Italy 2018 | Exploring Rome & Our Journey Home

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Aw, my Italy posts are coming to an end, this is my last one. I’m v sad. I’ve so enjoyed reminiscing and reliving my trip through these posts, I am so excited to return next year.

After our day trip to Pompeii and dinner at All Angelos the previous evening, it was time to say goodbye to sunny Sorrento and make our way to ROMA. We began our drive late morning and the drive to Rome took us a good few hours, meaning we arrived early evening. After checking into our hotel, we headed straight out to explore.

Our first stop of the evening was the Trevi Fountain, a place that has been on my bucket list forever!!! The architecture of this fountain is just beautiful, and the colour of the water so blue. I didn’t take any photos here, but I did buy a postcard so I’ll share a photo of that for you!


I made a number of wishes at the Trevi Fountain because obviously I wanted to make the most of such a magical opportunity and take all I could from it. The location itself was naturally very busy, being a world famous tourist location, but so worth the hustle and bustle of the crowds because it’s so beautiful. I’d go as far to say that the Trevi Fountain was one of my favourite places that I visited in Italy, it’s so beautiful and magical. I’m extremely thankful that I got to make my wishes here, it’s always been a dream of mine. I hope both mine and my parents wishes come true. Mum and Dad only made one wish each, I guess I was just being greedy…

Our next stop was the Colosseum, and we decided to take a taxi there which took about 10 minutes. A walk would have been around 20/25 minutes I believe which is fine, but we were tired and unsure of the way. The taxi was cheap anyway, so it was fine.


I was so excited to see the Colosseum as just like the fountain, it has been on my bucket list for forever. The Colosseum is absolutely massive and as my mum and I strolled around the outside, my father rested.I would have loved to have done a tour of the inside, however my dad was feeling poorly so he wasn’t really up for it, but hey, that’s just another reason to go back.


I feel so lucky that I got to see it from the outside anyway, it really is an incredible building. When I think about how long ago these places were built it’s mad to see how they’ve stood the test of time. The architecture in Rome is something else and I could admire it all day.

Our last tourist stop of the day was the Spanish Steps (well, after Sephora, of course). The Spanish Steps were nothing like I expected, I thought they would be patterned or something but they were literally just… steps. Apparently it’s the largest staircase in Europe, but to me I wasn’t even thinking about that. I ran right up to the top though and took in some absolutely stunning views, then it was time to come back down again, and I felt like a kid as I saw my parents at the bottom of the steps and I got to wave to them! So cute!

After taking in three of the top tourist destinations in Rome, we decided to call it a night and grab some dinner. Once again, I had a pesto pasta dish, and I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but all I know is, the food was really, really good and I’d definitely eat there again. I remember where it was as it was literally a five minute walk away from the Hard Rock Café where I went to buy my friend a souvenir, so at least I’ll know where to look when I go back.

After dinner, it was time for bed, and time for my last sleep in Italy.

The following day, we started our journey home, and made our way to Strasbourg where we decided to stay over for the night as our ferry back wasn’t until the next day. We arrived so late, so there was no time for dinner, just sleep.

On our last day abroad, we actually took a tram from Strasbourg into Germany where we visited a town called Kehl, which wasn’t very fun. Had we have had the energy to walk around and explore a little deeper into the town, we may have liked it more, however we were so exhausted, we literally went to a supermarket then got the tram back to Strasbourg. It would have taken too long to find anywhere of interest in the town, it was way too hot and we were tired, so it made sense to just leave. Still though, it’s cool to say I’ve been. And I bought a really cool money box from there and some cereals, so all’s well that ends well.

For the rest of the day we chilled in Strasbourg. Guys, we finally found somewhere for me to eat there which I actually liked. A pizza café LOL. You know I love my Italian delicacy. We ate our pizza and then it was time to hit the road once more, heading to Dunkirk where we caught our ferry home. SAD TIMES!


Thankfully, we had a safe journey home, and I had a fantastic time exploring Italy with my parents. It really was the trip of a lifetime, a dream come true and a wonderful, exciting experience. We did so much, saw so much and experienced so much. I made lovely memories with my parents and got to spend quality time with them, which means the most to me, so all I can say is thank you Italia, thank you dad for driving and thanks to both of my parents for being the best company. I love you both, now bring on our next holiday!

Have you ever been to Italy? Where would be your number one place to visit in Rome? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. NOOOO this can not be coming to an end! I have been living vicariously through you! I LOVED this post though It gave me all the feels! Your family is so sweet and your parents (and you!) are the cutest! I am taking notes because I want to go to Italy SO badly! Thanks for bringing us along your trip sweet lady! I loved reading all your posts! ❤


  2. I have been loving these posts and am SO sad this is over….. That fountain is on my ultimate bucket list!! You guys really did it all… amazing. And that pizza… oi vey! I need!


  3. What a great way to wrap up your Italy trip with a visit to Rome! It’s a shame you weren’t able to tour inside the Colosseum, but as you said, it’s just another reason to visit again! It sounds like you had such a lovely time overall. ❤


  4. I actually think that Rome is quite beautiful, and I love that you got to see th colosseum even though it was only from the outside. I would totally love to see the inside too!!!
    What a great trip and that pizza looks delicious! I want!


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