Shopaholic Saturday | CD’s DVD’s & Gucci

Hello my loves! Ciao!

Once again it’s time for another Shopaholic Saturday as as per usual, I have been shopping to my hearts content recently and treated myself to lots of goodies, so I think it’s about time I showed you all what I’ve been buying recently.


We all know I love a good read, in the past week alone, I have read three books! I think that must be a personal record. Recently I’ve purchased quite a few books including Blood Sisters by Jane Corry, Millie Vanilla’s Cupcake Cafe by Georgia Hill and I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk. So far I have only read Blood Sisters, which was a brilliant, brilliant book! If you enjoy a mystery novel which is both gripping and unputdownable, then this is your book. Twists and turns galore!


Knowing I was going on a road trip this month (road trip completed, blog posts coming soon) it was obvs a requirement that I purchased a few CD’s so we had music for the car journey. I bought Now 100, Now Number 1 Hits and of course the soundtrack of the Summer, the Mamma Mia Here We Go Again soundtrack. YES! Also did you hear that Cher is releasing a whole album of Abba covers? I am so ready.


I love a good film and movie night, and when I saw Coco on sale in the Disney store I knew I had to purchase because after seeing it at the cinema, it was a film I definitely wanted to watch again! Coco is such a beautiful, heart warming film which reminds you to appreciate your loved ones always and I am so excited to watch this soon with my parents. Best get the tissues out because I know I’ll be crying! Also, I love how this movie is set in Mexico, it makes me want to visit so much.


As I’ve been having a Harry Potter movie marathon recently, I realised I was missing copies of Half Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows part one, so obvs I had to pick them up. I bought them in CEX, a cheap second hand DVD store where I also picked up a copy of John Tucker Must Die. I saw this movie years ago and thought it was pretty good, so when I saw it in the store I thought I may as well pick it up to watch again.

Makeup & Skincare

What’s life without a little bit of glitter? You know what they say, less bitter more glitter. Of course I’ve had to repurchase the one and only NYX glitter primer because mine ran out last month. It’s imperative that I restock straight away because it’s just so good! I picked up a new glitter pigment to go with it, this time in a bronze shade (08) which my fave MUA and gorgeous girlie Andrea has used on me before! Love it!

You know I love my face masks, so after all mine had run out and I was wiped to 0, it was time to purchase a few more and I went in! I bought 6 of my favourite 7th Heaven face masks which I can’t wait to use. The charcoal peel ones are my favourite.



Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world… thas right! Since, er, well only June, I have wanted a pair of Gucci trainers and guess what!? You’re girl got her hands on some! Aren’t these just the most beautiful pair of trainers you have ever seen? Uh, I am in love. I mean, let’s not mention the fact that on my second outing in them I walked through dog poo… don’t worry guys, I cleaned them and now they’re good as new! Ok so that’s strictly not true, they are a little greyed after stomping through the dusty ‘streets’ of Pompeii, but hey, trainers are meant to be worn aren’t they!?

So that pretty much rounds up everything I’ve treated myself to recently. Of course, I purchased a few things in Italy too but that will be coming in a separate haul very soon!

What have you been treating yourself to lately? What’s your favourite song off the Mamma Mia soundtrack? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Mamma Mia here we go again ,I love the entire soundtrack can’t wait to see part 2 ,I really enjoyed reading your new purchases especially Coco – never gets old and emotional ,John Tucker must die ,Harry Potter ,the one collection I’ve never gotten around finishing ,I honestly don’t know why
    Great post Jennie

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    1. Me too! I hope you get to see it soon! Coco is very emotional isn’t it? But such a great and meaningful film. Oh wow, you haven’t finished HP? Did you enjoy the movies you did see? Thanks so much Debbie!


      1. I did enjoy the ones I saw it’s just that life kept interfering ,but maybe I’ll actually binge watch it one of this days


  2. Ooh! I definitely just added Blood Sisters to my TBR list! Sounds so good!

    & oh my gosh, John Tucker Must Die! I haven’t seen it in sooo long but I remember loving it & watching it over & over again as a kiddo hahah. The glitter pigment is so pretty, too!

    Can’t wait to see what you bought in Italy!


