‘Miss You’ Kate Eberlen Book Review

‘Miss You’ by Kate Eberlen, a book I purchased back in 2017 which has lingered on my ‘to be read’ pile ever since. I think I picked it up once a few months after I purchased it but I remember never even getting past the first page, for some reason I simply can’t understand now, because after picking it up the second time round I was hooked from the get go and I finished this book in just three days. Three days!? Amazing. You know it’s a good book when you just want to keep reading and reading, unable to draw your eyes away from the words on the page even when dinner is called, or you really should be sleeping. Yes, I stayed up way past my bedtime to enjoy more of this book, which shows how good of a book it is because I do love my sleep!


‘Miss You’ is a thought provoking, emotional, deep story which follows the separate journeys of Tess and Gus, two strangers destined to be together, which surely makes you believe in fate as you see how their separate lives intertwine and fall out of line then back again, creating a feeling of excitement as you as a reader wonder what fate is going to bring you one day. Magical!

There is heartbreak in ‘Miss You’ and definitely not just in the romantic sense. There is loss of loved ones, breakdowns of relationships and personal emotional and physical struggles for both Tess and Gus right from the off, as I was already in tears three chapters in.

There is so much emotion in this story and as I said, it’s thought provoking in so many ways. The twists in the story are unexpected, yet they make perfect sense which I think is such a nice way to tie in the concept of ‘destiny’ and ‘fate’, because everything does make sense and you realise that in the story, everything does happen for perfect reason and in divine timing. I don’t think this book is meant to be spiritual, but there’s definitely an element of spirituality to it, in my opinion.

I mentioned I read the whole of ‘Miss You’ in just three days, which goes to show what an exciting book it is. Not only does it provoke emotion and thoughts, but it is thoroughly entertaining with an abundance of diverse characters, and I think by the end of the story Gus is the one who demonstrates the most character development. I like how in this story you can really connect to the characters on a deeper level, being able to feel a range of emotions from both empathy to happiness for them individually.

Miss You is a whirlwind of a novel, it’s powerful, touching on deeper subjects from death to marital affairs to betrayal. It takes you away from the ‘real world’ to a variety of different locations from New York to Italy although is set mostly in London, so there’s for sure a lot of escapism in this book which creates even more feeling inside, giving you as a reader the wistful longing of you yourself really transporting to those places too so you can experience some magical fate of your own.

Overall I’d give ‘Miss You’ by Kate Eberton 5 out of 5, or a 9/10 depending how we’re rating. I think the only thing that could have made this book even better would be if it had finished with an epilogue, just to round it up perfectly. I would definitely recommend this book to young adults / fully grown adults alike (haha). There’s so many positives to this novel I could ramble on forever, so I’m just going to tap out now before I get too carried away…

Have you read ‘Miss You’ by Kate Eberlen? What books have you been reading recently? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,

lots of love,



  1. Such a good review, Jennie!! I love that this story is based on fate & destiny & that it whisks you around different parts of the world. Interesting!


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