Autumn / Winter Bucket List 18 & 19

Hello my lovelies!

Ok, so, my Summer Bucket List was such a hit and I ticked SO much off (26 / 36 items), so I just knew I had to create a bucket list for Autumn and Winter because c’mon, I will be the luckiest girl in the world if I’m as successful with this list as I was with my Summer one. And you know I’m all about speaking things into existence, so I feel as though by creating this bucket list, I am creating a world of possibilities for myself and making it way, way easier to manifest these experiences. I am so excited and with it now being officially Autumn, I thought today would be the perfect day to share with you my Bucket List for the next few months. Enjoy!

  • enjoy spending quality time at home with my parents / family
  • enjoy spending quality time with my friends
  • see the Mona Lisa and Sacré Couer in Paris
  • shop at Sephora
  • have the happiest, most magical time at Disney Land Paris with my bestie
  • spend quality time with my sister and enjoy sister dates on a monthly basis
  • enjoy at least four family game nights
  • enjoy spending quality time with my grandparents (ideally I’d like to see them at least 4 times by the end of Winter)
  • enjoy spending quality time with my brother, sister in law and nephew (ditto the four times goal)
  • earn and save money
  • pay off at least half of my Disney World holiday (ideally by the end of 2018)
  • enjoy a day at Thorpe Parks Fright Night with my best friends
  • reach 2000 followers on instagram
  • enjoy a few fun, exciting and wild nights out with my girlfriends, creating stories and memories to last a life time
  • visit Daisy at uni
  • create Halloween inspired makeup looks and outfit of the days that I’m proud of
  • share at least 4 different outfit of the day’s and/or look book posts
  • carve pumpkins
  • celebrate Halloween with all of my loved ones
  • have Christmas movie nights with my friends
  • have Christmas movie nights with my family
  • celebrate Christmas with all of my loved ones with movie nights, Christmas dinners and Christmas themed game nights… ooh, and Christmas shopping trips
  • visit London
  • visit London with my best friend Emily
  • visit London at Christmas time and experience Winter Wonderland
  • see The Book Of Mormon at the theatre
  • visit the Harry Potter Studios tour
  • visit Iceland with my parents
  • enjoy spending time at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland with my parents
  • see the Northern Lights
  • make memories with my bestie and spend lots of quality time adventuring with her
  • treat my best friend
  • have a Valentines date
  • celebrate Galentines Day with my besties
  • visit Strasbourg with my parents
  • reunite with my gorgeous nieces
  • reach 500 blog followers
  • book a girls holiday with my besties for 2019
  • book a trip to Amsterdam with my parents for Spring 2019
  • visit a new country (not including Iceland) *potentially Copenhagen*
  • visit Kew Gardens
  • go for a walk at St Ann’s Hill
  • go for regular walks with my family and friends
  • spend quality time with my Nan
  • pass my driving test
  • raise awareness for causes close to my heart and donate more to charity
  • fall in love with myself and grow even more as a person every single day
  • be genuinely and consistently happy and at peace
  • maintain a healthy lifestyle with healthy food choices and regular exercise
  • commit to my LOA morning routine and practice it as much as possible (ideally on a daily basis)

Ok if I counted correctly there’s 47 items here on my bucket list and I am totally confident I can tick them alllll off, I do have until March so that’s plenty of time! Wish me luck!

What’s on your Autumn / Winter bucket list? What’s one thing you really hope to achieve by the end of this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,

lots and lots of love,



  1. LOVE this bucket list! And girl I am so envious of all your amazing travel plans! Especially going to Paris! (cue Anastasia: “Paris holds the key to my heart”) So envious! I LOVE Paris! I hope you have the BEST Fall Winter! You can totally knock these out! So much love to you sweets! ❤


    1. Thank you so much hun! I tried to include abit of everything on it but a lot of it I wanted to keep simple like simply just enjoying being with my loved ones, not necesarily doing anything fancy just being in their presence! A nice mix! It is! Sooo happy you are on the same page 😀 thanks so much lovely!!! I am so excited too! Have the best winter & fall! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a list, Jennie!! I know you’ll knock this one outta the park just like you did your summer list. 😉 I have one thing I wanna accomplish this fall & it’s drink lots of hot apple cider! 😄


  3. Wow, what a bucket list for fall and winter! At least it’ll last you through winter so you have plenty of time to check these things off. Still, those are some pretty big things and a lot of them, so I’m impressed! I hope you get to do all of them and more. ❤ Especially visiting Iceland and seeing the Northern Lights, how incredible! What a dream that would be. I'll be living through you haha. 😉


  4. that’s an even longer list than that last one but i’m sure you’ll be able to cross a bunch off considering you did so well for your summer BL 🙂 and i’m so jealous you’re planning on going to Iceland!!! one of my fave beauty gurus had the chance to go with elf cosmetics and she also saw the northern lights and the blue lagoon. the land just looks so magical!!!!!


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