A Is For America

Oh hi Huns! How is everybody today!? Today I am starting an A-Z series here on the blog all about my favourite topic travel. Including the places I have visited, the places I want to visit, and everything in between. So of course being that it’s the first letter of the alphabet, we are starting with the letter A. A IS FOR AMERICA!

I just love America, and I am so hoping that in my life I get to visit the States as much as possible because honestly, the US is where I long to be.

Have you ever visited somewhere that feels like home? From the moment you arrive, to the moment you leave and of course the whole duration in between, your heart feels like it’s where it’s supposed to be? That’s what America feels like for me. I will always remember when I went on holiday to LA, as soon as I was in the car travelling from the airport down the vast roads to get to our hotel, my heart felt alive, it had arrived home. That is why I love America. I feel so drawn to the country and I want to explore every single part of it. I want to visit each different State, all so unique and exciting. I want to feel alive, and being in America makes me feel just that way. 

Thankfully I have been blessed enough to visit the US a few times in my life already. My first trip was to New York back when I was 10. I visited with my parents and sister and you can read more about that trip here. On this trip we were blessed enough to see the show ‘Good Vibrations’ on Broadway, a musical which introduced me to the music of The Beach Boys. The two musical numbers I remember most from the show are ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ and ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’. Now, I’m a huge fan of The Beach Boys music and I do believe that is because of my experience seeing this musical. I probably wouldn’t have even known about the band otherwise! Along with getting to see a show on Broadway, my family and I also ventured to Central Park where we took a horse and carriage ride and my Mum and I also went ice skating there. We went up the Empire State Building and visited China Town! We are so blessed! I feel so incredibly thankful, because along with the beautiful memories I made in New York with my family when I was 10, I get to make even more in the Big Apple this year as I am visiting with my best friend. I am so excited. I have wanted to revisit for yeaaaars and now it’s happening! It’s going to be a wonderful trip which I am really looking forward to, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to make some NYC memories with my bestie. Kate has given me some amazing travel tips and recommendations of what to do, where to eat etc etc, so my bucket list is brimming. Bring on all the adventures, and thank you Kate for all of the info!

Here are some photos from my previous trip to New York:

Munching on a Hot Dog from a Street Vendor, which my Dad was so excited for me to try. Unfortunately however, I didn’t actually like it. The pose is just my good acting, HAHA. My sister’s really looking at me like ‘FAKER’.
This is me on the horse and carriage ride around Central Park. I look so happy! This smile is actually genuine, and I totally enjoyed this experience!
At the Empire State Building with my loves! What a fantastic trip!

After New York my next US adventure was to Los Angeles, including a big ol’ road trip. I was lucky enough to visit with my Mum, Dad and brother, and this trip you can read more about here. I was around 14 when I took this vacation and we were there for two weeks, our base was a hotel in Anaheim, Los Angeles, but we road tripped to Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Arizona and briefly into Mexico. Road tripping is definitely a great way to see America (or anywhere for that matter) and I would definitely love to do it again. Out of the places I visited on that holiday, I really couldn’t pick a favourite. They were each so different, and I loved them all. Vegas is also where I had my very first Law of Attraction experience (though I didn’t know it was LOA at the time) but I think that’s a story for another day! I’ll always remember it though!

Cali, Vegas and Arizona pictures:

Myself, my brother and my lovely Mama at the Grand Canyon. Look at that view! Oh how I’d just love to go back! It’s so incredible. Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon?
This photo was taken at a little store on the side of the road on the way to the Grand Canyon.
Viva Las Vegas!
More Vegas! We stayed at the New York New York hotel, and I so wish I had gone on that roller coaster. Nobody else wanted to go on it with me and I wasn’t confident enough back then to go on my own, but I am sure I will go back to Vegas again one day so there’s always next time.
ARIZONA. The Grand Canyon State Welcomes You. This is a beautiful photo of my Mum and Dad, who I love so much. I do hope we get to visit the US together again soon.
My Mum and I at the beach in California! This was my favourite outfit back in the day!
In LA, we were lucky enough to go on a helicopter ride where we saw Paris Hiltons pink house! So cool!
This photo was taken in Los Angeles and is so cute, myself, my Mum and brother all look so happy. I really love this photo.

After my epic road trip adventure I didn’t venture back to the States for around another 7 years. 7 years too long if you ask me! This was my first trip to the US with my best friend Emily, and we visited FLORIDA of course for Disney World and Universal. This was an exciting trip where I had so many new experiences. I swam with dolphins, visited Harry Potter World (so amazing I could cry) and had such a magical time with my bestie. We stayed at the Portofino Bay hotel for the first part of our trip, which is the most luxurious hotel I have ever stayed in, and this was where I had my first experience ordering room service. I had such a giggle with Emily in Florida, I am so so looking forward to our NYC trip!!!!!

