Italy 2018 | Tuscany & Torture Museums

For Italy Part One, please click here.

After leaving Strasbourg, we were set for another full day of driving and we were incredibly lucky, as driving from France to Italy meant we had to drive through the magical Switzerland. Guys, I have never been to Switzerland before and it’s never been top of my list, but woweee, now I’m eager to go back for a little cabin break. Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the pleasure of seeing with my own two eyes. Oh wowee, what a dream.

Switzerland is mountain central. So many mountains. And also, so many tunnels. Ha ha. And gorgeous lakes and waterfalls. Switzerland is a dream. A magical, mystical dream which I’m so happy I got to see. I love Switzerland! It’s a breath-taking place and I’m so looking forward to the future when I get to go back and explore more of the country.


Driving through Switzerland took a good few hours and then eventually, by the time evening had arrived, we were driving through the border and into Italia! Hurray. We had made it. Almost. We still had to get to our hotel in San Gimignano, Tuscany, which was an adventure in itself.

I’m sure Mack can relate judging by this post, but guys, we were stressing. Our phones were dying and on minimum percent, and we were still using them for our directions (we don’t have a satnav in our car so it’s phone maps for us). Miraculously, my mums battery lasted until we finally found the town we were staying in, and my mum is convinced we had a guardian angel looking over us because if it wasn’t for her phone, we would have been stranded in the middle of nowhere. It was so hard driving in the dark, not knowing where we were going, God bless my dad, he did so good and thank goodness we found the hotel when we did. Any longer and we would have been stuck!

Our hotel was located in San Gimignano, an old medieval town in Tuscany. We stayed there for two nights and had a beautiful time in the beautiful Tuscany. Can I just say, Tuscany is a dream. I guess this post is all about the dreamy locations right, what with Switzerland and everything. But uh, seriously, the gorgeous fields upon fields in Tuscany are breath-taking. And I am officially in love. I will own a house there one day. It’s dreamy!


Because we arrived so late to our hotel, we pretty much went straight to bed after grabbing a drink and an ice cream. The following day, I awoke to the most beautiful view from my bedroom window of the gorgeous Tuscan fields. Wow. I’d give anything to be back there.

We grabbed some breakfast, and then decided to drive into Pisa so we could check out the Leaning Tower. My Dad has seen it before, so he was laughing before we arrived knowing what to expect. Ok, so the leaning tower of Pisa is pretty tiny. Not too tiny, but I guess not as big as you’d expect. And if I’m honest, other than the tower, there wasn’t really much going on in Pisa. Like spending a few hours there was more than enough, and I wouldn’t recommend staying there for a weekend or anything. I’m glad we went and saw the tower, which was all unassuming and cute, but other than that, Pisa is just Pisa!

Of course whilst in Pisa, we had to take the typical touristy photos, which I clearly failed massively at. My attempt at ‘pushing the tower back up’ is embarrassing, but it was also absolutely hilarious watching other people posing too. Oh my goodness, so amusing. I love it! I made sure to get some pizza too for a photo op, so I could say I had pizza in Pisa. A bucket list tick, for real.

Once we had seen the tower, we drove back to Tuscany where we chilled for the evening and I bought a super cute floppy sunhat. So adorable. Then, we went for dinner at this really cute restaurant called Riccapizza where I had a delicious pesto pasta dish. WOW. Guys, I don’t even want to think about this food rn because it’s making me hungry soo much. I wish I could eat that delicious meal right now. It was so yummy. The pesto was stronger than I’m used to but oh so delicious, and I would like it again right now please. Yum.

We went to bed that night full and happy, after a fantastic day exploring Italia.
The following morning was our last morning in Tuscany, and after discovering a Torture Museum in the little town, I managed to convince my parents to come in with me. One ticket is 10 euros and you have to be over 16 (or 18, I can’t remember exactly) to enter (for good reason). The ticket grants you access to both museums, the torture museum and the death penalty museum. Shudddder.


By the end of the experience, I had to literally run out of the museum because I was heaving so much if I didn’t get out of there asap, I was going to be sick. I am so thankful to be alive in this century and not in the olden days when this torture existed. Some of the most horrific forms of torture I learnt about include –


Dismemberment: the punished having each limb tied to a different horse (one leg tied to one horse, the other tied to another, each arm tied to two different horses), followed by the horses charging in different directions, therefore ripping the limbs from the body

head crushers: self explanatory

caging: where the punished was put in a cage and left to starve to death. Sometimes the cage wasn’t even shaped like a standard cube cage, it was formed to shape around the persons individual body, therefore fully trapping them and giving them no room to move

But one of the worst of all which really made me practically vom, was very similar to caging. But grosser (can you even believe that’s possible lol)? The punished was placed in a metal box outside, left to starve to death. However because the box was metal, by the time the victim had died, their body usually would have melted and stuck to the box, thanks to the box being outdoors and the sun heating up the metal. Ew x1000.

