What I Eat In A Day Health and Fitness Update

Hello my loves, how is everybody today? Last night I uploaded one of my favourite posts to date, all about self love and honouring my inner child. I think I like this one so much because it came fully from the heart, I had my thoughts, I wrote them down and I hit publish. No heavy editing, or scheduling the post for a couple of days later (meaning I’d inevitably tweak it somehow), just an in the moment spontaneous post on my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it’s the spontaneous ones which turn out to be the best!

Anyway, today’s post is a What I Eat In A Day health and fitness style post. As you may know, I’ve recently started up a little health and fitness journey which has been really great as setting goals has definitely helped to keep me motivated and focused. You can read my June health and fitness goals here, and today I’ll just be sharing with you what I’ve eaten etc etc and how I’ve stuck to those goals on this day. I’ve found these What I Eat In A Day posts are a pretty groovy way to keep myself motivated, as I’m more aware of what I’m eating / doing because I know I have to share my results here on the blog!



For breakfast I had my fave cereal ever, Krave, with almond milk. I was going to opt for the healthier option of weetabix considering I’m doing this blog post today but I thought nah, I want my Krave. I have completely cut out dairy milk now when it comes to having my cereals (I still have it with hot drinks though) but for the past month or so I’ve been using Soya milk. I changed this week to almond milk as I heard it’s actually better for you, thankfully I like this almond milk just the same as the Soya milk. You can’t really tell there’s much of a difference between them, really.


For lunch I had two bananas and a bowl of mixed pepper rice. I was going to have tomato soup because I knew I had a carbohydrate filled dinner ahead of me, however I was so hungry by the time lunch time rolled around I opted for a more satisfying bowl of rice instead.


For dinner I went ALL out! I had a Pizza Hut pizza (margherita obvs), and I shared two sides with my bestie, cheesey triangles and sweet potato fries. I think the pizza was a pretty average size (maybe a medium, I’m not sure exactly because there was a muddle up with the order, all I know is it definitely wasn’t a large) and I left two slices (that’ll be lunch at some point this weekend)! Because of the deal we got, I also had a dessert with my dinner and I got yummy cookie dough with ice cream. One of the best desserts EVER! Overall not the healthiest dinner, but who cares? We gotta live and everything in moderation. I’ve been good the rest of the day.


As I was so hungry even after eating my lunch, I had a little plate of salted popcorn to tide me over until dinner time. I love popcorn because it’s so yummy, but so low in terms of calorie content. A great snack if you’re watching what you eat!


Water water water, need I say more?



This morning I had completed my 7 minute workout before 8am, check me out. I’ve also done a fair bit of walking today finishing my day at 9229 steps. Just under that recommended 10000. Not too shabby.

I am happy to say I achieved most of my daily June health and fitness goals today. I ticked off my 7 minute workout, I didn’t have any fizzy, I drank lots of water and I walked plenty. Whilst I didn’t do my meditation or gratitude today, they will definitely be done tomorrow so I’m very excited for that and I’m just going to keep on pursuing my goals. It doesn’t matter if each day isn’t perfect, the most important thing is that I’m trying and doing my best whilst still living and enjoying life, which I am!

What goals have you succesfully achieved today, fitness related or otherwise? Tell me your successes!!!!

I hope everyone has had a fab day today, as always thank you for reading,





    1. So is mine! Cereals everyday 😂😂
      Ooh really? I didn’t know that but to be honest, I’m not the best vegetarian as in, I don’t know all the best supplements etc! I don’t know what to have as my protein 👀👀 I’ll have a google. Thanks chick xx

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  1. Yay! I actually havent had much cereal these days but I’m glad to hear you’ve replaced dairy milk with something else. And yes, too soy milk can be bad for you, isnt that ironic? Lol. But almond milk is a great alternative. I go for rice milk and have also tried hemp milk but I felt like the rice milk was much lighter.
    I want pizza so bad!! Lol
    That’s great that you’ve achieved your goals! I’ve been doing well as well lol.
    Keep it up girl!

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    1. Really!? I love cereal I have it virtually everyday 😂😂 I’m obsessed, it’s so refreshing in the morning. Yeah I’m so happy I’ve stopped having dairy milk with it, the thought of having cereals and dairy milk makes me feel sick now! I know I had no idea! I’m glad I like the almond milk. I’ve never tried rice milk I will have to put that on my shopping list 😍
      Pizza is so yummy!
      Thanks hun, so happy to hear you’ve been doing good too! Go us!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yesss- love what you said about moderation- so true! This looks like a great day of eating- you know that pizza is jumping off the page to me ! YUM. Sounds like such a lovely day too. Thanks for sharing, J! xo


  3. Yum, yum! I love that Krave cereal! I didn’t know that almond milk was better for you than soya but that’s what I drink so it’s cool to know. 🙂 Glad you like it just the same!! Dinner & dessert look amazing!! You are seriously killing your goals & I’m happy that you’re not completely restricting yourself. Hope to see more of these posts from you in the future! I enjoyed it so much! ♡


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