A Jumble Of Thoughts

For you 🌹

  • I’m sorry if I’ve let you down
  • I really care about you
  • I’m sorry if that doesn’t always show
  • I’m sorry if I can’t be what’s best for you
  • I hope your friends and family know how lucky they are that you choose them
  • I hope whoever you end up with in the future knows how lucky she is, and never forgets it
  • I hope I find someone who feels lucky af to have me
  • I hope I find someone who never takes me for granted and always makes me wanted
  • This was supposed to be for you
  • But now it’s turned to be about me
  • I hope we can both find our happiness
  • I hope that we can find our happiness together in any way, shape or form
  • I just want to be happy
  • And I want to be happy with you
  • Consistently
  • Thank you and goodnight



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