It was after reading about the metal box that I promptly ran out of the museum gagging, never to return again. My mum said she really thought I was going to be sick, had I stayed in there any longer, I would have been.


The Torture Museum was an interesting experience and I’m glad I did it, because it for sure made for a good ol’ story to tell and I love telling others what I witnessed, however the only way I’d ever revisit is if I go back to San Gimignano with someone who hasn’t been before and they really want to go!

Leaving on an… interesting note, soon after running out of the Torture Museum it was time to say goodbye to Tuscany (brb while I cry) and make our way to sunny Sorrento.

Guys, the car journey to Sorrento took a lifetime. I was so bored. And I ended up reading a whole book in one go it took so long! I’m not normally one to read in the car but I was so over napping and listening to music and I spotted a book my dad had left in the back pocket of his seat so I was like, eh, I’ll give that a read. Ok so technically I finished the last couple of chapters at the hotel when we arrived in Sorrento but having come so far, I was determined to finish it in one go, and I did! The book I read is called Death On The Dordogne and it’s a murder mystery, it’s a pretty easy read but unpredictable and I really enjoyed it!


What books have you read recently? How long does it usually take you to finish a book? Have you ever been to Pisa? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. I love that you visited a torture museum. I always love weird places like that😊 I didn’t no the Leaning Tower of Pisa was small. I remember seeing the Mona Lisa and it was funny as it’s small and busy, but opposite it was a painting as big as the wall that no one looked at x

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    1. They’re so interesting aren’t they!? It had to be visited! It’s not small small but it’s not like a big tower if that makes sense 😂 you’d think it would be bigger! Omg yeah I’ve heard the Mona Lisa is tiny 😂 thats so funny but also sad that the bigger painting got ignored! I’ll be sure to pay it some attention when i go 😂thanks for your comment hun! xx

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  2. Ahhh, so glad that you found your hotel just in the nick of time when you got to Tuscany!
    Hahaha love the attempts at the Pisa photos but I can’t help but feel that way when I see “famous buildings/landmarks” too… like “oh cool, that’s it?” Lol.
    That torture museum is craaazzyy!! The metal box. Omg. I’ve heard of most of the other stuff but never that! 🤮
    I just finished reading this YA novel called The Unlikelies by Carrie Firestone! It usually takes me around 3 or 4 days to finish a book! That’s so impressive you read it all in one go! I wish I could read in the car but I get major headaches when I do. 😦


    1. Thanks hun! Any longer and I don’t know what would have happened 😂 it was a stressful time! But thankfully one which was resolved promptly!
      Yeah!! Like it was cute but definitely a lot smaller than you’d expect! It’s funny isn’t it! I know what you mean, it’s like those articles which talk about the most overrated tourist destinations or whatever 😂😂 the tower is cute though!
      I know! Omg I hadn’t heard of like any of it before except the common ones like electric chair and stuff but the horse one I had not heard of and I was horrified. Don’t even get me started on the metal box! Honestly so gross! I’d be scared to be alive in those days because it feels like they’d punish you for the smallest of things! Like I’d feel like I couldn’t even say a swear word without fear of punishment! I don’t know how these people lived, or had jokes and banter and stuff! I feel like if you even dared laugh you’d be thrown in the cage 😂
      Ooh was it a good book? I’ve never heard of that author before! 3 or 4 days is amazing! Usually it takes me a couple of weeks, I just had a lot of time on my hands that day! Omg I know! I never used to be able to read in the car because I’d feel sick but I guess now I can! So weird isn’t it how people feel ill because of it! So annoying especially on longer car journeys!


  3. Ahhh Part Two! Switzerland is on my list! And that is the worst! All my family and friends laugh at me, because I am so old about charging my phone! That torture museum sounds horrific! Good for you for giving it a shot though sweets! I am so glad you had such a blast! Love the pictures of you by the Tower of Pisa! Beauty! ❤


  4. I am just living for this Italy series!!! I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that has actually gone to Switzerland… it looks beautiful, I can’t imagine how stunning it was in person!

    Ooooo girl- I FEEL you on the battery woes!!!! This is even way more extreme than ours!! We would have just had to walk a few miles in the cold but you are in a totally foreign country. How stinking scary. So glad all worked out ok!

    I am blowwwn away by these views. Wowza.

    How awesome that you actually got to see the leaning tower of Pisa! I have never seen a picture of it before even- this is so neat. And I am PROUD- pizza in pisa. Perfection.

    That museum is giving me the hebee-jeebies. Something out of Black Mirror.. but it’s crazy this stuff actually existed.

    What an unforgettable time all around! Thank you tons for sharing with us!

