A Very Christmassy Day In London

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Well, my Christmas season has definitely started off on the right foot, I spent my first day of December in London with my best friend Emily and I genuinely had the most magical day. I think it was one of my favourites of the year. Which is beautiful because it reminds me of the saying ‘If you’re ever feeling down, remember some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet’. And I feel like this day has been the day I’ve been waiting for. My life isn’t perfect and I have been struggling recently with my emotions, but knowing there are better days coming and believing in that, and making a conscious decision to live as happily as possible is something that’s helped me through, knowing these better days are coming, but anyway, I digress. I had a fantastic time in LDN.

Emily and I started our day pretty early, as I woke up around 6:50 to be ready for the coach at 8:15am! I was shattered, but it was worth it. Our first stop of the day was Buckingham Palace, where I was hoping to see the Changing Of The Guards ceremony however, I only found out after googling it whilst we were there that the ceremony doesn’t take place on Saturdays. For goodness sake… never mind, never mind, it’s just an excuse to go back. And hey, I still got to see the Palace. I notice something new every time I visit, and I just love everything about this building. I love architecture!


After B’ham Palace, we headed over to Camden where I got my favourite Camden street food from Camden Noodle. Of course, if you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll have seen me mention this before, but I always purchase the chicken, rice and noodles from this little stall and I always get a size large. I have to be honest, since my vegetarian stint I am really going off eating meat, and I didn’t enjoy this dish as much as usual yet still right now I find myself craving it massively. They must put some groovy ingredient in there that wants you coming back for more, because all I know is every time I go to Camden, I want this chicken. Next time I go however, I’m determined to try something vegan because hey, maybe then I might find a better obsession, but enough talk about chicken…

Emily and I wandered around Camden for a little while, and we bought matching phone cases from Skinny Dip! We didn’t get a photo of the cases so I’ll insert one from the website now.


After Camden, we headed over to Oxford Street for a spot of ‘shopping’. Let the word shopping be taken lightly because to be honest, neither of us really bought anything. Guys, if you can, stay away from Oxford Street at Christmas time, especially on a weekend. Oh my gosh it was MANIC. Manic, manic, manic. We could barely move and trying to browse the shops was almost impossible, however I did see a couple of things I wouldn’t mind Santa treating me to…

LOOK at those Louboutins. Oh my oh my, dreamy or what? They’re like Cinderella shoes and I WANT them for my wedding… not that I’m getting married anytime soon but still, they better be available for when I do. In fact, when the time does come I’ll refer back to this post and if I have to, I’ll get replicas custom made or something, because I’ll definitely be that rich by then.


Along with shopping, Emily and I checked out the beautiful Christmassy lights and I think the best lights definitely had to be the lights in Carnaby Street, which weren’t actually Christmas themed but lyrics from Bohemiam Rhapsody, celebrating the new Queen film (which by the way is SO good, if you haven’t seen it already, go).

After wandering around Oxford Street for a lil’ while, it was time to head over to the Hard Rock Cafe for our din dins where I ordered the same mac n cheese I got whilst I was in Paris. It was a lot spicier this time and I couldn’t finish it, and I’m not sureee I’d get it again but we shall see. I still enjoyed it! And yet I have never been so full. Oh my word, woweeeeee. I honestly thought I was going to be sick, I didn’t even eat that much food really but I felt awful, luckily it wore off after about half an hour but I really had to take a few deep breaths for a lil’ while, because I was dying.

After din dins, it was time to tick off a bucket list moment. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to go to Winter Wonderland, which should be easy for me really all things considered, because London is only an hour away from me however it’s just never happened. Until now. Oh my gosh guys I made it and I can finally say I’ve been to Winter Wonderland. HURRAY! And my oh my it did not disappoint, how amazing is that!? Normally we over hype these bucket list things but gee, I loved everything about it and yes please, can I go back now? I had the most magical, Christmassy time and I felt so blessed to be there with my bestie, honestly. It was a wonderful time for us and I’m so happy I got to share my first W/W experience with Em. For real. I feel as though my appreciation for our friendship grew even deeper with this experience, and I’ll forever treasure this memory!

Whilst at Winter Wonderland, Emily and I went on just a few rides because we didn’t have too much time to spare, and I was surprised at how many rides they actually have! I didn’t realise it was quite the theme park but I’m sorry, Thorpe Park who? Ha ha, I’m kidding. There are a lot though, big roller coasters and everything. Emily and I went on the Ferris wheel first, which was amazing. I literally felt as though I was in a magical movie, like Love, Simon or something. It was such a beautiful experience, and so so magical!


Following on from the Ferris Wheel we then went on the Euro Coaster and then onto a fun house, which are always so much fun. I think fun houses must be one of the best fun fair attractions, they’re just so groovy and I think, a lil’ underrated. The best one I’ve ever been on was in Amsterdam, but this was a good’un too.


Then sadly, after the fun house it was time to head back home, we still had half an hour before the coach arrived but there was just nooo time to go on any of the other rides, all of the queues were too long. We did stop off at a little stall though where Emily bought us friendship bracelets which is just so cute, I am so thankful to have her and my friendship bracelet. It’s like that song ‘I simply remember my favourite things, and then I don’t feel so bad’. Now I just look at this friendship bracelet when I’m wearing it and remember my bestie, and it feels so good to have her! Thank you Em for making me feel this way! I love you so much!

Once on the coach, I slept the whole way home and my mama came to pick me up from Em’s house. Lemme tell you, not all heroes wear capes, my hero is my Mum. I’m so thankful that she picked me up and I didn’t have to waste my time or money on taxis, ha ha ha. Bless her.

Anyway, that wraps up my v v Christmassy Day in London, and what a day it was. Thankful and blessed!!!!!!!

Have you ever been to London at Christmas? Have you been to Winter Wonderland? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Aaw such a fun day. Was all the activities part of the coach tour? It’s great if it is😊 Have you been inside Buckingham Palace? We did a tour in 2013 for my birthday. Aaw I’m glad you enjoyed WW. We went for 4 years in a row I think, but we’ve not gone in a couple of years x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like you had such a wonderful day!! How nice that you were able to spend an entire day with your friend in London, enjoying all the Christmas things! It’s too bad that the mac & cheese made you feel so sick but it sounds like it didn’t overshadow your day, so that’s good!! Also, there’s a new Queen movie?! I need to see this! lol. Thanks for sharing with us! ❤


  3. Eeekk!! Everything looks so magical and festive over there in London. I love all the lights and I would so love to go to Winter Wonderland! You and Emily are the cutest– I wish I had a best friendship like you two do. ♡


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