April 2019 Behind The Scenes

Hello my loves! I hope everybody is well today and May is going good so far. I’m absolutely gutted I missed retweeting the iconic meme this year:


Lol because I’m not using twitter so much at the moment I saw the posts a day later so I couldn’t retweet, instead I’m sharing the banter here on the blog! So funny!

Anyway, today I thought I’d start a new series here on the blog… monthly ‘behind the scenes’ posts, as in, posts where I share with you everything I’ve been up to the previous month that didn’t quite make it to the blogosphere. Days out, life updates, that type of thing.

Last month I got up to a fair bit that I didn’t share here on the blog for various reasons, so today I’ll be recapping my April for you! Enjoy!

Nights Out


Last month I went on a few groovy little nights out, but the first of the month was a game changer. I got so awfully drunk, the next day I woke up and felt almost the worst I had ever felt mentally and emotionally and I knew it was down to the drink. The bear fear was at an all time high and what with my mental health not being in a great way anyway at that time, I was not in a good place. After that experience with alcohol, I decided enough was enough and I really could never affect my mental health like that again, so I’ve cut out alcohol completely because personally I can’t handle it. The following nights out I stayed completely sober, drinking coke, tropical juice and water, plus snacking on crisps. Funnily enough, the first night out I went on after giving up alcohol was actually one of the best of the year and it felt amazing knowing I wouldn’t have to wake up with a hangover or regret. Beautiful. Although I was still absolutely exhausted, I did feel mildly hungover even without drinking. Maybe it was a dance induced hangover because I danced a lot that night! On the same night my best friend Emily and I actually did karaoke and we sang ‘Truffle Butter’ by Nicki Minaj, let’s just say it was shocking. Emily did so well however it’s time I start manifesting 20/20 vision because I couldn’t see the lyrics on the screen at all, meaning I could only sing along to the very few parts I knew off by heart. Oops.

Harry Potter Studios Tour





For my best friends birthday last month the full squad and I took a trip to the Harry Potter Studios Tour which was more awesome than ever. This was my third time at the tour and I enjoyed it so much, I’d have to say it was my favourite visit. On this trip there was a very exciting new attraction to the tour… Gringotts Bank and honestly, I was blown away. It’s amazing to see how much the tour has evolved since my first trip back in 2015 and this new attraction is the best yet. The tour has outdone itself, I’ll of course share some videos and pictures below so I just want to put in a little *spoiler alert* for those of you who haven’t visited yet and want to keep it a surprise.

*The following two videos were filmed by my best friend Chantal*




Nature Walks and An Interaction With My Favourite Youtuber



So last month I went on a few gorgeous nature walks. On Good Friday I took a stroll with my Mother around one of my favourite areas where we saw the horses and sheep! This was amazing as I even got to pet the horses, I felt so connected to the Universe and so grateful that the horses came over to us and allowed us to stroke them, it was a precious moment. Horses are such beautiful, majestic animals I feel so thankful to live so close to a field of horses! Then on Easter Sunday I went for a walk around a local village with my parents which was cute, and at the end of the month I also went for a spontaneous walk with my friend Daisy and explored a new woodland area which was fantastic. It felt like we were doing a proper hike, the surrounding trees were luscious and green and we were surrounded by nature. I fell in love with the area instantly and I’m so excited to go back! And as mentioned, I had an interaction with my favourite Youtuber Leeor Alexandra!! She commented on my Instagram post and I was so happy, I literally love her so it felt amazing to be noticed by her, I was thrilled! If you don’t know, Leeor makes videos on Youtube all about the Law Of Attraction and they are so inspiring, motivating and helpful. I love to watch her videos and they always leave me feeling positive, optimistic, inspired and connected to the Universe. I’d definitely reccommend her channel!


Favourites / What I’ve Been Loving

I’ve decided that I’m going to combine a brief summary of what I’ve been loving each month here on these posts too rather than doing a seperate monthly favourites post, this doesn’t mean I’ll never do monthly favourites again but, let’s just go with the flow!

Isabel Palacios – Another amazing and inspiring Youtuber who talks about all things Law Of Attraction, she does amazing podcasts too

Just Tattoo Of Us – I binge watched this shows new season and it’s absolutely ridiculous but hilarious. Two friends / partners / couples etc go on the show and design a tattoo for the other without them knowing what it is (so if I went on the show with my Mum, she’d design one for me and vice verca but we wouldn’t know what we were getting each other). Some (very rarely) pairings get each other nice tattoos but most of the time people are doing each other dirty. This guy had a bunch of suitcases tattooed on his girlfriends bum and when asked why, he said because you need to pack your bags and leave, the relationships over. Imagine!! This show can be really interesting at times and it’s just some nice, light hearted entertainment.

Lindt Chocolate Bunnies – Obviously it was Easter last month and I got two of the delicious Lindt bunnies, they are so yummy I’ve already eaten them both and I’m seriously craving another…


Woo! So there you have my April Behind the Scenes… So far May has started off pretty good, so I’m so excited for May’s Behind The Scenes post already!

