30 Days Of Gratitude | Day 15 | Season

Hello everyone and welcome to day 15 of the 30 days of gratitude challenge. Woweee, I’m half way through! Exciting.


Todays prompt is season. Which season are you grateful for today?

Hello!?! Obviously Summer! We allll love Summer right? Summer is by far my favourite season. The lovely warm weather. The Summer fashion. The music. The BBQ’s. I’ve expressed a lot about my love for Summer here on this blog, so I’m pretty much repeating myself but genuinely. Thank God for Summer!

Summer is the happiest season. I’m sure we can all agree that there’s just something about the sunshine that is instantly uplifting right? As soon as I see the sun, I’m happy. When the sun is shining, my soul is shining. I love sunbathing, I love swimming in outdoor pools, I love swimming in the warm sea, I love eating ice cream, I love Summer nights out, I love Summer holidays. Everything is just better in the Summer. Gosh, I feel like Olaf from Frozen ha ha.

What season are you grateful for today? What do you love most about Summer? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. I agree, people definitely seem far happier during the summer! I think the extra sunshine helps everyone feel a bit better and even somewhat friendlier. I personally prefer it a bit chillier, lol, so I love fall and winter. (Then again, I also live in AZ which means it’s soooo hot, which may be why I prefer it a bit cooler.) But summer has huge pros too and I always look forward to it each year!

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    1. Yes it does! Everyone is way more chirpier when the sun is shining! Maybe it’s the brightness! Idk, but if the weather is gloomy sometimes it can make me feel gloomy? The weather is so weird how it can effect our moods!
      Oh absolutely! Since I live in england it’s usually pretty cold… wanna swap? 😂

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      1. I think you’re right!! And the lack of Vitamin D from the sun definitely plays a role in moods. ☀️ Hahahaha sure!! Sounds great! 🤣


      1. When I lived in Minnesota, I never wanted it to end either because winters were so much worse but here in Vegas it is DEADLY lol. I need it to cool down just a little!!

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      2. Omg I guess so! Yeah here in the UK heat is a rarity soo that’s probably why I cling on to Summer so much but I can see why it would get unbearable for you! Especially because you still have to live its not like a holiday! You still have to go to work and run errands and stuff!

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  2. I have been loving this gratitude series!!! I actually really love fall- so basic, but I love everything about it. I am pumped that we are entering into the fall season! Gimmee all the yummy candles, fall clothing, breeze in the air (better running weather), and Halloween parties!


    1. Thanks so much hun! It’s a great way to practice being thankful! I do like fall to be fair, it’s such an exciting, cosy, magical time. I am especially looking forward to Halloween!
      I hope this Fall is the best for you!

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      1. Ummm yesss! Ok that’s a lie! I would love to dress up more than i do but I don’t really have the opportunity too, however this year my sister is throwing a Halloween party so i am going all out!
        I recently started a yearly tradition of pumpkin carving with my family, this will be our fourth year now! And I like to watch scary movies around the occasion!
        You probably do more than me!! I think Halloween is bigger over in the US? I do enjoy it though! Do you dress up and decorate your house ect? I am so excited for this year!!!

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      2. I just do little touches of pumpkins around the house! I am excited for this year! Last year I didn’t have a chance to celebrate- but hopefully this year we will do something! I can’t wait to read what you dooo!

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      3. Aw that’s cute! Pumpkins are the ultimate Halloween must have. Oh no, fingers crossed you get to do something this year! Ah i have already started planning my halloween posts! I’m so excited 😂 x

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  3. I’m with you, summer is the best! The sunshine makes me happy! Right now it’s so cloudy and gloomy and it seems like summer is over and about to rain 😢😭
    But yes, summer is the best, hands down. You can literally do so many different actitivities!.

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    1. Me toooo! I’m glad you agree with me! Omg I know! The weather here has not been fab since Sunday 😦 goodbye Summer it seems! Time to hibernate lol! Yes you can, there’s so many more options for things to do in the Summer! Thanks for your comment Rossy! Xx

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