Welcome To My Bookshelf

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog… and welcome to my bookshelf!

Anybody who knows me will know how much I love reading. I’ve always been a bookworm ever since I was younger so I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I own a lot of books and of course, I’m a fan of talking about literature.

Considering how much I love all things books, I thought it would be really fun to create a new series here on my blog all about my bookshelf: ‘Welcome To My Bookshelf’. In this series I of course will share with you a little ‘tour’ of my bookshelf, the books I own, mini reviews, what I’m currently reading and more. I am so excited for this new series here on my blog as I just love all things literature. Hey, who knows, maybe one of my own books will be on this shelf one day (and hopefully shelves around the world… I could become a bestseller, hehe).

Naturally, as this is my first ‘Welcome To My Bookshelf’ post in the series, I am going to be sharing with you a bookshelf tour. My bookshelf is from Ikea, and has 6 shelves. Surprisingly, the two top shelves actually don’t hold anything book related as I’m currently using them for all things skincare and beauty, but eventually the intention is to get some bathroom shelves to house my beauty bits and bobs, and fill these top two shelves with even more books and maybe some ornaments.


Beneath the two ‘beauty’ shelves we have the third shelf, where we are finally actually finding some books. Hurrah! Books on a bookshelf? It’s about time… LOL. This third shelf holds a few of my beautiful crystals, along with my ‘spiritual’ ‘self help’ style books.

We then have my ‘To be read’ shelf, on the fourth shelf down. This shelf is purely for all the books I have which I have yet to read. Although there are books on my shelf which I have already read and would like to read again, these don’t go on the ‘tbr’ shelf as I have technically already read them. This shelf is solely for all new books! Every now and then I will create prioritised to be read piles, which I will keep to the left side of this shelf to read in order, so I’m reading what suits my mood and when. Any new books I buy will go straight on this shelf.


On the fifth shelf down we have potentially my favourite shelf (along with my lovely crystals and spirituality shelf), this shelf is alllll about the chick lit. It’s such a nice level of the shelf to look at (LOL), as it’s so girly and filled with all the best books. We have my Jackie Collins’, my Jane Costello’s, my Jill Mansell’s and more. This is the shelf where I will place all my girly, romantic, chick lit books once I’ve read them. Basically, anything that isn’t thriller / non fiction.

On my final shelf, the sixth shelf down we have all the non chick lit books pretty much. We have autobiographies, non fiction, classics etc etc. Basically anything that’s not romance or chick lit will go on this shelf!


I absolutely love my bookshelf and I’m so glad I now finally own one. Before I moved house, my books were stacked in piles on the floor! Now, they are super cute and organised thanks to my fabulous Ikea bookshelf. I am soooo happy about this and it just makes reading feel even more joyous for me, as I love seeing all my books so neatly organised.

Are you a fan of reading? How do you store your books? What’s your favourite genre of book? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. I love your bookshelf. I feel like I need a bigger one but dont have the space for it. We dont have many books but CL does. Even so, I would like to get more books. Especially ones I enjoyed reading.
    Anyway I also love that you placed your Crystals there. I need to recharge mine.
    Lovely post. Can’t wait to see more.

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    1. Thanks Rossy! Oh no, I had the same thoughts to be fair I wondered if I’d have space for this sheld but luckily I managed to find the perfect spot! Aw that’s cute!!! And yes! You should totally get some more! Maybe you could clear out some old ones that you do have to make room for new? Thanks hun omg I am no crystal expert so I don’t even know how to recharge mine 😭😭 I need to research this! Do you have a lot of crystals?? Thank you so much!

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      1. Well our house is so small, hubby, CL and I are all crammed into one single room, so it can be kind of hard lol. I really need to start working and save up money to buy a home. Hopefully soon.
        I looked into it and you can leave them in the moonlight (it’s okay if it’s rainy or cloudy, just make sure to check which can’t come into contact with water). You can also put some in the sun, but a lot of them you can’t do that for either, some can be rinsed under a faucet for a minute each and visualize the negativity being washed off. There’s also like salt baths or something, but again, some can’t be put under water or with salt because they can dissolve. So yeah. 🙂 I might put mine under the moonlight, but i have to wait when it’s a full moon. I don’t have many crystals, let me count them… I have 6 plus a bracelet. I want to get an amethyst crystal too!

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  2. Oh this is a fun idea for a post!!! I loved a peak into your book shelf. I love how you have your mugs organized with your brushes- so cute!! I also really enjoyed going through your titles- what is your favorite you own? Thank you for sharing!


    1. Hehe thanks hun! I thought using the muga to store my brushes would be a cute idea, although I realise now I have a lack of personal mugs for my hot drinks sooo I might switch it round a little, or I might just get some more mugs!

      Ooh my favourite which I own! Great question. Probably The Alchemist. And I love the little book of Hygge purely because my dad bought it for me! But the Alchemist is a life changing book, have you read it? Thanks for commenting, Mack xx

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      1. I think you would love The Alchemist Mack! I’ve read it around three times I think and I will definitely read it again. It changes my life everytime I read it and helps me to feel so connected and guided by the Universe. It’s amazing! When the time is right for you, I know you will read it!

        I know! So precious that my Dad saw it and thought of me. Love him ❤️

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  3. Love IKEA, lol!! I actually just went to an IKEA store for the first time this weekend and it was such a fun experience!! Anyway I love these bookshelf posts! It’s always fun to see how other people store their books and what books they keep. Thanks for sharing!! ❤


  4. Love how organized your bookshelf is!! The beauty bits look so good & you have so many books with pretty spines. ♡ I don’t own any physical copies– just eBooks because I know I couldn’t keep my shelves as neat as you! Looking forward to more in this series! So fun, Jennie!!

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    1. Hehe thanks hun!!! I need to give it a good clean at the moment to be honest, but at least everything is in its place (pretty much haha). I know I just love looking at them LOL! Ah that’s fair enough, do you have to pay for your ebooks? I don’t really know how they work. Thank you Hunida, hopefully I’ll have more to add to the series soon!

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      1. I would love staring at the book spines all day, too. ❤ I borrow eBooks from the eLibrary (Overdrive app)! I don't have to pay for them but I only get to keep them for 21 days at a time. 😛 Looking forward to see what else you have in store for this series!!


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