Root Chakra Muladhara Look Book

Hello my angels, how is everyone today? I hope you’re all A*M*A*Z*I*N*G. Sending so much love and light to you all!

Today I have a look book to share with you all! I am so excited for this because I love the pictures, he he. Thanks Mum for being the best photographer!

I have recently been inspired to create a whole look book inspired by the 7 Chakras as I work through them and balance my own out myself. I’ve just realised how interesting it is that my most recent look book was the ‘7 Rings’ inspired look book and this one is the beginning of the ‘7 Chakras’ look book series, you know I don’t believe in coincidences. I just learnt at the weekend that my life path number is 7 as is my expression number, it’s so interesting that these two look books include the number 7. But I’m falling off topic…

As I mentioned above, I have been inspired to create a look book series revolving around the 7 Chakras as harminising and balancing out my own Chakras is something I’m currently working on. I’m no expert on the Chakras and I’m trying to learn more and more about them each day, but to round it up in my own words they are the seven main energy points of our body responsible essentially for our well being. For our body, mind and life to be in harmony, our Chakras should be balanced. But for more information on that I would definitely recommend you check out this video (Leeor Alexandra’s How To Open Your Chakras and Live Your Best Life) and this webpage The 7 Chakras For Beginners, both of these sources will give you more insight on the Chakras. I’ve also just purchased my first ever Audio Book ‘Wheels Of Life’ by Anodea Judith (read by Kitt Weagant) which is a book all about the Chakras, so I’m totally excited to listen to that and learn more.

Image taken from


Moving onto the look book, our very first Chakra is the Root Chakra (Muladhara) which is located at the base of the spine. This Chakra is responsible for all things safety, security and grounding. The Root Chakra is very much related to feelings of survival, so things like financial security and grounding in life is all very much related to this Chakra being in balance. You will feel safe and secure when your Root Chakra is in balance, so of course that’s the first Chakra I went to when beginning my journey, as it’s best to start at the base right!?

In order to balance my Root Chakra, I have been using Leeor Alexandra’s incredible Root Chakra meditation which has definitely helped me to activate and balance out my Root Chakra, enhancing my feelings of safety, security and protection. What I like about this meditation is how at the beginning you are encouraged to set your intention for doing the meditation, which definitely activates the power of the meditation more. Today when doing the Root Chakra meditation I set my intention as follows, ‘My intention for doing this meditation is to enhance my feelings of safety and security, and to feel protected by the Universe, to help me with feeling safe and grounded, and to aid me in feeling secure so I can attract the perfect job for me’. The reason I included the intention of finding work with this mediation is because the Root Chakra is all about security and survival, which I will get from having a stable, secure and well paid job. Of course in order to attract this I need to balance out my Root Chakra to enhance those feelings of stability and security, bringing me the job I desire. I would highly recommend doing Leeor Alexandra’s Root Chakra meditation if you are feeling called to do so or if you desire to balance out your Root Chakra and enhance your feelings of safety, grounding and protection. This is a loving, comforting meditation which will definitely enhance your feelings of safety and protection, and I believe following this meditation is a beneficial step to take when harmonising your Chakras. From my experience this meditation has brought me to tears, making me feel super safe, comforted and protected by the Universe and Mother Earth!

Along with doing Leeor’s Root Chakra meditation, as a fun way to balance out and harmonise my Root Chakra I thought it would be really enjoyable to focus on wearing clothing outfits featuring the colour red, as red is the colour linked to our Root Chakra. Surrounding yourself with the colour that resembles the Chakra you are looking to harmonise is a fun and easy way to balance it out / keep it balanced and of course, being a lover of fashion, I thought I would create a whole look book inspired by the Root Chakra. Meaning, this is a look book featuring lots of red, and when I feel pulled to balance and harmonise my Root Chakra then these are some of the outfits I will wear when doing so!

Root Chakra Muladhara Look Book

Outfit One

Crop TopPrimark

Viscose TrousersMonki (Exact)


EarringsOriginal earrings in photo are unknown, but have found similar here from KatchMe 

Amulet NecklacesAlchemybyla (Cosmic Love and Balancing) (Both exact)


Outfit Two

Cami TopASOS (Exact and now reduced to £22 from £32!)

