June Health & Fitness Goals

Hello my loves and welcome to my June health & fitness goals. Eeek, I am so excited for this month. Last month I started getting back into my fitness journey / routine after setting myself some goals and focusing more on working out and eating well, plus cutting out a lot of the unhealthier foods I have been consuming. I’ve began to focus more on eating what feels good to me, foods with high nutritional value, putting foods into my body which are natural and designed to make us feel good and healthy, and I’m very keen to workout more so I can have the body of my dreams. Yes please. As I started up my fitness journey once again last month, it’s time for me to set my goals for June and I am so excited to have a whole month ahead of me really focusing on taking care of myself and working on my health and fitness. Yay!!! My goals are pretty similar to ones I’ve set previously, so these are really conscious lifestyle changes I want to focus on implementing and making the ‘norm’ for me. Of course I’m always going to have treat days and ensure I’m enjoying the foods I’m consuming but most importantly, I want to focus purely on what feels good for me. And right now, these goals reflect that.

June Health and Fitness Goals 2019

Continue cutting down on fizzy – I have really achieved this goal of cutting down on fizzy recently. I used to have it pretty much every single day whereas now I just have it a couple of times a week maximum really, although every week is different. I want to stick to this goal and keep to having fizzy as a treat on special occasions, but on day to day life opt for healthier choices such as water or juice.

Drink two flasks of water everyday – This is a goal I have been focusing a lot on recently and been doing really well with. Drinking water just makes me feel good, and really feels like an act of self love as I’m taking care of myself and my body. I’m now also putting lemon and orange slices into my water which gives it a nice fruity taste and makes it extra healthy!

Focus on eating as much fruit and veg as possible – Normally I’ve viewed eating fruits and veg as a chore, the thought of a ‘healthy dinner’ has never excited me whereas my Mum would happily just eat a whole plate of broccoli for her tea if she could! She loves veggies and now, I’m beginning to love them too. I want to fill my meals with alll the fruits and veg and all the nutrients because it feels so good. Fruits and vegetables are so good for us, each one with different qualities to really benefit our physical and mental well being. This goal is definitely one I am most excited about!!!

Continue cutting down on chocolate and dairy / cheese – Just as with fizzy, I don’t want to cut these things out completely (for obvious reasons, chocolate is life), I just don’t want to be having them every single day!

Cut down on snacking – Okay guys, I say ‘snacking’ because it’s something I do a lot and I realised as I was cutting down on fizzy and chocolate, I was replacing them with other things… like biscuits and crisps. Which is FINE, but I don’t want to be doing that everyday because I know more often than not I’m just eating these things for the sake of it. ‘Oh, I’m settling down and watching TV for the night? I must have something to eat whilst I watch!!!’ I really think this is holding me back from having the body of my dreams and I’ll feel much better about myself if I just do this on the special occasion, and not the everyday norm.

7 Minute workout 5 times a week – Last month my goal was to workout for 7 minutes every single day and naturally, that didn’t happen. Life does get in the way, so this month I’ve given myself some breathing space by changing that goal to be the same workout but just five times a week which is still a great amount, but at least it gives me those two days off where I may not have time to workout (for example before starting work) or where I may just want to chill and have a lazy day. If I workout less or more than this however, that’s totally fine too but at least I have a nice, manageable goal for myself which I’m excited to focus on achieving.

Stretch regularly – Again last month my goal was to stretch every day but this time I’m setting myself an easygoing goal to ‘stretch regularly’ because as mentioned before I realllly want to be flexible and now for the reason of aligning my body! Mack told me how when she did hot yoga, she really felt the benefits from the experience and how it aligned her body, which sounds amazing so I’m really hoping to stretch more often to achieve that same alignment.

Walk four times a week – Instead of setting myself the goal of walking every other day because everyday is different, my goal is to go for walks at least four times a week because I’d really love to make walking more of a habit. I have been walking more and more recently which feels so good, every time it feels like a breath of fresh air for my soul and what a great way to exercise!!! There are so many benefits to walking, it’s a great way to clear our minds, gain clarity, connect to nature and see the world, enjoy alone time or time with loved ones and so much more!!!

Meditate daily – Like I said in my previous health and fitness goals post, I believe mental health is just as important as physical health and I truly believe that meditation is so good for the mind which is why I’d love to make this a daily routine for me!

Gratitude Journal Daily – I believe in having an attitude of gratitude because I think it’s such a positive way to live life and again, I think keeping a gratitude journal daily will be wonderful for my overall well being and happiness.

What are your health and fitness goals for the month ahead? Do you have anything exciting planned for this month? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

I hope everyone has a wonderful month this June,

thank you all for reading,

lots of love and light,




  1. I just love your positive energy, girl! You sound like you are in such a good place & I’m so happy to hear all is going so well. And you’ll be proud to know I have been stretching more too after our convo! It’s come to the forefront of my brain & I really feel the difference in my entire body through the day when I take that time to stretch, so thank you for that 🙂 Have a great rest of the week, beautiful! Can’t wait to hear how June goes!

