Italy 2018 | Pompeii

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Pompeii time!!!!

It was our last full day in Sorrento and we decided to take an exciting trip into Pompeii to explore the ruins. Pompeii is an Ancient Roman city which was buried in ash after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius way, way back in AD 79 (thanks wiki for these detailed facts, my memory is notttt that great).

It was really interesting to visit Pompeii, as it gave a great insight into the way people lived back in the olden ancient days. It was also completely crazy to think that at one time, this site was completely covered in lava, with the whole city being destroyed thanks to Vesuvius. You can see the mountain from the ruins, and it’s funny to watch it sitting there, completely unaware of the destruction it caused.

We did an excellent walking tour of Pompeii, so I felt we learnt and saw a lot. It’s weird to see how modern the people of Pompeii’s lives actually were. For example, they had a gym, takeaways, graffiti and a spa (local baths), which when you think these people lived there centuries and centuries ago, it seems pretty modern for them to be having takeaways!

It’s surreal to walk around Pompeii, because when you look at the ‘buildings’ etc, you would never think they were covered in lava at some point. Yes, you can see things have been destroyed, but the amphitheatre for example, looked good as new.


The walking tour took a couple of hours and afterwards, you were free to look around as you pleased. Pompeii is absolutely huge, so you could probably spend a whole day there and still not cover every little location, however I think with our tour, we definitely saw the highlights. I would like to go back, and explore more however, as I find the place so majestic and full of history. It really is amazing and I would 100% recommend anybody to visit, and make sure you do the tour, so you can learn, learn, learn!

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to visit Pompeii and experience a little piece of history, I had a fantastic day exploring somewhere new and I am super excited to return, whenever that may be.

Have you ever been to Pompeii? Would you like to visit? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. THIS is so flipping cool! I am so jealous! Pompei is on my bucket list and I loved reading this! It is crazy to think how “modern” some societies were, even in ancient times. Thanks for showing us a glimpse (and feeding my wanderlust soul!) of this beautiful city. Also girl your outfit was on fleek! Obsessed! ❤


  2. That is so cool and the amphitheater does look pretty newish considering it was covered in lava. I wonder if they do any upkeep on the area? Thanks for sharing a little bit of history with us, I didn’t even know it was that big


  3. It really is so interesting to think of Pompeii. It hardly seems real that it was a city like any other and it was snuffed out in an instant. Also, Vesuvius seems so far away, it’s just mind-boggling that it could cause such intense destruction in a moment! Kind of puts life in perspective haha. Anyway, it’s just majorly awesome that you got to visit it! As you know, it’s certainly a dream of mine!


    1. I know! It’s very intriguing!and scary! Apparantly Vesuvius is due to erupt again, and could wipe out alot of people. The government have even offered people money to move house away from the area, but some have declined. I’d be out of there. Yes! I can’t imagine what the scene must have been like when vesuvius erupted- you’d never think it could cause that much distruction. This world is so incredible and mind blowing! Doesn’t it? they had plaster casts there of how some people’s bodies were found- plaster casts of their last moments. Anything could happen any second right… that was there last moment! Definitely puts life into perspective! Thanks for your comment hun! I hope you can visit girlie x

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      1. My goodness, I’m shocked that people are declining to move even with the government offering them money! That itself should show how serious the situation is, not to mention Pompeii as evidence itself. I had no idea Vesuvius was still an active volcano, or rather, not extinct. How scary!!


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