Paris In Pictures | Mac and Mona (Lisa)

Hello my loves!

As you may know, at the end of last month / beginning of this, I took a trip to Disney Land Paris with my best friend, Emily. Oooh we had so much fun, living our best lives in the most magical place on Earth and seriously, can somebody please tell me why it was necessary that I had to come home? Can I just stay there forever please? Ok, thanks. That would be great. Or if I could go back once every other month, I wouldn’t mind that! In fact, that would be ideal. Please Universe, I’m asking nicely… haha.

So, Emily and I got up to soooooo much in Paris. So much. And we took a heck of a lot of photos, some of which I am going to share with you today (eek, exciting), and then I’ll be sharing another lot with you tomorrow… sound good? Enjoy my loves! ♥

Breakfast at Annette’s Diner
Ponies in Paris. Also what I like to call, perfection.
Louvre Tings
Another piccie of me, myself and I outside The Louvre. I LOVE this place.
It’s a (very blurry) picture of the Mona Lisa. Not gonna lie, she’s kind of underwhelming. I was stood there looking at the painting really trying to take it all in thinking, wtf, I’m not getting anything from this experience at all. I just don’t get it I’m afraid. Mona’s just Mona.
A ceiling in The Louvre. Guys, the ceilings in this building are insane. I’ve never seen anything like it. Not being funny, but people travel all the way to see dear little Mona, well hunnies, what you really should be going for is the ceiling work. Incred!!! (Although you might start to strain your neck a little from all the looking up you’ll be doing, but it’s worth it).
As per tradition Emily and I of course had to visit the Hard Rock Café when in Paris and I was over the moon when I spotted Eminem’s actual hat on display. EEK. That’s my mans hat right there! So happy. 
It’s been almost three weeks now and I’m still craving this incredible Mac N Cheese from the Hard Rock. Honestly I could cry it was so good, in fact, so good I’d go as far to say it’s one of the best meals I’ve ever had whilst on holiday. Need again now please!
Along with the Mac N Cheese I ordered some potato on the side which was not a bad decision, because I was in potato Heaven with this dish right here. So creamy, so yummy, so perfect. Oh and before I forget to mention, our waiter in the HR was the one. He went by the name of ‘Homeboy’ and was just so friendly and entertaining, he best be serving when I go back.
My milkshake brings Homeboy to the yard… hahaha. So normally Emily and I will treat ourselves to a cocktail when we go to the Hard Rock but this time, we were feeling milkshakes. Oh I freaking love a milkshake and these did not disappoint. Again, need right now please.

I hope you enjoyed part one of my Paris in Pictures! It’s been so nice to reminisce on my trip but if I’m 100% honest all it’s done is make me crave a milkshake so bad. I need!

What’s your favourite flavour milkshake? What’s the best museum you’ve ever visited? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Ughhhh I am SO flipping jealous! I LOVE Paris! It is one of my favorite places! I am so glad you had so much fun! Also Gil I completely agree with you about the Mona Lisa! She is like the popular mean girls in high school…WHY are they popular? Have you been to the D’orsay? It is my favorite museum in Paris! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When are we going? I didn’t realise how amazing Paris was until this trip. Like I always thought it was so overrated! But now I’m desperate to go back! HAHA yes! Omg no i haven’t! Next time!!! Xx


  2. The ceilings there really are so beautiful, wow wow wow!!! That’s so cool that you saw Eminem’s hat & the milkshakes look so tasty!! I’d have to say banana brownie is my fave flavor!! 😄& The Mob Museum is the best museum I’ve been to!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I used to work at two different ice cream places so I’ve tried all the milkshake flavors LOL banana with little brownie pieces is def the best!! ❤ & The Mob Museum is here in Las Vegas. 😀 It was so much fun & super interesting!!


  3. Oh man so lucky to go to Paris. That horse is cutteeee!!!!!
    And I can’t believe they have Eminem’s hat on display!,
    I think I would feel the same you did about Mona Lisa, even seeing it through the screen and on books, I was like “eh” but yeah girl those ceilings are 👌🏼


  4. I had no idea there was a Disney Land in Paris?! Oh my goodness that is soo cool. I have heard that Mona Lisa is underwhelming- but still awesome to check off the ole’ bucket list! Looked like a fun day- loooove alll your outfits, beautiful!!! 🙂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!!! You must visit it’s magical! Oh she is underwhelming but you’re so right ❤️ Absolutely worth a tick off the bucket list- at least I’ve seen her to be able to form an opinion! Thanks so much lovely 😀 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This looks like such a fun trip so far!! I love that you’re completely honest about not really getting all the hype about Mona Lisa. I feel the same way to be honest haha. Also, how fantastic that Eminem’s hat was on display?! That mac & cheese looks utterly divine love, and so do those milkshakes! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a brilliant trip! I am so excited to go back! Oh my gosh i’m so glad you can relate! I know I was so buzzing when i saw his hat on display! The mac n cheese was soooo good and the milkshakes! You can’t beat the Hard Rock can you? Lots of love to you doll! Xxx

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