All Love Is Enough

Hello everybody!

Ooh la la, it is the month of love and I’d like to take this time to remind myself and everyone reading, that there is more to love than romantic love, and all love is enough.


I think more often than not, a lot of people take forms of love that aren’t ‘romantic’ for granted. ‘Oh, nobody’s ever going to love me’, you sit and cry to your best friend, who quite clearly loves you more than anything, as they’ve been your shoulder to cry on consistently for the past five years and never once been mad about it. What’s wrong with that kind of love? Why is that not enough? It is, and it should be!

Romantic love is great and all that, but it’s important to remember the people in your life who love you uncoditionally through all the break ups, the ones who are there before and after the partners that come and go, and I’m sure one day we will all find a partner who does love us unconditionally and doesn’t come and go but stays (some of you may have already found them), but regardless, let’s not forget the people who have always loved us in other ways through thick and thin, the good times and the bad.

The sister who sends you flowers to celebrate your new job, the grandparents who send you money and a card in the post when you’re poorly, the nephew who simply adores you, the best friend who drives to pick you up when you’re crying and alone, who invites you to stay the night with her to take your mind off things and comfort you, the best friend who lets you rant and rant about the same old things whilst never making you feel bad for it, the best friend who is always there for you.

There is so much more to life than romantic love. What about self love? Is there anything more important than self love? Ok, maybe oxygen and getting enough water each day, but you know what I mean… How can we a) truly love another until we fully love ourselves? and b) expect another to love us if we can’t love ourselves? How we love ourselves and treat ourselves sets the bar for how we let another treat us, and people will only treat you how you let them. With enough self love, one will never tolerate being treated less than they deserve, one will never be able to accept a love that is less great than the love they give themselves. When you love yourself fully, you open the doors to attracting more people who love you fully, and you accept the beautiful love you know you deserve, nothing less, in all forms.

Friends, family, partners, self love. All of these loves are enough, there is no love more important, more valuable, more admirable, more meaningful than the other. They are all equal. You are not less of a person if you’re not in a relationship. You are not more of a person for having a partner. You are you, and you are worthy, throughout the whole journey of your life.


Living a life with love, and appreciating love in all forms, is what life is about. All love is enough, and we must treasure all those who love and value us, and never lose sight of what’s important.

“Love comes in many forms, share as much of it as you can with the world” – Unknown

With lots of love,




  1. Love this!! You’re so right about everything, we’ve been so brainwashed and systematically conditioned since we were kids that the only love that counts is “the one” and then people start disregarding the wonderful friendships they have made with other people, including their families. Those bonds are strong and I believe they’re also stepping stones to guiding us what love is and what it feels like because no one loves you more than your family and friends. They’re so accepting and it always seems like to me that that’s where it all starts. At home. When you’re loved by the people around you, you get a sense of security and comfort and you always feel the love they give. And they will accept you as you are always, so in that sense, for people who grow up feeling loved all the time by their immediate families, I feel are more likely to know how to love themselves and eventually be with someone who loves and accepts them back. 😀 unfortunately not everyone has the same at-home experience when they’re kids but at least even those people build strong friendships with people at school. Idk. Omg sorry for the long comment.


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