Thoughts Are Just Thoughts

Hello my angels and welcome back to my blog. Today we have a different-ish style of post, focusing a little more on mental health, I just wanted to let you know that before you read on! This post is all about the mind, mental health and a little thing called intrusive thoughts. This post is designed to help and comfort anybody who may be struggling with their mental health and their mind, so if this doesn’t resonate with you then I totally understand if you wanna skip over this post and find something that does resonate with you, but this post was written with the intent to share my story and to help people so they know that they are NEVER alone, and through love you can get through anything, so if you do feel like this post will resonate with you then please feel free to read on and you’re always welcome to drop a comment down below if you need to talk. My comments are always open (obviously, hehe).

Here we go!

Thoughts are just thoughts, let them pass
Your thoughts do not define who you are.
I’ve seen a few posts on social media where people talk about having control over their thoughts as if they can be so manageable and controlled. Saying things like ‘if you knew how powerful your thoughts are you’d never think a negative thought again’ and whilst I do agree to a great extent, and I do believe we can certainly have influence over our thoughts, that’s not to say our thoughts define who we are or that we can have complete control over them 24/7. Sometimes, unwanted thoughts can creep in. And that’s okay. Because that’s not who we are. We are not our thoughts.

I recently discovered I was suffering with something called ‘intrusive thoughts’, basically, negative, unpleasant, unwanted thoughts that would seriously send me into panic mode and have me crying all day because I thought they made me a terrible person. I didn’t realise at the time that what I was experiencing was so common and that it’s actually pretty natural to experience intrusive thoughts, so because I was struggling with this thinking I was the only person going through it, not aware that this was a common occurrence in people’s lives (which I actually discovered to be the case through twitter and facebook, where I saw people posting about them) the problem got even worse as I was constantly trying to control my thoughts. Constantly beating myself up over them, inviting them in as I was trying so hard to push them away because the more I tried to push them away, the more awful I felt for having them and the more focus I was giving to them. I was trying so hard to fight them off therefore they were NOT going away because I was paying them so much attention as I was constantly worrying about them. Whereas looking back, I realise now thoughts are just thoughts. They don’t define me. What’s real are my actions, what’s real is the life I choose to live, the way I choose to live and living through my heart.

My counsellor told me, the worse I was feeling, the more these thoughts would creep up on me as just like vultures, negativity preys on you when you’re down. I was in a vulnerable place, therefore it was easy for these intrusive thoughts to breed in my mind because it’s like the worse I felt about them, the more they gave me to feel worse about. It’s easier to kick a man when he’s down, isn’t it? And that’s what was happening to me. Had I have been in a better place mentally at the time I started experiencing these intrusive thoughts (I was already struggling emotionally), I would have been able to handle this situation better and not allowed the thoughts to consume me but I was already so low, this knocked me down completely. Thankfully, I started visiting a counsellor who has benefited my life in a million ways and I am so grateful to her, and talking to her has been life changing in the most positive way. I know I can always go to her now, and she’s always going to make me feel better, stronger, safer. I advise anybody who may be struggling with their mental health to talk to someone, I was even prescribed anti depressants at this point when I was so down so I just want people to know that it’s absolutely okay to talk and to take medication for your mental health. As you would visit a doctor if you were struggling with your physical health, my loves, mental health is just the same and you should forever be proud of yourself no matter what you are going through, but I want you all to know it’s brave to reach out and get help, it’s self love to get help, it’s power to you to get help because you are taking your power back and coming into your light once more. Whatever you’re going through it’s okay, and it’s okay to get help. I promise. Seeing a counsellor was one of the best things I have ever done, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Back to the intrusive thoughts, when I was going through this I was devastated. I cried every single day, I’d spend my whole day in bed waiting for my Mum to get home just so I could cry some more and hopefully feel reassured by her telling me I was going to be okay (God bless my Mother), I felt guilty all the time, though I had done nothing wrong and I was constantly living in fear. As well as seeing a counsellor, I began to start learning to live through my heart centre rather than my mind. I guess you could say I began to live through my heart instead of my ego, which you can learn more about here. In our heart, that’s who we truly are. That is where divine love is alive, that is where we live as our best self. When we are living through our heart centre. I found myself turning to my heart centre and sending my focus directly to this energy point of love whenever I was struggling with my mind and mental health and I found this really helped to calm me. Even now, when I’m not struggling with my mental health so much (of course there are the times when I struggle but it’s more of a rarity now thank goodness- so I promise you also speaking from my own experience, it does get better my loves), I still aim to live through my heart centre because I believe that is where my true self lies, as my actions and my words are all coming from a place of divine, pure love. Living from the heart centre is calming, it is real and it is magic. When we live from the heart, we have no fear, as there is only love.

