30 Days Of Gratitude | Day 8 | Book

Hello everybody and welcome to day 8 of the 30 Days Of Gratitude Challenge!


Todays prompt is BOOK. What book are you most grateful for today?

Well, today I have three books which I would like to give thanks for.

The first book, ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. The first ever book I read based on the Law Of Attraction. My introduction into the LOA, this book changed my life for the better and I am so thankful that it was brought into my life thanks to my sister, who gifted it to me. The Secret is like a bible to me and I have read it a numerous amount of times, it’s the perfect introduction to the LOA and I would highly recommend anybody to give it a read, as even if you read it just the once, it’s definitely going to shift your energy to radiate more positivity and I am sure once you have read this book, you will notice more and more amazing things start to happen for you. The LOA is real!

Book two that I am grateful for would have to be ‘The Power’ by Rhonda Byrne. Part of The Secret series, I really found The Power raised my vibrations a lot more than The Secret did and it connected with me on a far deeper level. After reading The Power I felt so uplifted and my vibrations were super high, it’s a great book to read in the morning to set your day off in the most happy, positive way. The Power is a really spiritual book which makes me feel so connected to the Universe and again, I would definitely consider this book to be like a bible to me. I just love it.

Book three that I am thankful for is ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, by far one of my favourite books that I have ever read. The Alchemist is all about following your destiny, listening to signs and omens, putting your faith in the Universe and trusting in the journey it is guiding you to take. I am currently rereading this book as I find that whenever I read it, I feel so connected spiritually and I pick up a lot more on the signs the Universe is presenting to me. This book always makes me feel as though I am in alignment with the Universe, and it helps me to trust, have faith and relax in the knowledge that the Universe knows what it’s doing, it always has my back. The Alchemist encourages me to pick up on signs more clearly and take inspired action, and fully solidifies my trust in the Universe. I absolutely adore The Alchemist and I would for sure give it a 5/5 rating, it’s absolutely brilliant and I am so thankful I decided to pick this book up and read it. It’s definitely lifted me to a higher spiritual level which I enjoy very much.

BONUS: I can’t finish this post without mentioning the whole Harry Potter series by JK Rowling which I am eternally grateful for. Harry Potter is the most magical thing in the whole wide world and I could not imagine a life without all things HP. It really is the gift that keeps on giving, and it all started with 7 incredible books. So thank you JK Rowling for the magnificence that is Harry Potter!! The Harry Potter books really are the best!!

What books are you thankful for today? Have you read any of these books that I have mentioned? What’s your favourite book in the Harry Potter series? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. I love this prompt! But I am not sure I could pick just one book! I have to admit though I am pretty grateful for the Harry Potter books! They helped shape my childhood, and I have so many memories because of them! ❤


  2. It would be so hard to narrow down my favorite books, but I completely agree with the Harry Potter series for sure!! That is one of my all-time favorites. I think my favorite in the series is “The Goblet of Fire.” I just love the Tri-Wizard Tournament! The movie was a rather big disappointment though, in comparison, lol. 😉 Which is your favorite HP book?

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    1. Harry Potter is the greatest! Ooh really? I’d always have said that to be my least favourite 😂 however I still love it so much! Ooh my favourite book – probably the Deathly Hallows and the half blood prince- Harry’s ‘there’s no need to call me sir professor’ line has me giggling everytime. I only just finished my HP re read this year but I already want to start again. Thanks for your comment hun xx

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      1. The Half-Blood Prince is so good!! I mean, all of them are lol. My goodness YES, Harry’s sassiness is the BEST and totally underplayed in the movies hahaha. I’ve actually heard that from a lot of people about GOF. I guess I just have different taste lol. 😉 My hubby is currently reading the HP series at my prodding and he’s reminding me of things I’ve forgotten, which tells me I definitely need to read it again!


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