SkirtQuiz (Exact)


*Jewellery all the same as the first outfit links*

Outfit Three

TopOriginal top is from Boohoo but is old stock, I have found a similar piece on FloryDay



*Jewellery all the same as the first outfit links*

As you can see I chose outfits that all feature the colour red which is linked to the Root Chakra, and I’ve taken some inspiration from floral patterns to relate to the Earthy vibes of the Chakra as the Root Chakra is very much linked to Mother Earth. I shot these pictures in Earthy surroundings in order to enhance the Root Chakra vibes to the maximum! As the Root Chakra is linked to Mother Earth, if you want to harmonise that Chakra then I personally would recommend getting yourself out into nature (although I’d recommend that anyway to be fair, nature is literally a breath of fresh air) it will keep your Root Chakra in balance and make you feel so so fresh and good!

I think my favourite outfit out of the three would have to be the first outfit, I love the Summery feel of it and the trousers and top paired together look so cute. It’s such a comfy, casual look. However the top from outfit number two has a great pull to me, as it’s so vibrant and red it’s the perfect piece to wear when harmonising the Root Chakra. Outfit number three is cute and although not as vibrant, it does still have those earthy floral and red elements, so it’s still a fulfilling piece to wear!

PHEW. What a long post! I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you gained some insight into the Chakras if you didn’t already know much about them! I believe balancing out and harmonising our Chakras is a wonderful way to ensure we are living our best and healthiest lives, keeping our mind, body and soul in harmony to bring us all the peace, happiness and joy! Personally, I would definitely recommend looking into the Chakras more and more, to ensure you are living your best life and thriving! I will definitely be continuing this look book series as I work my way through balancing my own Chakras, so stay tuned for my next one on the Sacral Chakra…

I really hope you enjoyed this look book, and I thank you all for reading! Please if you wish do let me know your favourite look in the comments below, and if you so desire be sure to let me know if you are going to start working on balancing out your Chakras or if you already have!

Sending you all lots of love, light, grounding and security,

much love,



  1. I have heard the word “Chakra” but never really understood what it meant! Thanks for all the interesting info!! And girl, I’m LOVING that crop top on ya. Now I just gotta rock one myself 😉

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    1. Ah wow, that is so interesting! You are so welcome hun, I wanted to share all the info I could so if people wanted to they could take something from the look book and learn about my inspiration behind it! Hehe thanks so much hun! Yes you do!!!!!!! Summer is almost here so it is time!

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  2. I still remember most of the meanings from each chakra, I think the one I have the hardest time with is my throat chakra. Lol. I never got to the point of aligning them but I think i am growing from my experiences and little by little allowing that energy to flow through me entirely.
    Anyway can we talk about how stunning you look in red?? You are gorgeous! I love that you’re inspired by what you are currently going through and super happy that you’ve finally put yourself first 🙂

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    1. Wow! That’s amazing Rossy and so interesting. When I first went to visit my medium, she gave me a throat Chakra stone and said that’s what I needed to work on too, my communication! It’s all a learning process, but I definitely took something from it and tried to speak my truth more often. That’s beautiful Rossy, even just by learning about them you set the intention and the motions in to align them, so I’m sure they have been aligning more and more each day, ❤️ I’m sure some people don’t even know about Chakras and yet they are all balanced, like you say you are growing from your experiences so that can only be a good thing and can only be helping in all areas, your Chakras and your life in general!
      Aw thank you so much hun ❤️❤️ red has always been one of my favourite colours to wear. I just love it, especially with my darker hair. Thank you so much hun! ❤️❤️ Lots of love and blessings to you beautiful! ❤️

