Italy Haul 2018

Hi my lovelies!

Today it’s finally time for my Italia haul 2018, which means this is my last Italy post of the year. I mean, unless I end up going on a surprise trip or something in the next couple of months. Who knows? I might look into that actually… Venice anyone?

Whilst in Italy I’m actually surprised at how little I bought… most of this haul is going to be postcards. And makeup from Sephora. The best thing about going abroad is Sephora right? We don’t have one here in the UK!

Anyway, without further ado, here is what I treated myself to on my travels to Italia.


Anastasia Beverly Hills NORVINA Palette

I didn’t actually realise how lucky I was to get this palette until I saw people on Facebook LOA groups mentioning how much they were trying to manifest it, now I feel so blessed to own this eyeshadow palette. I haven’t used it yet but oh I am so excited too. The colours are so pretty with an even amount of matte shades to shimmer. The colours I am most excited to use are Summer, Wild Child and Soul. This palette has a good variety of shades which are all pretty different to each other and I think there’s a shade for everyone in this palette. Whilst the shades are colourful, I still think they are all pretty toned down at the same time, colourful but neutral, if that makes sense. As in, those who aren’t so keen on colour would still get some great use out of this and I’m really looking forward to creating some looks myself with this palette.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (Black)

This has been my favourite eyeliner since I first tried it last year so when I saw the KVD counter in Sephora, I knew I had to repurchase a fave. This is the best eyeliner because it’s just so easy to use!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Sun Dipped

Game changer. This is a new favourite, forever. When I bought this glow kit on the spur of the moment I wasn’t expecting to love it quite so much as I do, but now I don’t even want to strobe with anything else. This glow kit is amazing, it’s perfect to create that gorgeous, fashionable strobe without making you look too glittery. It’s just pure glow and I’m in love. At the moment my go to shade is Moonstone, but I love them all. I would use Bronzed or Tourmaline when I really want to go for the striking Golden Goddess look, but Moonstone is the perfect everyday shade.

Face Masks

I bought a few face masks from Sephora whilst away as I’ve heard good things. Guys, I wasn’t impressed. I purchased The Charcoal Mask and the Green Tea face mask, I’ve only tried the Charcoal one so far and it really didn’t do it for me. I just felt as though I didn’t achieve anything with this mask, yes it felt kind of refreshing, but did it do anything for my skin? I’m not sure. I am so excited to try the Green Tea face mask though, hopefully I’ll enjoy this one more.


I bought a couple of souvenirs whilst abroad, I bought a couple of things from Pompeii and then it was mainly just postcards. From Pompeii I purchased a book, ‘Pompeii The Life Of A Roman Town’ by Mary Beard, which should be really interesting to read as it will delve deeper into the history of the town and provide me with more information on Pompeii.


I also bought this Dolphin Gem Ring from Pompeii, which I only bought because it had the word dolphin in the product description, ha ha. The ring is a typical souvenir piece, but it only fits on my ring finger. I’m not sure I’ll wear this that much, but it’s a nice souvenir.

One thing I always like to collect when going somewhere new is shot glasses, so I of course made sure to treat myself to this cute lil’ glass in San Gimignano. Isn’t it adorable?


Lastly I bought a ton of postcards, from like, everywhere. Check them out!

If you hadn’t already guessed, yeah, I collect postcards too!

What’s your favourite souvenir to purchase when you visit somewhere new? Do you collect something from every place you visit? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. If you go to Venice I am TOTALLY inviting myself along! I think a girls trip is in order! It is one of my dream destinations! I love that you collect shot glasses! I collect sweatshirts, and I LOVE postcards! So much fun to see where you travel too! Thanks for bringing us along beauty! I loved these posts! ❤


    1. Kate you are just the best!! So much love to you! Yes girl we are definitely going to Venice! Shall I start packing now? I’ve always wanted to go to Venice too! It looks so unique and amazing! Hehe thanks hun! I have so many now! Ooh sweatshirts is a good one, I don’t know anyone else who collects sweaters, so cool! I love that! Everytime you wear it it will remind you of that trip! You’re so welcome lovely!! Thanks so much for all your love ❤️ Have a great day hun! X


  2. Ahhh! So much lovely makeup products! I love the ring and shot glass too! I always try to buy a ton of souvenirs when I travel. I just love them so much! Shot glasses and mugs are prob my fave. 🙂 I like t-shirts & hoodies, too!


  3. Oooh yass!! Glad you got to splurge a bit, I swear I thought they were opening a Sephora in the UK, but maybe I mistook it for something else. They do ship internationally right but it’s too pricey?
    I love that you collect post cards! If I ever travel I definitely want to buy souvenirs too and start a small collection 😁


  4. How fun would that be if you got to visit Italy again before the year is out?! That book sounds fascinating and that ring is gorgeous! How neat to pick something up like that. It sounds like you snagged some great finds. Those postcards are the best!


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