My Experience With World Vegan Day | 2018

Hello everybody.

So as I am sure most people are aware, Thursday (Nov 1st) was World Vegan Day. And whilst I have to be honest and confess that yes, in the past month I have given up on my vegetarian lifestyle, limiting and cutting down on my meat consumption is still something I would like to work on and slowly but surely I do intend to go back to being a vegetarian someday. I love all animals and I love this planet, and as I’m sure everyone is aware what with all the posts going around on social media at the moment, this world seriously needs to cut down on its meat consumption if we are to reduce effects of climate change. I’m no expert as to why, so I’m not going to ramble on about things I don’t know enough about however if you’d like more information then please click here.

As yesterday was World Vegan Day I decided to go the whole day eating and drinking vegan which was super exciting as it’s something I’ve never done before and you know me, I love a challenge. I have to admit, going vegan for the day was hard and I felt super hungry and unsatisfied however I still found it exciting as I tried new things, and it feels good to know I took part in something that I have a deep interest in. I feel as though going vegan for the day has definitely inspired me even more to cut down on my meat consumption so I’m excited for the future, as I try more vegan and vegetarian options.

Here’s a little look at what I ate on World Vegan Day…


For breakfast I had two bananas, whereas normally I would just have one along with my cereal. I knew I would be hungry without my cereal hence why I decided to have two bananas instead of one, and as a drink I decided to have some apple juice to fill me up a little more.


For lunch I had a packet of Uncle Bens vegetable rice which I have to be honest, I’m not sure is totally vegan??? But it was all I had that would be good enough for a lunch so I went with it, still, at least it was vegetarian, ha ha. To go with the rice I had a bag of Hippeas cheese and love crisps which I was not overly impressed by, I have to be honest. They were soooo strong and just, weird. They got better with each bite but still, not the best. Ha ha.



Dinner I was dreading all day. Broccoli and Kale roasts. Not exciting. I had four of these mini roast thingies with a portion of curly fries which are definitely vegan because the bag says so, and it was an unfulfilling dinner. The fries were the best part, obviously. I did have ketchup with this which apparently isn’t 100% vegan but some vegans do consume, so I’mma go with it because there was no way I was having that dinner dry. I’d have died.


After dinner I ‘treated’ myself to a vegan chocolate bar. LOL. It was not a treat. It tasted powdery and bland, so I only ate half. But hey, at least I tried it. If anyone knows of any good vegan chocolate, please hit me up!?!?


Overall I definitely enjoyed taking part in World Vegan Day and would be interested in having more vegan days in the future, I just need to branch out and try some more vegan options. Please let me know if you have any recommendations!

Did you go vegan for the day to celebrate WVD? Are you a vegan? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Please know that you can absolutely be full and enjoy vegan food! For breakfast i would have suggested cereal with a banana still, just not with real milk; for lunch i would have added veggies and soy. For dinner in would have added tofu too. Cutting back on your meat is great and I think it’s perfectly fine for now. You can see where you go from that; )


  2. Aaw well done for doing World Vegan Day!😊 You can have cereal and fruit/beans on toast etc for brekkie. Lunch I tend to have wraps or falafel, rice and salad. Dinner you can have stirfrys, I make a vegan spag bol or you can have sausages etc😁 xx


    1. Thank you so much Dannii! Yeah I would have had cereal with like soya milk?? I guess but I just wasn’t prepared enough. I didn’t have any!!! Are wraps vegan? And rice is good 😀 Yeah I remember the vegan spag bol recipe you shared I want to try it. Thanks hun! xx

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      1. Yes you can have soya, oat, rice, almond milk. I use Alpro Soya but Oatly is popular😁 I usually get falafel wrsps, but Tesco do a falafel one or Wicked Kitchen ones, Morrisons does a nice curryish one etc. No problem huni😊 xxc

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  3. I LOVE that you did this beauty! Breakfast is hard, but I love avacado toast or oatmeal! (you can make it with coconut milk) If you like beans chili is a great option. and I love me some veggie burgers! ❤

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    1. Thanks so much lovely! Is bread vegan or do you have to get a specific vegan bread? I still haven’t tried Avocao, I neeeed to. Yes I love a veggie burger. Thanks so much for all your tips hun! xxx


  4. I had no idea that it was just World Vegan Day, actually! Go you for going vegan for the whole day. 😄 I’ve tried those Hippeas Puffs but in white cheddar & I thought they were pretty good! I wonder if I would like the flavor you chose. Those kale roast things look scary, ahhh!! I see why you were dreading dinner lol. I’ve tried a few super good vegan chocolate bars!! My favorite are by the brand Hu Kitchen. 🙂

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    1. Ooh really? Yes, it was last Thursday! Thanks so much hun! White cheddar? That sounds interesting! I wonder, they were quite strong and v v cheesy! Haha they weren’t too bad actually but I wouldn’t want them again. Hu Kitchen? I’m going to try them if you say they’re good, thanks so much for the rec lovely xxx

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      1. The White Cheddar was a bit strong at first bite too lol but it gets better! I’ll have to try the kind you got just to see what they taste like, I’m curious now!! & Yes! Hu Kitchen! I like the banana & dark chocolate best. 😀

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      2. They must be a strong brand of crisps lol. What even is white cheddar? Why is it different to just cheddar? Lol. Yes you will! And I’ll try white cheddar when I see them. Thanks hun I will remember that!

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  5. I’m probably the only person that didn’t know vegan day was last week?
    And I love that you put some effort into going vegan even for a day, I’m slowly working towards a kind of vegetarian diet. I have always loved the idea of going vegan for a day but I have always wanted to try a whole week, or maybe I can try going vegetarian completely for a week and see how that goes lol

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    1. I think quite a few people didn’t realise actually. I only knew because I searched in advance haha. Thanks so much hun!! Yes – I think start off going veggie for a week then work from there, it might be quite a jump going straight to vegan. Good luck and let me know how you get on! xx

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      1. I’ll need assistance from a few people, or maybe just do a bunch of research of foods I can eat. I feel like my dishes might be limited given my heritage and what I normally eat, I may end up having to try a bunch of new things haha

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  6. Thanks for sharing the info link you shared, girl!
    I am loving this post- this is motivating. Everything you ate looks and sounds so yummy! I used to be vegan for a couple years and like to have full vegan days every once in a while.
    Most vegan chocolate definitely does taste powdery- I know whatchya mean!
    What a fun post, girl! xo


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