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Hello my lovelies!

Today it’s *drum roll please*… Outfit Of The Day time, hurrah! If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll know how much I love doing an outfit of the day post and this year it’s my goal to do as many as possible, cos’ fashion is life.

Today I will be sharing with you a dressy little number of mine which I’m looking forward to wearing when I go out for drinks at the end of this month with my girls. I’ve named this look ‘Flaring Is Caring’ because the trousers are flares and I’m always using the phrase ‘sharing is caring’, so the play on words / phrasing just seemed to fit perfectly.

Flaring Is Caring





I was about to write ‘what I love most about this outfit is…’ but then I realised, I love everything the most, but especially the bodysuit and trousers. I ordered the bodysuit from Boohoo especially to go with these trousers, because great as they are I’ve seriously been lacking in upper body clothing to pair these with. These trousers have not been getting the wear they deserve, at all. When I purchased the bodysuit, I didn’t have high expectations. It was kind of a ‘this’ll do’ purchase, but boooy have Boohoo delivered. I think it looks so much nicer in person than it does on the online website (so I hope my photos do it justice). The bodysuit has a soft, silky feel to it and the colour is gorgeous, not a shade I’d usually go for at all but I love it! I’m so happy I bought this bodysuit from my fave, boohoo, and I just love the way it goes with the trousers perfectly.





Friendship BraceletWinter Wonderland


As with every outfit, I will always wear my Tissot watch because I feel so lost without it. Who’d have thought eh? Before I received the watch as a gift, I never used to wear one, now I can’t go a day without. I chose the baby pink clutch to wear with this outfit as the shades are all very light and neutral so of course the bag had to compliment. I think the baby pink shade goes well as whilst it’s still a lighter shade, it still stands out from the rest of the outfit whilst tying in perfectly together with the shoes.

What do you love most about this outfit? Where is your favourite place to shop for clothes? As you can probably guess, Quiz is one of my favourite stores and for online purchases, Boohoo is my number one! Let me know yours in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Your breasts look great in this top! I’m not much for shopping these days so nothing to contribute to that second question from my side 😉


  2. I love LOVE this outfit on you, girl!! So chic- so sharp! I have never thought about getting a white flare pant, but you’ve convinced me I need to invest. I feel like they are really versatile too and could go with a wide range of shirts to pair with!


    1. Thank you Mack!!!! So much! Well I bought them after watching the new Mamma Mia film, I felt inspired haha now I’m obsessed, I just wish I had the chance to wear them more! Oooh you’re so right, I never thought of pairing them with a shirt but YES I can totally see it, and you’d totally rock that look so I hope you do invest and show us how you style them! Thanks again hun! xxx


    1. Thank you so much hun! It’s so funny because I love it but when I bought that bodysuit I didn’t except to love it quite so much as I do, but now I love this outfit and can’t wait to wear it out (the shoes are sooo painful though so only good for cocktails)!

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