A Little Valentines Haul

Oh hey honeys!

How was everybody’s Valentines Day? I had my favourite Valentines Day ever ever ever so far, even though I am single I still enjoyed my day celebrating all forms of love, especially self love.

The only gifts I bought this year were confectionary for my parents, some Love Hearts for my Dad (best sweets ever by the way), and a chocolate rose for my Mum. So sweet! I just wanted to show my appreciation to them on the day of love. I don’t think Valentines Day should be all about epic presents (handbags, clothing, materialistic things you know), but more so little gestures that just show you care like flowers, choccies or something thoughtful like Harry Potter cupcakes for your favourite Gryffindor… understand? But each to their own!


Anyway that being said, I do love a grand gesture and whilst I wouldn’t necesarily want Gucci handbags for Vday I certainly want my future man to pull a Kayne West each February 14th and do the most… you saw that rose filled room with Kenny G right!?!?

But since I don’t have a man rn (he’s coming, speaking it into existence), I decided to treat myself, meaning it’s time for me to present to you my lil’ Valentines Day haul and show you the few things I treated myself to this Vday. Let’s jump in!

Jennie’s Valentines Haul

Me to You ‘You are perfect’ teddy bear


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love a teddy bear, and I couldn’t resist treating myself to one this Vday. I’d love it if my man surprised me with a teddy bear, so of course, me being the love of my life before any man, I should be treating myself to teddy bears too and this one is just perfect! Literally, like it says. 😉

Valentines Chocolates

Valentines Day is not Valentines Day without chocolates, am I right or am I right!? So of course I had to buy myself some yummy goodies to munch on whilst in the bath.

Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb


Speaking of baths, I couldn’t buy myself a Valentines gift without throwing in a Lush bomb could I? Whilst Sex Bomb isn’t part of the Valentines Day collection, it is one of my favourite bath bombs of all time and is kinda lovey with regards to its name, so I think it’s perfect for Valentines Day.


Last but not least, my favourite gift of the day… FLOWERS! This year, I decided to treat myself and have some flowers delivered to my house, what’s more romantic than that huh? How beautiful are these roses and lillies that I purchased? I also treated myself to an extra multi colored rose today too. Gorgeous and just perfect for Vday, I just love receiving flowers whoever they’re from!

What did you receive for Valentines Day this year? Did you treat yourself to anything? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading,

remember love is important all days, so even though Vday is over, keep spreading alll the love and hugs!

Lots of love,





  1. Aww I’m so glad you had such a lovely Valentine’s, Jennie!! I love that you got yourself so many gifts for the holiday, I never thought about doing that before. And your gifts for your parents are so sweet! ❤


  2. YASS. GIRL. I lovee that you treated yo self!!! These gifts & goodies are awesome! I am partial to that multicolored rose- what! Those exist?!?! So fun!! I’m really happy you had such a beautiful day girlie 🙂


  3. I didn’t see that kanye west thing but a guy in a talk show I listen to mentioned it and he was like “kanye has set the bar so high for men everywhere, no one can top that!” I was laughing so hard I was like “dude it’s not about the grand gestures!!” LOL. As you say, it’s the thought that counts. I personally dont expect to receive anything, but I dont mind giving.
    Anyway I have LOVED Tatty Teddy since my teens! My favorite teddy bear lol.
    And I think the same for the Sex Bomb bath bomb haha. It’s one of my favorites from Lush!


  4. Ahhh I loved this, Jennie! We are so on the same page about this holiday. ♡ You so deserved all the goodies & your dream man is gonna waltz into your life before you know it! I’ve not tried it but that Sex Bomb looks super cheeky lol!


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