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    1. Eee thanks so much gorgeous!! Actually, I don’t think i have either although someone my mum works with is in Switzerland right now! It’s not your typical holiday destination compared to say Spain or France I guess, but more than worth a visit. It’s honestly so beautiful! Such a serene place, I wanna go there and just chill in the mountain houses playing board games outside, taking in the views etc!
      Honestly I was actually really worried! I thought worst case we will have to sleep in the car, because in daylight we will be able to see better! Thanks hun, I’m so glad it worked out too! I was so looking forward to getting into bed after that drive, I’m glad we didn’t have to sleep in the car!
      Yeah it was really cool to see! I’ve always wanted to get pizza in pisa because of the Kanye west verse in talk that talk 😂😂😂 it was a must for a photo op!
      Ooh I haven’t seen BM… not sure I want to if the museum reminds you of that 😂 so scary!
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment as always ❤️❤️❤️ Have the best week! X

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      1. Thank you tons for the info! I have been wanderlusting hard core since your posts.

        I am SO glad you didn’t have to sleep in the car too! Ahhh that would be just too terrifying, although make for a great story haha.

        Ok , confession: BM in nursing stands for bowel movement, so that’s how I read that. LOL. But black mirror is pretty dang freaky! It makes you think, and I always had to be emotionally prepared for it.

        Have a great week, love!!! XO

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      2. You’re welcome! I’ve been wanderlusting as I write them! Take me back!!
        I would have been so scared! But yess I do love a good story to tell too sooo… 😂
        Omg really! That’s so interesting, that’s so funny that that’s how you read it! 😂 ooh that show sounds interesting though… I might watch a trailer for it or something? Emotionally prepared!? Ahhh I don’t know if I’m up for this 😂
        Thanks hun, and you too! X

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  5. Girl I’m so jealous you got to drive through Switzerland! I want to go there so bad! Their mountains are so majestic. And nice that you got to see the leaning tower, I never knew it was small, lots of photos make it seem bigger but I’m aware that it’s also forced perspective so yeah lol. Pizza in Pisa I lol’d!! 🤣
    Gosh that torture museum!!!! Must have been kind of terrifying I mean even seeing a bit and reading about it through the screen made me cringe a little.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh! Rossy go if you can, you would love it! It’s so peaceful and calming! I so want to go back and spend more time there!
      Yeah I had read along time ago that it was quite small but I never really thought about it. It was still big just smaller than you’d expect! Haha thank you, it had to be done!
      It was! So scary to think like what if that ever happened now 😭 so scary!!! Thanks for reading hun!

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      1. Yeah it was a vlog. Her channel name is Lustrelux. Let me go find it for you lol. Hopefully my comment doesn’t end up on spam……….hold on…………………..

        And Matterhorn is a mountain in Switzerland. I think it borders Switzerland and Italy? Anyway, are you familiar with the Toblerone triangular chocolate? The mountain on the packaging is the Matterhorn mountain 😊


      2. Thanks for the link hun i will check her out! Don’t worry your comment didn’t go to spam 🙂
        Ooh I see! I did not know that! Yes I know toblerone, that’s so interesting to know! Thanks for sharing hun 🙂

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  6. Oh ah, I’ve been reading Paper Towns by John Green. Just finished it today. I think if I really wanted to I could spend an entire day reading and finish a book too but I’m always doing so many things throughout the day I only get about an hour or less to read each day

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    1. Ooh I’ve read that! Did you enjoy it? Aw yeah, I could probably get through a book a day too if I didn’t have anything else to do! That’s why I read so much on holiday, it was a dream to have so much free time to read! My Mums the same, she’d read so much more if she had the time! Sometimes she doesn’t like to start a book because she ends up not being able to put it down and then she’s like, oh no I’ve not done any of the housework 😂 bless her!

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      1. Yes I really did. For once I wasn’t mad at the cheesy ass ending, which I didn’t feel like this one was cheesy, but kind of enlightening for the main character if that makes sense.
        Lmao I can relate to your mom. I’ve done the same a few times, Alex is cleaning the house and I’m like “hold up, let me finish this chapter” but I keep reading ahah. Great books have also kept me up at night. Those people that say reading before going to sleep helps tire you out is WRONG! I’ll stay up till 3am reading, no problem, especially if the book is good lol

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      2. Omg I can’t remember the ending that well! I think i’m gonna have to reread the book. Did you see the film? I prefer the book version.
        It’s so hard to put a book down once you’re reading! Omg yes that’s so true and such a good point! I am totally the same, reading in bed is dangerous 😂

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      3. I have not. I seem to be picking up books that have already been made into movies but I would like to keep reading these books first before I watch the movie. Because the movies are interpretations of the original story after all lol.

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  7. As much as I want to visit Italy, I didn’t know there were such a thing as those death and torture museums!! My goodness, I’m pretty sure I would just avoid those after hearing your experience! That is just gruesome and horrific! Like, oh my gosh, why did any of those people years ago feel such a need to be so cruel?! That itself is a million times worse than whatever criminals supposedly did!
    Anywayyyy lol, I love that you shared about Switzerland too! Your pictures and descriptions absolutely make me want to visit it even more. So beautiful!! ❤


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