Outfit Of The Day | Cool ‘N’ Casual

Hey huns.

Lately, one of my favourite kind of outfits to be wearing has been v casual gym wear kinda outfits. You know, hoodies, leggings, that type of thing. I just love the casual look! Whenever I’m rocking the hoodies and leggings / tracksuit vibes, I feel effortlessly cool and like the most laidback lil’ hun around, like I’m toooo cool for your drama, ok!?

One of my favourite places to shop for casual wear is Foot Asylum, where I recently picked up a gorgeous new cropped hoodie which has fast become one of my favourite items of clothing to wear, so naturally I’ve decided to do an outfit of the day wearing this cute lil’ number, to showcase it here on the blog. It deserves to be seen!

Cool ‘N’ Casual

Cropped HoodieFoot Asylum

Wet Look LeggingsBoohoo

Trainers Gucci

Although I’m wearing hoop earrings with this outfit, I’ve decided not to tag any accessories because if I’m honest, I can’t remember where I even got them from and whilst of course I’m wearing my Tissot watch as always, and my Pandora rings, you can’t actually see them in these photos, so it seems almost a waste of time to tag them, but not nearly as much a waste of time as it is that I’ve just rambled on about how I’m not tagging them, I might as well have just tagged them… *insert eye roll here*.

Anyway, I love this outfit so much. The leggings aren’t my fave (I’m not 100% sold on this wet look finish), however the hoodie I’m all for. Uhh, I love everything about it. It’s sooo casual and cool, I love that yellow stripe which just adds a little sass and most importantly, I LOVE how it’s cropped. We all know I only do cropped when it comes to hoodies, so this is absolutely perfect.

What do you love most about this outfit? Are you more of a dressy person or a casual person? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. You are just gorgeous, Jennie!! I think I am loving the “wet look” of the leggings & laughing about how you rambled on about tagging the accessories. 😂 I’m definitely casual over dressy everyday!

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  2. I do love this outfit! I love every single outfit you wear, who am I kidding? This all goes so well together. Maybe its just me but that sweater and your Gucci trainers are perfect together. 👍🏻

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