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      1. I still have a hard time, I need to learn when to speak, like not when I’m angry obviously, so I have to learn to calm down, process all my thoughts and emotions and THEN can I say something lol. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve just wanted to say so much stupid shit with the intent to “hurt” but now I’m so much more conscious of that. I don’t even know that person anymore LOL
        I do think that I should probably try to ground myself and what not because I’ve been thinking about this post and some disappointments I feel I’ve been facing as of lately, and I don’t really feel “secure”, as much as I should be. So.. maybe you writing this post was also meant for me to see that in myself too 🙂 everything happens for a reason right? I swear you must be my light sister or something we click and agree so much on all of these spiritual things 🙂
        Yass girl work it!! Btw, I think I might have forgotten to ask, but since you’ll be working through your chakras and all, will you be doing a full series of outfits inspired by chakras? I think that would be fun! You might also be inspired to wear a different piece based on how you’re feeling at that time 😀 might make it more meaningful, idk 🙂 have an amazing weekend my love!

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      2. I totally understand where you’re coming from. In the heat of the moment it’s best not to speak so you can properly process your thoughts. Words said in anger aren’t words you mean, yet they can’t be taken back. YES I love that. When you really think about why you want to say something you realise how much is unnecessary, even if someone has angered you, what do you gain by being hurtful? Absolutely nothing. It won’t solve anything, and just spreads negativity which nobody wants. I’m so proud of you for your growth, this is something I’m totally working on too. Thinking about what I say and is it really beneficial, is it going to benefit this world / the people around me. Are the words I’m speaking coming from a place of love, that kind of thing… v important!
        Oh wow! Well I’m grateful that you feel you have benefited in some way in where to work one etc, I think the Root Chakra is the best place to start, I’ve noticed so many more job opportunities pouring in for me since I started doing the meditation I linked in this post (along with listening to success affirmations) but I think working on this Chakra has benefited me a lot! I’m almost torn, I feel like I want to continue with my Root Chakra meditations but I also want to move onto the Sacral… I think my highest self is telling me to move on and that I’m ready, so my Root Chakra is balanced so I’m going to continue to feel more and more grounded and secure as I go on even when working on other areas, my Root Chakra is solidly in balance. And I’m going to wear red or listen to Root Chakra music when I feel called to! Oh gosh amazing Rossy! I love that! We really do I feel like we relate to each other on a spiritual level SO much and I love it! So grateful for you ❤
        Oooh yes I totally will be! I've already bought some orangey outfits for the next look book which will be coming when I feel ready, and feel like my Sacral Chakra is more in balanced of course. Believe it or not, I've not been able to find a ton of great orange clothing. I couldn't even find a good orange nail polish, I've had to settle for coral LOL. And yes that's exactly how I'm feeling (great minds hehe). I'm wearing red today because I felt called to ground myself and focus on my Root Chakra! Thanks so much beauty ❤ you too my love, and have a great week! ❤

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      3. Yeah! Exactly! You understand me so well! T_T
        that’s so great! and yeah I definitely think it’s that you are ready, it can be kind of hard to want to move on from certain things but growth is a very beautiful and powerful thing. Also change can be scary for most because we always assume it’s for the worst, but hey, change is neither good or bad! 🙂
        can’t wait to see the outfits you come up with on this journey! have an amazing day Jennie! xx


  3. Wow, Jennie! What an interesting post. I’ve never known about all the colors & how they go with each Chakra. I do feel that when I wear certain colors at work, I get different reactions so this might be the reason why. Thank you for including that chart & all your insight! I will totally be working on balancing all mine from now on since I know more about each one!

    Your mom is such a photographer. All these photos turned out amazingly!! & I love how you incorporated red into each outfit. 🙂 #2 is my top favorite but the other two are so cute, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Hunida! Yeah, it’s something I only recently learnt about too. I’ve aways heard of Chakras, but it’s something I’ve only recently started getting a lot more into. That is so interesting about how when you wear different colours to work you get different reactions! It could be!! Ah yay that’s so exciting!! I’m glad I included the chart I actually didn’t even think about it until I first published the post and then thought oh I should really find a chart or something!

      Ah isn’t she the best bless her! So grateful to her for always taking my ootd photos! She’s too good ❤️❤️ thank you so much hun!

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      1. Yeah truly so much to think about! Me & my colleagues always talk about how when we wear such & such colors, we get more attention or less… etc. It’s so interesting!! Thanks again for sharing this babe!!


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