30 Days Of Gratitude | Day 13 | Abilities

Hello everyone!

Today it is day 13 of the 30 days of gratitude challenge and todays prompt is abilities. Which abilities are you thankful for today?


Today I am thankful for my ability to walk and to dance, to sing and to move and to live my life freely. I am thankful for my ability to learn, because I absolutely adore learning and aspire to learn new things everyday. Currently I am learning to speak Spanish which I am finding so much fun! I am thankful that I have the abilty to learn Spanish because it’s something that not only am I getting enjoyment from, but something that will benefit me in my everyday life.

There are so many abilities for us to be thankful for. I am thankful for my ability to see, to hear, to taste. To be thankful for an ability can mean to be thankful for so many different things, because we as humans have so many abilities! I am thankful for my ability to help others, to love others, to make others laugh and put a smile on peoples faces. I am thankful for all of my abilities.

Which ability are you thankful for today? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. I LOVE this! Being able to do things is such a great gift! Whether it is just the basics of walking, talking, and hearing, or something more skilled like dancing or skating. Everything is a gift Thanks for sharing beauty! ❤

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  2. Me gusta que estes aprendiendo espanol! Tal vez un dia tu y yo podemos tener una conversacion entera 🙂 Y todo lo que has dicho en esta entrada es fantastico porque yo tambien puedo relacionar. 🙂 Me encanta aprender, ayudar, y hacer reir a la gente 🙂 Me trae alegria 🙂

    I hope you’re able to read some of it, maybe I took it too far lmao


    1. Ok- the bits I gathered – ‘I like that you are learning Spanish. Maybe one say you and I could have a conversation. You also something?? I love to learn and help.’ Now I just did google translate and I think I got most of what you were saying!! Yayayy! You obviously know way more than me so I need to get practicing! But I absolutely love this comment and hope we can have a proper conversation in Spanish pronto! Thanks for your great comment Rossy! Muchas Gracias

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  3. Basically I said: “I like that you’re learning Spanish. Maybe one day you and I could have an entire conversation (in spanish). And everything you have said in this blog post is fantastic because I can relate. I love to learn, help, and making people laugh. It brings me joy!”

    But yay if you got most of it 😁 and I know Spanish. My parents are from Mexico and I lived there for like 5 years when I was a child so yeah 😀 if you ever wanna know something just ask, though I’m no pro in either language (English or Spanish) lol.

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      1. Yes! Aw that’s amazing Rossy. I would love to be bilingual. Japanese? That would be cool. I can say one sentence in Japanese but don’t ask me to type it because I don’t know how it’s spelt haha. My Dad went to Japan once and learnt to say hi How are you my name is — what’s yours and it’s like ‘wata makushi ma wa jennie des you’ but like I said – it could be spelt completely different to how I say it LOL

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      2. Lol I’ve been learning vocabulary words using this app called duo lingo. I also have another app called lingo deer, they’re both coming in handy. I need to keep practicing daily.

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      3. Omg yes that’s what I use! Love duolingo!!! Love that we both use it! Ooh i haven’t tried lingo deer, I will check that one out! Thanks for the rec! Me too! I haven’t practiced in a few days actually!

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