So many of us give so much power to our thoughts and whilst yes, they are a part of who we are, they are not solely who we are. They do not define us. Who we are, who our realest form is, lies in our heart centre.

When I’m struggling with my mind, I return my focus to my heart. That’s who I truly am. Pure love.

I would recommend to anybody who may be struggling with their mental health and their mind, focus on your hearts energy, consciously decide to live through your heart. Personally for me, that’s one thing I’ve noticed to make such a difference because I know when I’m living through the heart, I am who I truly desire to be and I’m so grateful for that. When I put my energy on living through my heart, that is when I feel calm and that is when I feel safe.

Think less, feel more. I want to highlight the fact that one of the key words in this post is THOUGHTS. That’s all they are huns, thoughts. As well as living through my heart centre and focusing my energy on my source of love, I discovered an amazing meditation by Aaron Doughty* which kind of simplifies everything and explains how thoughts are just thoughts. Basically, he puts it like this: just like the people who pass us in the street, we don’t have control over those who pass, just like our thoughts. Thoughts stroll through our mind just like passing strangers in public places and that’s okay. The good, the bad, let them pass and although you can’t control what passes, you can control where your focus goes. That beautiful thought that just strolled through your mind? Oh hi hun! Let’s pay you some more attention and focus on you! That horrible thought that just passed along? Bye Felicia, I’m walking away from you, LATERS, baby. Allowing it to pass with no resistance, letting it go gracefully. If you tried to fight that thought you didn’t want it would have stayed put, ready to fight back, just let the thoughts you don’t want stroll on by without a second glance just like you would do a stranger you didn’t want to speak to, knowing that that isn’t who you are, it was just a thought in passing.

Thoughts are just thoughts. Some of them amazing, wonderful, incredible, some not so great. Don’t give the power to the ones you don’t want, they don’t define you. I have given so much power to unwanted thoughts this year and it’s still something I am overcoming but it’s gotten easier as I have realised now that a thought is just a thought. It can only bring me down if I give it the power to but ultimately the best thing I can do for myself and the world is to continue focusing on being my best, most kindest self, learning from my experiences, helping others and living from my heart. That is where the power lies, in our beautiful, loving hearts! ❤️

*I recieved Aaron Doughty’s meditation which I mentioned above through an email link, the meditation is called ‘Raise vibration meditation’ it’s unlisted on youtube and I don’t remember where I found the link to be sent the email for it, but if you go onto his website herethere are links to other meditations you can recieve. He also has a whole playlist of amazing meditations on youtube here.

*I found all pictures through google image search, so all credit for the pictures goes to the original creators. I do not own these images.

Mental health support / help links


NHS List of helplines

List of Worldwide Mental Health hotlines


  1. I LOVE this! And I love you! You are one of the sweetest and strongest people I have met through blogging and I am always here if you need to talk! Sending you so much love beauty! ❤


    1. Aw Kate I love you!! Thank you so much beauty! You inspire me so much and are one of the nicest people I know through the blogosphere. I am so happy I found you and your blog and I am so grateful for all the times you have been here for me God bless you ❤️❤️ you are the most amazing, caring friend. Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️ All the love back!!