    1. When I was reading Blood sisters and writing this post i honestly thought of you. I hope you get the chance to read it because I think you’d enjoy it and love to know your thoughts!
      Such a good film isn’t it? I’m excited to rewatch!
      Thanks so much for your comment Hunida! Xx

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      1. Aww!! Really?! I’m definitely going to move it up on my reading list then. I have a few on my shelf right now that I need to get to but will soon read it!! ❤ That means so much that you thought of me!! ❤

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    1. Omg yaaay! The fifth one is my fave, it’s the next movie on my rewatch actually! Enjoy!! Thanks hun! I’m obsessed with them 😍 not taken them off!
      Omg no don’t be silly! Loads of people call me Jay it’s been a nickname since I was about 10 😂 it’s absolutely fine I would have said if not! Bless you ❤️😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Really? That’s interesting! I dk why it’s my favourite to be honest, it just is! Ah I’m so excited to watch it! I need to actually decide a day where I watch it 😂 maybe one day this weekend! Oh no worries! Bless you, it’s not a problem at all! Trust me I’ve had a lot worse- my ex’s ex girlfriend who he dumped me for was called Gemma, and this one girl I worked with at my new job thought my name was Gemma so it was even worse every time she kept calling me it. Like it’s bad enough that’s not my name but my ex’s girlfriends name? Please! I felt too awkward to correct her though 😂 thanks so much hun! X

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      2. Hahah thanks for making me feel better about that!! You are too sweet to not correct them. Gemma is cute if it wasn’t your ex’s girlfriends name. That is too funny, but so unfortunate. Hahah

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  3. SUCH a good haul! Ever since I saw the HP play I have been on a HP kick too. And John Tucker is SUCH a good movie! Those books look SO good! I have heard of blood sisters but have not read it! I hope you are having an amazing summer sweets! ❤

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    1. Thanks so much lovely ! Omg how the play? I have yet to see it, was it amazing!? I’ll forever be obsessed with Harry Potter I think! Omg have you? That’s so cool. I bought it at a random store so didn’t think anybody else would have heard of it! It’s a great book! Thank you so much lovely and the same to you!! And thank you for your wonderful comment ❤️


  4. I will have to check out that book, “Blood Sisters,” because it looks so good!! I love thrilling mysteries. Also, I completely agree, Coco is so sweet! It was an absolute delight to watch. ❤ Looking forward to your Italy posts–so far, it looks like you had an amazing time! 🙂

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    1. Ooh you will love this then! It’s such a good book! Please tell me what you think of it if you read it. Also, I would reccommend The Ice Twins! Have you read it?
      Coco is a gorgeous film! I’m super excited to watch it with my fam! Thanks so much hun! X

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      1. I haven’t heard of The Ice Twins before! Who is the author? I’ll have to add it to my Goodreads for sure! Thanks for the suggestion. ❤ I loved how original and heartwarming Coco is! Such a sweet film. 🙂


  5. Oooh great haul!! I remember Now That’s What I Call Music from when I was like 10!! And they’re even older than that lmao. Holy shit I cannot believe that they still make them hahaha
    I’ve heard of blood sisters I think? If not maybe I’ve only heard of the author but I think I’ll give it a read at some point 😁
    Coco was a cute movie!.I can’t wait to watch the HP movies again!.
    And girl those Gucci trainers! Treat yo’ self!! 😉 they look great on you!!

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    1. Yeah I think they’ll keep going forever! It’s kind of cool right!? Some compilation cds don’t even make it to like 5 😂 I definitely grew up with Now! I wonder what now America is on like if you’d be on Now 100 too? I might google it!
      Ooh Blood sisters was an unputdownable novel! So make sure you’ve got free time because I struggled parting with it! Just five more minutes to read please 😂 let me know if you read it!
      Coco is adorable! I will hopefully watch it next week with my Mum! And I’ll watch hp tomorrow 😀 love Harry Potter!
      Thank you so much Rossy! You’re the best! Xx

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      1. They probably will, though I must admit that music has changed DRASTICALLY from when we were young lol. I have no idea if they have those here, they might but I just don’t know about them. Awesome, let me just add it to my goodreads list so I don’t forget lol.
        I love watching HP in December before xmas, a little tradition for us lol.
        And no problem, you’re the bestest!! 💜😉


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