Summer Bucket List Ticks 18

Ok. Summer is officially over! Who’s sad? Meeeeee! & I bet Kate is too! My fellow Summer lover. But hey, this means Halloween and Christmas and pumpkins and fireworks, so all is not lost. Good things are coming, and I’ve no doubt with the way time flies Summer 2019 will be here sooner rather than later, so please make the most of everyday huns! Because time really does go way, way too fast. But as long as it’s because we’re having fun, then I guess that’s not so bad right?
With it being the last day of Summer 18′, I thought now would be a great time to reflect on my Summer bucket list and see what I ticked off. Let’s go shall we?!

go parasailing
swim in the sea TICK! I swam a couple of ‘lengths’ in the sea whilst on holiday in Sorrento, Italy. It was such a fun, beautiful, in the moment experience which I just loved. I swam really far out (for me) and appreciated the beauty of the surrounding cliffs and never-ending sea.B61C294F-21D6-4287-9F59-B98A4C577BFEsee dolphins in real life
go to the beach Yes! I went to the beach in Magaluf with the girls, and in Italy with my family!2E898BA9-D416-4F4A-A532-0A0D2B42635Cgo on a boat Technically yes, as I took the ferry over from Dover to France.

sunbathe YES! I will never go a Summer without sunbathing, hehe! I sunbathed whilst at home in my garden and of course whilst on holiday in Italy and Magaluf!
watch the sunset I watched the sunset in Italy a couple of times with my parents, which was lovely.
watch the sunrise
go for beautiful walks surrounded by nature on a weekly basis I didn’t go on weekly walks however I did go walking quite often, sometimes twice a week, or a couple of times every other week, so essentially this is a tick! I went for walks with my friends and walks with my mother!

go walking with my friends TICK
go walking with my family TICK
spend some 1 on 1 time with my sister (dinner, shopping, going to the theatre) YES! I went for lunch with my sister at the end of August and it was a loveeerly afternoon!
spend time with my grandparents YES! I almost didn’t get to tick this one off actually, but I saw my grandparents last Sunday briefly and it was lovely to see them.

spend time with my brother, sister in law and nephew I’ve actually seen my brother, SIL and nephew more than usual this Summer as my Dad is doing some work on their new house, so we’ve been spending a lot of time with them. It has been fantastic to make memories with my nephew and spend more quality time with him than usual! I am so looking forward to seeing him again soon!

go for a walk at St Anns Hill
have a picnic with my family
have a picnic with my friends
eat lots of ice cream I ate ice cream for breakfast for almost a whole week when in Italy, so it’s safe to say this is definitely a tick.

go to the zoo Yasss. I went to the zoo at the beginning of this month with my best friends and we had a fantastic day together, seeing all the animals and generally just having a giggle.

go canoeing
visit Rome Finally! Tick!!!!!
make a wish at the Trevi fountain TICK! I made a ton of wishes at the Trevi Fountain, and it felt amazing. The fountain was incredibly beautiful to look at too. Take me back?
visit Pompeii Another tick! Hurray! I loved visiting Pompeii and I am so excited to return, erm, heck yes!
visit London I didn’t visit London too many times this Summer. I was busy doing other things. However I did take a trip at the beginning of July to catch up with some of my old work colleagues and we had a lovely day together. We saw the Red Arrows, visited the V&A museum and had various drinks in different bars around the city. CUTE!
watch the changing of the guards ceremony at Buckingham Palace
visit Regents Park
get abs
spend time with my family DONE!
spend time with my friends DONE
meet new people This Summer I met a ton of new people. I met Chantal’s friend Jo, who is lovely! She joined us on a night out and it was so much fun, she’ll be joining us on our next one too. I also met August Boy (btw update guys, things are going gooood with him!) so that’s good. And of course starting my new job, I’ve met a ton of new people through work.
drink cocktails I wasn’t gonna tick this one off but then I remembered yes, I did drink cocktails on my date with August Boy!
hang out with my work friends Yep! I spent an evening last week with my friends Charlotte and Elaine, and I’ve spent a few lunch breaks with the work girlies which is fabulous. You know I love them.
start a new job Woohoo. Tick!!!! Your girl is finally working again and I am so happy to be earning money, money, money. Time to book some more holidays right?
visit Kew Gardens with my family
save money Despite not having worked for a couple of months I’ve still managed to save a pretty epic sum of money which is just fabulous and I am so excited now that I’m working again, to save even more.
grow as a person and practice self love every single day Yes. I listen to Agnes Vivarelli’s self love meditations on youtube on almost a daily basis which really increases my feelings of self love and generally I’ve become an all round stronger, more honest person and living my life true to myself. I’d say that’s a pretty great accomplishment!
read outside in the sunshine YES! We have had some gorgeous weather here in the UK this Summer and I’ve spent some lovely time outside in my garden reading and sunbathing.

Wow. I ticked off 26/36 things off this bucket list. That’s pretty impressive. Bring on Autumn & Winter! I’m looking forward to seeing what the coming seasons bring, if they’re as awesome as my Summer was then I’m in for a treat!

What did you manage to tick off your Summer Bucket List this year? What was the highlight of your Summer? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Awe sweets! Thanks so much for the shout out! It legit made my day! And I am super sad to about summer ending. But it was an amazing one and I am glad you had a great one too! Way to go for ticking off so much off of your bucket list! You OWNED 2018! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Girl- you slayyyyed this bucket list! You are living the dream so literally- in dream outfits- gosh, I’m obsessing again… I laughed out loud when you said, “I didn’t visit London too many times this summer. I was busy doing other things” …. Bahha yeah like traveling every other place in the world!!

    I’m SO glad things are going good with August Boy That’s wonderful to hear.

    Congrats on the new job!

    This is seriously inspiring how much you crossed off your list- I am livin’ vicariously through you!

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    1. Hehe thanks hun! Aw you are tooo lovely and make my day! Thanks so much Mack ❤️ Haha omg I know!!! So funny like yeah so what I visited London once still which means i still ticked it off and exactly, I visited everywhere else! Gosh i hope I didn’t come across bratty 😂😂 I meant it in the best way possible I swear!!
      Thanks hun! I’m going to stay with him tomorrow- so excited! It’s amazing how things turn round isn’t it!
      Awww thanks so so much hun! You are the best! Have a great autumn/fall! Xx

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  3. Okay, girl, DAMN – so impressed you ticked so much off … my summer bucketlist has basically been forgotten LOL but i get to redo summer so I guess it’s okay? You sound like you had an absolutely fab time 🙂 Love the photos!xx

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  4. Wow! Jennie, you are freaking superstar! My bucket list wasn’t even half as long & I barely crossed on thing off!

    I love the photo of you and your grandparents and I’m so glad to hear things are going well with August Boy! Update us soon?! 😄


  5. Wow, what a full summer!! You accomplished so much, and they were such big things too! I need to do a summer bucket list recap and I feel like mine wasn’t that successful haha. It sounds like you made some absolutely fantastic memories this summer!
    Also, you have fireworks in the fall?! We usually only have them in the summer.


  6. holy crap you did so much and a bunch of these were also pretty big ticket items in my book, I mean, Italy for one is like whoa! LOL. I’m so glad you’ve also gotten the chance to spend time with your family, your grandparents are so cutee!! so happy that you had an amazing summer, I’m still looking for things to do this fall and winter as well so if you have any ideas share them with me please lol


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