In Alignment, My Tarot Card Reading And Spiritual Counsellor Session

I am in alignment. A couple of days ago, I booked in an appointment to see my medium / spiritual counsellor who I have already visited a good few times now. The first time I visited her, it was for a tarot card reading which you can read all about here (and hey, maybe I should do a reflection of that soon, tomorrows post maybe?). Since then I went over half a year without seeing her, then everything happened with August Boy and I knew I wanted if not needed another session. I was going through such a hard, emotional time I more so wanted to see her for her healing sessions rather than a reading, but before I could have my healing sessions we thought it best she did do my reading first. Honestly, I can’t even remember that reading too much, there was nothing from it that really resonated with me other than the sense of security and safety I took from it, that everything was going to be okay. From that reading, I then booked in for a few healing sessions as and when I felt called to do so, and they’ve all been incredibly amazing and fulfilling.

This week I felt called to book in for another session which I had today and last night before I went to bed I thought about how much I would love for her to do a tarot card reading for me, although I wasn’t going to book in for one specifically as I felt it was too soon since my last one. HOWEVER, and this is why I say I’m in alignment, today at my session my counsellor decided she would give me a reading, as well as a meditation session and a general chit chat about life and where I’m at / what I’m feeling etc. I felt so happy with this, I didn’t go in there asking for this reading, she simply stated that that was what she was going to do today and low and behold this one really resonated with me and has made me feel so excited.

First of all, I’m super excited that I manifested this reading because I was only thinking last night about how much I’d like one, but I didn’t go in with the expectation of this session today including one. I just assumed it would be a guidance and healing session. So it’s in perfect alignment that I manifested the reading like I desired. This shows how in alignment I am with the Universe which feels wonderful. Secondly the reading was fabulous! Not once but twice the Spiritual Union card came up which is very exciting, I believe this union is meant to be a romantic relationship judging by my session today / what my counsellor said and this is fab because I would love a romantic connection to someone who is also into spirituality because that would resonate with me so much. As I am very into my spiritual side, I need to be with someone who I can connect with on that level, in a relationship with someone where we can bounce off each other and have incredible, aligned conversations about the Universe and aliens and all that magical stuff!

There were quite a few romance cards which were drawn at this reading along with cards resembling new beginnings, which is super exciting. This definitely means both work and relationships! I wouldn’t say I’m looking for a relationship right now or in a rush to find somebody, I’m focusing on myself, working on myself and allowing my perfect partner to come to me when the time is right. Don’t get me wrong I’m definitely excited to be in a loving, fulfilling relationship, but I trust that will happen in perfect timing.

With regards work, my counsellor told me I would be signing a new contract in June (exciting) and that she feels my energy belongs in John Lewis which is super random, but I remember she said that at my first ever reading too so maybe I really am meant to be working in that store. It’s all about getting that perfect job for me, she says I’ll be getting paid to work soon which is great and she keeps mentioning travel virtually every time I see her.

Travel is always on the cards, my counsellor is always saying I need to get away and venture further. She mentioned it may be to do with my career and I am interested in a makeup course in London, but of course I also want to travel just in general. I’m currently manifesting a trip to Bali for my birthday and definitely a trip to Iceland! They’re next on my list for sure, along with Barcelona. And of course I have New York to look forward to already this year which I’m sure is going to be the most magical trip of my life (so far), I have a good feeling about it.

My counsellor also said that I’ve done a lot of great inner work, and all signs are pointing towards that I’m ready for everything that comes next. I need to be open to everything that fate brings me and that my next big change in my life won’t be until I’m 27 or 28 so I’m very interested to see what those ages are going to bring for me, but until then, I’m just going to keep breathing and breathing and breathing (haha sorry, Ariana Grande reference).

Along with my reading, today I also did a guided meditation for the Chakras. Through this meditation I realised I find it quite easy to open my third eye, and also that I need to work on for some reason, my Sacral Chakra which after reading up a little more on the Chakras, I think I can understand now why I need to do that. So I best get to work ASAP. It makes perfect sense. I was actually given some ‘homework’ today to study as much about the Chakras as I can which is something I’ve been working on anyway recently but I’m even more inspired to do so now! I love the Chakras!

Once my session had ended, I felt very fulfilled and happy and I went outside to book a taxi on my phone. The first numbers I saw when looking at my screen were 444! I felt more alignment! Seeing reoccurring numbers is totally a sign from the Universe, so I definitely felt like I was on the right path and things were aligning perfectly for me when I came out from my reading and instantly saw 444! Magic.

Overall my session and reading with my medium / counsellor today really resonated with me and has left me feeling more aligned and trusting of the Universe. It has totally made me feel excited for what’s to come. I definitely feel as though I am on the right path and I am connecting to the Universe and my soul more and more each day. I’m really growing as a person and it feels amazing knowing that everything is working out perfectly and I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be with so many good things coming. Thank you Universe!

What are your experiences with mediums and tarot card readings? Have you ever been to see a spiritual counsellor? Would you like to? Be sure to let me know in the comments below if you wish!

As always thank you always for reading,

lots of love and light,



  1. That’s amazing how you went in for a healing session & were given a reading. You truly manifested it! Sooo exciting that you have new love, new work, and more travel in your cards. ❤ Your life is going to be filled with so much adventure. Can't wait to hear the big changes when you're 27-28 (& all the ones before then, too)!! 😀 I didn't know that about the recurring numbers, wow!! You're always teaching me something new!!

    I am so happy to read that everything is working out perfectly for you, Jennie. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I felt so happy, exactly like it was meant to be! I really did feel like I had manifested it! I am so excited for all that is to come, it was a really positive reading.

      Eeek I am so excited to share my journey with you and vice versa! Yes oh goodness hun! I guess 11:11 is the most common one, but they all have spiritual meaning such as 444 222 extra. 222 is my favourite! I learnt it to mean ‘right place right time’ type of thing (though they have so many different meanings and explanations but I just take it as what feels right for me)! There are some great videos on youtube about it or just google. 777 is a great one too I learnt that to mean good things are coming! So when I see multiple 2’s I feel as though I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, I’m in the right place extra and then when I see multiple 7’s I think ooh, something exciting is coming! I bet you are going to start seeing these numbers everywhere now hehe!

      Thank you so so much Hunida and thank you for all your support and kind comments over the past few months, you have helped me so much! ❤️

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      1. I am so so happy you had a positive reading. 🙂 I am excited for all that is to come for you, too! I just know there is so much in store for your future!

        Oh my gosh, okay, I knew about 11:11! I used to always make a wish at that time & I still believe wishes made at that time do come true– but if you’re not specific enough, things could go awry so I never take the chance anymore LOL. I am sooo about to research all the other recurring number meanings. I hope I start seeing them everywhere! Wow! Thanks for explaining a bit to me, Jennie. That’s truly so interesting!

        ❤ ❤ *hugs!!*


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