Weekend Highlights | A World Cup Themed Dinner & Surprise Birthday BBQ’s

Oh hey huns,

well, it’s been a while since my last weekend highlights post and today, I thought it about time I share another. The past weekend has been the loveliest family weekend, filled with lots of love and happiness, so before I ramble on for too long, let’s throw it back to Friday.

Friday, the day I hosted my World Cup themed dinner. I invited my sister and her boyfriend to join my parents and I for an evening of food and football. Not that we played any of course, if only our garden was big enough for that. Recently I’ve been getting into my cooking (I mean, learning how to cook LOL) so I’ve wanted to throw some lil’ dinner parties so I could practice my new found skills. Ironically, my Dad took over all the cooking this time however I did help to stir the mince and ‘make’ the dessert (it was Eton Mess), but rest assured I am confident in cooking the dishes made so all is not lost. The next dinner party I throw, I am determined to cook more!

I opted to go for a World Cup themed dinner for my first hosting experience as the World Cup final was held on Sunday (congrats France). I wore my Bobby Moore t-shirt and drew a little England flag on mine and my mums face even though sadly by Friday, we were out of the World Cup. Can it come home soon, please guys?


For our starter we had Ronald(ough) balls, pun inspired by one of my beautiful work girlies (thanks Andrea), these were literally just the Pizza Express branded ones from Tesco and they tasted absolutely delicious. The perfect starter.


Onto mains, we had Beckham Bolognaise as Spaghetti Bolognaise is the only proper dish I have managed to perfect so far. So right now it’s my go to. I need to learn more! Even though I ultimately want to become a vegetarian I know living at home with my parents it isn’t going to be easy, so for now I’ll learn what I can. Although if I ever do another football themed dinner I have just had the brilliant idea of doing Messi Mozzarella for my main! So pasta with mozzarella, the perfect vegetarian dish. Okay, this is good.


For dessert, we had Eton Mess(I) which was a slight fail, considering I forgot to buy the whipped cream. Oops. I bought pre made meringue from Tesco, added some strawberries and some chocolate ice cream and we were good to go. It tasted disgusting. If I learnt one thing from this dinner party, it’s that I do not like meringue. But at least I tried it, hey?


Finally, for entertainment I bought a football trivia game from John Lewis, with the prize for the winner being a chocolate boot from Thorntons, aka the Golden Boot (won in this years W/C tournament by Harry Kane, go on England)! My sisters boyfriend won this prize and I am sooo gutted, because I can only imagine how good that boot is gonna taste. I love Thorntons choccie.

I really enjoyed hosting my first themed dinner party and I am so excited to hold some more in the future! It’s a chance for me to get creative and practice my cooking skills. I’m definitely going to do Harry Potter and Hollywood themes and probably another football one.  But if you have any brilliant suggestions for themes that I could do, please leave them in the comments for me.

Saturday was a quiet day, as I relaxed and sunbathed in the garden at home, ending the day with a BBQ with my family. I have no pictures from this day to share unfortunately, so I’m just going to fast forward on to Sunday, when I did get some photos.

On Sunday, my family and I held a surprise BBQ to celebrate my sisters birthday. We invited a few of her friends along to join us and thankfully the weather was on our side, so we sat outside for hours enjoying the sun and each others company. It was a beautiful, hyggelig day surrounded by such love. It was pure, simple, peaceful and blissful, not to mention the food was delicious. Especially the pasta my dad cooked and the yummy cake! My sister was so thrilled with the surprise and what made it even more special was that one of her best friends from her time living and performing in Menorca came down to surprise her. I even found myself tearing up a little when they reunited. I am so happy they got to see each other. They’ve kept in touch for five whole years without seeing each other in person, I think it’s about time they reunited!

Sunday was the loveliest family day and one of my favourites of the year. I am so thankful to have been blessed with such a special day celebrating my sisters birthday.

Monday was a quieter day after a busy Sunday, until the evening when I met up with one of my best friends Hannah. We went to see the Incredibles 2 together which was a really good film, btw and I very much enjoyed my time with Hannah. It was lovely to see her and I’m looking forward to spending more time with her when she is back from her holiday.