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    1. Aw thank you so much Mack!! Yes, I feel amazing at the moment and life is just getting better, thank you soo so much for your kind and supportive comments always. YAY!!! So proud of you for taking that time out to stretch. Uh I really need to get more into it! I am going to have such a good stretch today LOL. That’s a goal. You are so welcome and thank you for inspiring me with your own experiences from stretching / hot yoga. Thanks so much lovely, and you too! ❤

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  2. You can do it girl! You’re already off to a great start by committing.
    The whole soda thing will be so much easier after a while I promise. For so long I used to drink it and then I decided I needed to cut it out too. It was hard at first but I felt better without lol. I’ve been drinking ONLY water since the month started and it feels great! Now that its summer I might try infused waters. Maybe you should too because plain water can get boring after a while. I havent tried only lemon and orange slices yet but now that you’ve suggested I just might 😁
    I’m also doing my best to eat fruits and veggies at least twice a day for two meals. I also need to cut down on snacking it was terrible for me!
    Honestly if you only walk, you don’t HAVE to exercise vigorously. Walking is essentially a form of workout and great for your mind anyway. So dont feel too bad about those five or seven minutes, so long as you’re walking regularly.
    We have a lot of the same goals girl, I hope you achieve them all this month!

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    1. Rossy! This is the nicest, most supportive, encouraging and empowering comment! You are tooo lovely!
      Omg I can relate, I think I’ve had soda just once this month so far and I’m proud of myself. Also I enjoy it more now when I do have it because it’s actually a treat, I guess I must have got used to it so much before I didn’t enjoy it!
      Congratulations on drinking only water, that’s fantastic Rossy!! I bet you do feel amazing. Yes I agree… I tried strawberry in my water the other day and it tasted amazing. You’re right, now it’s Summer it’s the perfect time to be having infused water. Let me know if you do try the lemons and oranges. I know everyone says how good lemon water is for you, I’ve had hot water with lemon also and that feels so extra healthy!
      That’s great Rossy, what’s your favourite vegetable? Yeah I agree with the snacking. It’s like you can eat as healthy as you want but if you keep snacking, then all those fruits and veggies are great and all the exercise etc but… the snacking ain’t helping! There’s nothing wrong with a few snacks in moderation, but not alll the time (for me anyway).
      Yes you’re so correct. Walking IS exercise and like you say, so great for the mind which is SO important. Thank you hun. I’m walking a lot more now at the moment which is fab. I haven’t worked out too much but I am going to as much as possible. Thank you hun ❤ Like you say, the walking is good enough!
      Thanks so much Rossy. We are always on the same page! I hope you achieve yours too!

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      1. Awh I’m just being truthful 🙂
        Oooh if you’ve tried strawberries in your water, try adding a few mint leaves 😀 AAAAMAZINGG!!!
        Speaking of lemon, I had been drinking a glass of water (didn’t have to be warm) first thing in the morning with 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of raw honey. The honey gave it a sweetness and lessened the acidity of the lemon. Not bad. Apparently its to burn belly fat or something. I should probably start doing that again before my workouts 🙂
        Favorite veggie….hm….good question, I honestly like so many! XD I’d have to pick spinach as of lately because it’s so versatile. I add it to my smoothies, I can have it with eggs, on a salad, on a sandwich, in a pasta recipe. I can use it any way!
        Good luck Jennie! Can’t wait to hear about your next update and see how much you’ve improved so keep at it! 🙂

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      2. Ooh mint leaves! That’s something I hadn’t even though of, I will have to try that. Thanks for the tip Rossy! Omg wow that sounds amazing, and yes totally a good pre workout drink. I’ll have to try that too. Thanks!!
        You’re so right about the Spinach, it can go with anything! I love to have spinach and mash potato actually, plus it’s so so good for you!
        Thank you so much hun! That is so motivating for me, I can’t wait for my next update!

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  3. Oh my goodness girl, I love this!! You’ve done so well and you look amazing! I love that you have “stretch regularly” on your fitness goals. Yoga is incredible and so good for the body! Keep it up!!

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    1. Thank you so much Courtney! Yass it’s something I actually need to do though 😂 I haven’t stretched once this week. I just don’t have the space. I need to clear out my spare bedroom and then I can stretch in there! Thanks for stopping by hun! Have a great week x

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      1. I get that! Our living room is SO tiny that when Joshua and I would do at-home workouts together, we would always end up hitting each other or the wall/furniture lol. I’m excited to have a bigger living room with our move!

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      2. Omg really!! A total nightmare lol, it’s so inconvenient when there’s not enough space but hey massive well done to you guys for still keeping at it and not letting that stop you! Aw that is fantastic that you are going to have more space there!

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