What did you get up to last month? What were your April Highlights? What have you got planned for this month? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

As always thank you for reading,

lots of love and light,




  1. Girl, good for you! I love what you said about having the most fun even without drinks- glad you are taking care of youuu! And sooo exciting Leeor Alexandra commented on your post! The HP tour looks so fun. I can’t watch the videos right now because I am on a plane, lol- but I’ll have to watch them when I have WIFI again (I loaded your post before take off!). The Gringotts Bank ride was one of my favorite parts of HP world for sure- It blew me away too! Those nature walks sound sooo lovely & good for the soul! Thank you for sharing your favorites too ❤ you are such a gem, J. Sending you tons of love, beautiful!


  2. It sounds like you had a fun month! Good for you for giving up alcohol. You can definitely have the same amount of fun without and actually wake up the next morning without feeling like death lol. You should definitely keep doing these behind the scenes posts every month. I enjoyed reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did thanks love! I agree!!! I have more fun when I’m not drinking to be honest because I know I’m in control and won’t get carried away, I just don’t need alcohol at all! Thanks hun so much! I definitely will!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Whoa I would love to go on that Harry Potter tour that looks so awesome!
    Im happy to hear that you’ve given up alcohol because it can be too much and in myopinion, you dont enjoy the night as much 🙂 also hangovers are the worst lol.
    How awesome that those walks helped you feel more grounded and connected. I would have loved to have gotten the chance to pet the horses so I’m glad you were able to have that experience too.
    And how awesome that your favorite youtuber commented on your post! That’s super lovely! Definitely synchroniticy. I’ve been feeling that a lot recently too. And I’ve been feeling stressed, less frustrated and angry and overall more happy. That’s not to say I havent felt down a bit, it will happen, it’s a balance, but I’ve also never felt better. I’m super happy for you girl!! 🙂


    1. Honestly it’s incredible. The Gringotts Bank blew me away!
      I totally agree. Alcohol just doesn’t benefit my life in anyway, I’m glad to be rid of it lol. I agree. Hangovers are such a waste of time, like you just spend the whole day after feeling rough and not being able to achieve anything because you’re healing your hangover. It’s one thing to be taking it easy because you’re genuinely ill, but for the sake of a hangover, it just seems a waste of the day. Unless you had the most amazing night before, each to their own of course!
      Ah they were amazing!!! Being out in nature is so healing! And it feels amazing. Literally a breath of fresh air lol. Ah it was amazing I felt so thankful that they came over and allowed me to pet them, so beautiful!
      Yes I was so so happy! I love her, haha. I tag her all the time I wear her jewellery now in the hope she comments hahaha! YAY So happy to hear you’ve been feeling lots of synchronicity. That is divine! I am so happy to hear this, that you’ve been feeling more happy and less stressed etc. You deserve it beauty! Sending you more and more happiness your way to add to that ❤ Absolutely. Down days are essential too, that's how we grow. We can't be living in our Summer 24/7, but it's about not letting those down days defeat us, it's about allowing them to make us stronger and better us as a person! So happy to hear you've never felt better! Go girlie ❤ thanks for your comment hun!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hahaha I don’t care how many times I see that Justin Timberlake meme, it cracks me up everytime. 😂 I am so excited for this new series on your blog, Jennie!!

    I feel you 100% on the beer fear but you know, you’re actually the one who helped me get over mine. I still get it sometimes but, now, I always remember how you told me that it only bothers me if I let it & I try my hardest not to! It still does mess with my mental health though, for sure.

    Once you get your eyes checked & get proper correction, you’re going to be living in a whole new world!

    I would love to visit that HP Studios Tour! The one in Cali doesn’t have Gringott’s Bank. 😭 Your outfits are so cute in the hiking photos!! & how awesome that your fave YouTuber commented on your IG!!

    OMG about Just Tattoo of Us! That man who made her get the suitcases. That’s so mean!!!


    1. It’s so funny isn’t it! The way he says ‘me’ is iconic, it gets me every time too! So glad I shared it now hehe!

      Aw that’s so amazing to hear Hunida, I am so grateful to know that I helped you with that but it’s all you hun! So happy you’re not letting these things bother you so much anymore ❤ You deserve all the good things!

      YES oh gosh I can't wait. Clear eyesight ftw hehe.

      Oh my gosh it's incredible!!! Could not recommend more. I haven't been to the one in Cali, maybe they'll extend it and create a Gringotts? The Gringotts here only opened up this year I believe so maybe it will come to Cali next! It's so amazing though, I was so impressed! Hehe thanks hun ❤ You know I love a good outfit. And I was so happy when she commented ❤

      I know, he was way out of order. Good for the girl though that she's out of that relationship, she clearly deserves so much better!

      Thank you for commenting Hunida ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol it totally is iconic the way he says “me.” It will never not pop into my head when the month of May rolls around now. I am so happy you shared it, too!! 😀

        No, truly, it was all you!! Every time I get into my thoughts & have beer fear, I think of you & your comment. ❤ YOU deserve all the good things!!

        That would be awesome if it came to Cali next since it's easiest to get to for me but I'd love to visit all of the other ones around the world, too! & your outfits are always the cutest!! I totally get why she gave you all the heart-eyes!!!

        I just feel so bad for her… she will forever have those suitcases?! UGH!


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