends one day, we’ll see, or maybe he is the one and it will just take time. Maybe now’s just not the right time. Anyway, I digress… Essentially she again told me not to worry, that marriage and children are on the cards (not now, but in the future) and she can see me having a little girl! So cute, I am very excited!

After the love cards it was angel cards time, and dang, I can hardly remember anything from these. Honestly, the medium had so much to say it was hard to take it all in. The only thing from the angel cards which stuck out to me was the fact she said she can see a three way type of thing in a relationship, like another person or something. WHAT! I bloody hope this isn’t true, I’m not looking to be cheated on or anything. I’ve no idea what that’s all about to be honest. Hopefully it’s something and nothing!

Finally, after she’d read all my angel cards the session was up and she gave me a hug before I left. Overall the experience was really therapeutic and interesting and I am so happy that I got the opportunity to have a reading and I’m definitely excited to see what happens in the coming months and if anything ties in to what the medium told me (example, if I will get that job or not)! I would definitely recommend seeing a medium if you haven’t already as it’s a very relaxing experience which definitely does give you a little sense of feeling that everything is going to be okay, and we all have our own journey to take. Life’s just life you know, and what’s meant to be will always be. I will definitely be visiting a medium again perhaps in half a year, as obviously there’s no point in going too often but I’d for sure be interested in going back perhaps at the start of 2019, to see what the year has in store for me. I’m excited!

Have you ever been to a medium? Would you like to go? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




    1. Ooh I do! Not necessarily every medium, I don’t think they’re all genuine but I just think it’s about finding the ones who are. Thanks for your comment lovely 🙂 x


  1. Oh wow! So interesting! I’ve only been to a palm reader at a fair and a tarot card reader at an art show before. They both seemed full of crap to me but the lady you went to see… wow! She’s seems so genuine & real. I hope you get that job, Jennie!! ♡

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    1. oh yeah I’ve seen some palm readers before that are on the streets in London like not legit or anything, definitely a load of rubbish ha ha. Yeah this one seems amazing and I trust her because she actually told my friend to stop going to see her because she was going to often (she does healing things too) and she was like to my friend you need to work within yourself you can’t keep relying on me so she’s obviously not all about the money. Thank you so much lovely xx

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      1. Oh oh I totally believe in mediums just not the ones I went to hahaha. I think I’d be afraid to hear from someone who actually knew what they were talking about.

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  2. I love all this but I’m too scared to see one. My mum had an accurate one years ago and I worry I’ll get a negative one🙈 I’d count your ex as a live line, that means your next love is the one!😊 I hope you meet in person. It’s a nicer story then you met online, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Good luck with jobs. Fingers crossed you get John Lewis. A three way?😂😂 Oh god Jenny behave x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh don’t be scared hun! I don’t think they’re allowed to tell you anything really bad? Ah I like your thinking, I’m going to count him then 😂 oh I agree, no I think meeting online is absolutely fine and I wouldn’t rule it out but I think meeting in person is just so romantic and magical. Like natural in a way you weren’t searching for love if that makes sense? Thanks hun! I hope so I hope so 💖 hahaha fgs 😂 I don’t know what she meant by that smh 🙄😂 x

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      1. My mum’s friend had one a few years ago and she said you’ll die within 5 years! Can you imagine. I’d defo not pay her for that session🙈 Yeah I agree. I’ve never done online dating, I like just meeting someone when you least expect it🙂 😂😂😂 Such a random thing to say from her x


      2. Oh gosh really? When was this LOL? Has it been five years yet? That’s awful. I hope she didn’t pay lol they are not supposed to say things like that wtf. No way. I’d take my money and leave oh my goodness. Imagine. Yeah I think that’s the best way. You always find it when you’re not looking too. Online dating is interesting though to say the least ha ha. I know. Honestly! xx

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      3. I don’t think it is 5 years yet but I think she did have an illness, maybe cancer. You couldn’t tell she did, but it must have upset her. 😂 I bet. I know a lot of people who have done online dating and they have interesting stories! Yes exactly. When you’re not looking and you meet someone it is pretty magical💕 xx


      4. Oh gosh how awful, bless her. I hope she’s okay now. Oh goodness I can imagine, I’d be distraught if I got told that. Okay well if you do go to one, choose wisely. I thought if they could sense something bad they just said ‘I can’t do your reading’ or something which I guess is bad enough tbh, because obviously that tells you its going to be bad. Yes it can be entertaining. I agree!!! I give up looking for now tbh I’ve deleted all my dating apps, I just want to chill and relax and if it happens it happens! xx

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