I have had the loveliest weekend surrounded by the most beautiful people who I love and cherish so much. Family time really is so special and just being in the company of loved ones and appreciating their presence is to be cherished. Sunday was one of the loveliest days of the years for me by far and I am so excited to see what this coming weekend holds! I’m sure it’s going to be just as beautiful.

What did you get up to over the weekend? What would be your dream dinner party theme? Have you seen The Incredibles 2? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. You had such an amazing weekend ,sad though that the World Cup is over even if I’m happy for France – loved the theme dinner by the way and my themed dinner would definitely be a Tangled theme ,I’m such a Disney Geek 😇, and the Incredibles 2 is definitely on my to watch list as I loved Part one when I was growing up ,can’t wait to see this after many years
    Great post


    1. Thanks hun! I know, it was such an exciting time! Its sad that its over now, roll on 2022 😂 ee thanks so much hun, ooh that sounds like the perfect theme! I absolutely adore Disney too- I think I would do a whole Disney theme so thank you for your inspo hun 🙂 Is Tangled your favourite then? You need to see it soon, it was so good! Thanks so much hun! Have a great week xx


  2. My weekend was really nice too with good weather, a birthday party, adventure golf, ice cream and a walk in the park.
    I actually wanna throw a dinner party after reading your post haha. My friend’s birthday was Mexican themed and I really like that.
    Haven’t watched the incredibles 2 cause I’m not a big fan of animated movies 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds fantastic! I love adventure golf and walks in the park.
      Ooh you should do it hun! That sounds super cool and everybody likes Mexican food right?
      Aw it was really good. Growing up I wasn’t keen on animated films but now I am! Thanks for your comment 💖


  3. Mmm spaghetti bolognese has to be one of my fave dishes, it’s so comforting. I giggled a bit when you said “it tasted disgusting” 😂 I love meringue! I can’t believe that whole boot is made of chocolate, wow!

    Happy birthday to your sister! Sounds like a wonderful day for her!! She’s so lucky to have a family like yours! ♡

    & ahhh! So glad you got to go see the Incredibles 2! Such a cute movie, right?!


    1. I love spag bol 😍 it is the perfect comfort food especially with lots of cheese. Haha omg honestly it was so gross . I think the fact we didn’t have cream didn’t help. Well I have loads of meringue left over if you want some hun cos I certainly won’t be eating it 😂
      Thanks so much hun! She really enjoyed her surprise! Thank you lovely.
      Incredibles 2 is so so good 🙌🏼 I loved it!! It would be great if they made a number 3 😀thank you for your comment lovely

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I LOVE this post! Go you for hosting a football themed dinner! (Also I have a really funny story to tell you!) I was also bitter about England not making it, but yay for France! Umm girl you NEED to invite me to your Harry Potter themed dinner! It sounds like it would be ah-freaking-mazing!
    And Ahhh I LOVE that you surprised your sister! That is SO sweet! And girl I am obsessed with your outfit! You look freaking FABULOUS! ❤


  5. That dinner party sounds so fun! Good for you with learning to cook more! I do most of the cooking around here but I rarely branch out with fancy/challenging recipes, so this is rather inspiring me to do so! Also how fun that you got to see Incredibles 2! I’m dying to watch it, haha. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much hun! I need to have another lesson with my dad soon, I haven’t cooked in a while now! I’ll try and help him out in the kitchen next week. Oh good I’m glad to hear, what do you think you will try making? Incredibles 2 was brilliant! Have you seen it yet? Thanks for your comment hun x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I never really liked cooking until we got marriage and I had to do it every day, lol, and now I can find enjoyment in it so practice really does make a big difference! Hmm I’m not sure but I definitely want to search Pinterest for something I haven’t tried before. I haven’t seen it yet and I’m still dying to! That’s what I miss most about just dating instead of marriage, actually–affording the money to go to the movies, haha! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh really? Well I’m glad you’ve now started to get enjoyment from it! That sounds like a good idea, pinterest is always great for new recipes. Awww! You’ll have to put some money aside so you can have date night soon!! xx

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