Honouring My Inner Child

I recently discovered a picture of myself from when I was about 4 or 5 years old, this picture to be precise,


and it melted my heart.

I look so happy, carefree and over joyed with life. In this photo I am living my best life, with not a care in the world. Not a shred of self doubt, just happy.

As many of you may know if you’ve been keeping up with my blog this year, I haven’t had the greatest of times with my mental health in the past few months. I’m currently a lot lot better than I was which I am so thankful for and I can’t believe I’m even at where I’m at right now, because there was a time I didn’t even see how I was going to make it until my sisters wedding next year, or Christmas even. I was stuck in a dark place and I couldn’t see the light, but that’s a story for another day. But the point is, I was being so so hard on myself, drowning myself in so much negativity, and when I saw that picture of little me the other day I thought hold on a minute. How could I be doing this to myself? Beating myself up mentally on the daily and feeling so so awful, would I treat that little girl in the photo this way? That sweet, innocent, happy, carefree child just loving life in Barcelona, no I would not. The point is, that little girl is still me. Just all grown up. But I’m still that girl and I owe it to my sweet, precious, innocent younger self to be kind to myself now, the way I would be to my younger self. When I see this photo of myself, aged four or five, I am filled with SO much love, love for the girl that is ME! So how could I ever be so hard on myself when I remember my inner child. I wouldn’t hurt her the way I hurt myself now, yet she is still me, just the younger version so why on Earth have I been being so hard on myself? Tearing myself down and fighting with everything mentally, when I don’t deserve that! How can I hate myself after seeing myself at a younger age, so happy and full of life? It’s impossible, I owe it to that girl in the photo, absolutely loving life, to be kind to myself, to live my best life, to follow my dreams, to be kind to the world, to be happy, to love my family and friends and most importantly, to love myself.

Just as you should love yourself and your inner child too. ❤️


  1. Dear Jennie,

    it’s not like you’re hurting little you on purpose. It’s not like your hurting yourself on purpose. Being in a dark place, as you put it, without seeing any light makes people do things they’d never do in a clear state of mind. Being in a dark place with no way out makes you become that place in a way. You get accustome to being there, mentally and physically. And you’ll start acting/behaving accordingly. You might start thinking you’re a bad person, you’re ugly and so on and you’ll start believing yourself because who’s gonna say you’re wrong? And you’re your own worst enemy because you know all your weaknesses and how to exploit them. And that’s what you’ll do over and over again. Of course you’d never do that to little you but in that moment that’s not your point of view. In that moment you’re that ugly, stupid whatever person. It’s only in a moment of clarity or when you’re way past that dark place that you realize what you’ve done. It’s easier said than done, but don’t beat yourself up about what you’ve done to little you. You didn’t do that on purpose and if present you knows it I’m sure little you will understand. Maybe now you could take little you for a big bowl of ice cream and make peace because that’s also an important step: come to terms with the past and enjoy living in the moment. Wish you all the best 🙂


    1. Aw that’s one of the loveliest, most thoughtful comments I have ever received! Thank YOU so much! And yes, I did treat myself to some ice cream and cookie dough hehe, I might do it again in the next few days to treat little me 💖 Thank you so much!


  2. Awh you were so cute when you were little. And dont be so hard on yourself. Life is full ups and downs, light and darkness. There must be a balance. Dont forget that “a certain darkness is needed to see that stars” 💜


  3. Great post. Definitely for me the past year I’ve been stressy and hard on myself. It’s easy to forget how to be carefree and full of wonder like as a child, but we’ll both get there💕 x

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    1. Thank you Dannii! I agree, we can be so hard on ourselves sometimes, totally not fair to ourselves! Sorry to hear you’ve been stressing and hard on yourself too, it’s not nice 😦 YES we will! For sure ❤️❤️

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  4. Oh this is so vulnerably, beautifully, hopefully written, love ❤ Thank you for sharing your heart- you are a special soul. I am extremely glad to hear you are in such a great place. And this was a tremendous reminder I needed to hear. Sending all my love & hugs, beautiful!

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  5. Love that the cute baby photo helped you see the light, Jennie. You’re right. She IS you just all grown up & you deserve all the love & respect in the world– especially from yourself. ♡ Beautiful post, babe!!


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