Lush Peachy Bath Bomb Review | Lush Valentines 2019

Ooh everythings just peachy, peachy. Ok, so unlike the Aubergine bath bomb, this emoji inspired product is actually beautiful to look at both in and out of the water. I’m obsessed! How gorgeous is this little peach bath bomb? Divine.

I knew when I saw the Peachy bath bomb, it was a must have for me. And although I received one for my birthday, I also had to treat myself to one too, so I had two stocked up because I knew I’d love it.

Well, Peachy did not dissapoint. Beautifully scented, fruity, sweet and peachy (say peach/y one more time…), the scent of this bomb lingers and lasts the duration of the bath, without being too overpowering which is always nice. You get the best of both worlds, a deliciously scented product without feeling like your nose is about to drop off. Perfect.

Once placed in the water, my Peachy bomb started fizzing straight away although like the Aubergine bomb, it was still a slow burner and took a little while to dissolve.

The colours this product produced were absolutely gorgeous, exploding with beautiful green, pink and peach shades, it really was a dream.

More dreaminess pursued as not only does the Peachy bath bomb create gorgeous shades in the bath, but it also creates BUBBLES. What more could you want!?!? Nothing, I tell you. This made the bath water feel really nice and soft, and whilst the bubbles didn’t completely last the whole duration of my bath it was still lovely whilst they were there.

Once Peachy had fully finished dissolving, my bath water was left a gorgeous peachy orange shade, which is lovely as I haven’t had a bath that colour before. It’s nice that this product is quite different to so many others. Lush have really struck gold with this product.

I absolutely adore the Peachy bath bomb, I think it’s one of my favourites out of all the Lush bombs I’ve ever used before and I’d highly reccommend. Considering Valentines Day is just two sleeps away, we must all get to the shops asap to pick up a good few of these, I know I’m going to be purchasing more.

Lush’s Peachy bath bomb retails for £3.95 (a bargain) and can be bought in store or online here.

Have you used the Peachy bath bomb? What’s your favourite emoji? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Ohhhhh that peachy little gem is just the cutest little bath bomb I’ve ever seen!! Thanks for the review girl, I need to get this asap! Happy Valentine’s Day, dear! xo


  2. Omg this one looks so good! I haven’t been to Lush in months because I don’t have time for baths or rather, I dont get enough time alone to enjoy one lol.
    I’m seriously itching to go in and get this one!!! Hopefully they have it my store too because I know some stores tend to carry different products.


  3. Whoooa! I wasn’t expecting the water to be so orange in the end. That’s gorgeous!!! I love bubbles in my bath, too & I just so wish I could smell it through the screen… bet it’s such a lovely scent.


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