Florida photos:

Swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove. This precious dolphin is called Kayleigh!
The luxurious Portofino Bay hotel! We took little boats each day as our form of transport from the hotel to the Universal theme park. So much fun!
Hello Hogwarts Express! You can actually ride the Hogwarts Express from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley which is totally awesome. I’m wearing a Hufflepuff top for the colours but I’m 100% a Gryffindor!
Disney World time! Here is Emily and I with GOOFY!
With Stitch!
And finally myself and Mickey!

And that wraps up my amazing American adventures so far. New York is my next trip that I have planned to the US, but oh how I am hoping for so many more. I would love to visit with my family next year or the year after, and the dream is to one day spend a whole year out there exploring Route 66. I just want to spend a lengthy and fulfilling time out in the US, seeing everything it has to offer! All of the States are on my Bucket List so here’s to ticking them off, one by one!

Have you ever been to America? The majority of my blogging friends are American so I know most of you reading have, and even those of you who aren’t from America I know a lot of you have been there! So I’d love to know what your favourite State is and why and where you’d most recommend I visit in the US, and if you haven’t visited the US yet which State would you most like to visit!? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all very much for reading,

lots of love and light to you




  1. This is so fascinating to me!! As someone who has lived in the U.S. my whole life, I definitely don’t feel that sense of wonder that you have for it, and that’s super intriguing to me. I guess it’s exactly like what we’ve been talking about! For instance, I’ve visited the Grand Canyon so many times that it’s actually boring to me, lol. I only live 40 minutes from it, though, so once I’ve seen it about 5 or 6 times, it looks the same haha. And yet, other people have never seen it and have it as one of the major things on their bucket list!
    I LOVE that you’ve been able to visit so many places, though!! You’ve visited more than me for sure. I’ve never been to Vegas, New York, or Florida! How fun that you get to visit again soon!! Have you ever seen Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota? I totally recommend it if you haven’t. 🙂
    Also, I find it so interesting and amazing that the U.S. feels like home to you. I feel that way about England even though I’ve never visited! ❤


  2. Hello love!! I soooo loved reading this post and can’t wait to read the NYC post. These pics are amazing- you are such a cutie- and yes, you do seem to be enjoying the street dog- great acting- tehe! I have never even been to Vegas- so that’s a top priority of place in the US to visit. I think CA is my favorite state.. I just love how rich it is in events, food, diversity, nature (it is sooo beautiful), etc. etc. Thanks for sharing your beautiful US memories with us- it warms my heart that you love it here, and I hope you will visit again soon 🙂 Next stop may need to be TX to add to the list !


  3. I love that you have been able to go to several state AND you got to see the Grand Canyon! That’s one of my dreams, no joke! Bucket list! Lol.
    I have lived here for more than a decade and still havent seen more than the west coast haha
    I still havrnt been to NY or Vegas which I hope to do so sometime. Hunida lives in Vegas so hopefully i get to meet her someday lol
    I love that you’ve had a great time here, I’d love to visit London or England in general as well and hope to experience as much as you have experienced here in the states.


    1. Thank you hun! Ahhh you WILL visit the Grand Canyon Rossy, I believe it! I really would love to visit again because I feel like I don’t remember enough so it’s on my bucket list too 😂😂 but seriously, I can’t wait for you to get to visit!

      Ah I am sure you will get the chance to visit both of those places ❤️ And I am so excited for when you do! Yes! I’m sure you and Hunida would have the best time if you met up! And she’d be able to show you all the best places in Vegas!
      Aw thank you Rossy for your sweet comment! And I am sure that you will visit LDN! There’s so many amazing places in England too that you may not think to visit so I’ll totally give you a big list of recommendations! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Fun to follow you along as you fell in love with America. I have lived in the US my entire life, yet I haven’t yet been to the Grand Canyon, so lucky you! I’m in Boston now (a fabulous city to visit – great American history and restaurants and millions of college kids, since we have a load of universities here). But I lived for a long time in the San Francisco Bay area – my favorite place in the world. I suggest you go there next!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! I hope you get the chance to visit the Grand Canyon someday, I’d love to go back!
      Boston sounds vibrant, and San Fran is on my list to visit ASAP!!! It must be something if it’s your favourite place in the world 😍😍 I’m hoping to go in the next couple of years. Thanks so much for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. The baby photos of you in NY are the freakin’ cutest, hehe. ♡ I love the one with you & the hot dog!

    I haven’t been on that roller coaster in NYNY either so next time you visit Vegas, I’ll be brave enough to go on it with you!

    I have never been to Florida yet but your trip there sounds amazing. I need to go there!

    Hope you have very best adventures in NYC! I wish I could join you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe thanks so much Hunida. Omg that is my friends favourite picture of me lol, it’s actually jokes!!

      Omg yes please! Let’s DO IT! I so want to go to Vegas in the next couple of years, you can give me the tour of all the best foodie spots!

      Yes Florida was incredible. I would love to go back to explore a little of Miami / the side I haven’t seen etc.

      Thank you SO much Hunida! Omg that would be amazing! I will definitely share all my adventures on here so you can be there in spirit!


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