  2. Wow wow this post is just an eye-opener,thank you for sharing this ,i honestly really appreciate this…sending you lots of love Jennie💕

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  3. I have been struggling with intrusive thoughts a ton lately, I think with just all the changes and uncertainties coming- definitely can cause some serious anxiety– so I cannot tell you how timely reading this post is for me. It’s exactly what I needed to hear. I am bookmarking so I can re-read again when I need this reminder. Thank you SO much for sharing. You are incredibly wise & beyond your years, love! XO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow Mack, I had no idea. I know you’ve had a lot going on but I didn’t realise you were struggling with intrusive thoughts! Uncertainties definitely cause big anxiety, it’s so hard but I know you know as you told me in similar words once before it all works out in the end and it always gets better ❤️❤️ I remember your comment on my post when I was going through a dark time, saying how you’d experieced something similar so I know you’ve got this Queen! And you are such a radiant, wonderful soul the Universe could only ever shine down on you so whatever you are struggling with / worried about right now, it’s all going to make sense in the end. I have no doubt the Universe could only ever bless you! You deserve it!

      I am so grateful to know this post came at the perfect time for you. I so wasn’t even sure to upload it but I felt I kept getting pushed with signs to do so, to know it’s so timely for you to read it makes me feel so happy that I can help even in just the tiniest of ways! And you can always DM me on Insta if you need a chat. I’ve gotchu girl!

      Thank you so much for your kind words always Mack, if anybody inspires me to be a better person it’s you. You always uplift me and remind me of the good in the world, so much love to you. I hope you have a calm and relaxing weekend! ❤️

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      1. Oh my goodness, you are the sweetest friend ❤ The thoughts definitely come on during heightened stressful times (especially imposters syndrome & random things that I will ruminate on and not be able to let go).. but I have become better over the years with trying to reframe them. And I do have to remind myself it’s just because we are in the most stressful couple weeks we have had in a long time… moving, my sisters wedding across the country, and the hardest semester of school yet all within a couple week span- BUT it will all be quiet in a few weeks so I am still trying to enjoy the chaos as much as possible, because these are all really amazing moments I don't want to miss! I don’t want it to sound like I am in some scary place, just a bit overwhelmed which anxiety can definitely rear its ugly head in moments. But this post was still such an incredible encouragement as was this incredibly loving, thoughtful comment back. I am SO thankful to know you, Jennie! You have no idea how much this touched my heart… it truly made my day! ❤ I hope you have the most wonderful weekend as well, love ❤

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  4. As someone who has struggled with anxiety since I was teen, this post is so encouraging and positive. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this, girl! Your words are extremely helpful. When my anxiety gets bad, I can’t stop crying and the thoughts just get overwhelming. I’m going to keep your words in mind next time I’m feeling anxious. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so grateful for your comment, to hear you found this post encouraging and positive. It’s funny because this post is one I wasn’t even sure I was going to post, I’ve had it planned and written for a while now and I finally just went for it, rewrote it a little and posted in hopes the people who needed it would find it and it would help in some way so thank you so so much for your comment. It means the world to me. Anxiety is a horrible, horrible thing but I believe in you and I know you can overcome it and get through it. You have the power, love. Anxiety is just a mean little rodent but it can’t get the best of YOU! Just know that even when you are feeling anxious, you got this. You are Superwoman and it can’t control you. You are not your anxiety. I’m sure you’ve heard this all before but I just want you to know you got this, and if you can get through it once you can get through it again. Sending so much love and loving power your way, Earth Angel! Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. This is such a fabulous post!! Intrusive thoughts are honestly the most disruptive thing (I hate them; I used to get exactly what you were describing where they would almost send me into a tailspin and ruin my entire day). Someone explained them to me as anxious or overactive minds using them as a way to categorise things. So like you obviously don’t want to jump in front a train, but your mind might think “why dont we jump in front of it?” as a way to put the thought there so you can categorise it as “no, we dont want to do that”. not sure if it’s true, but it always helps me with mine…I like to think of them as almost reminders that I’m not bad and they’re my brain’s way of running things past me to make sure we’re still not psycho lool xx

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    1. Thank you so much! Wow, it’s amazing to know that so many people have experienced this. I felt so alone when I was going through it, yet so many people have experienced the same. They are SO disruptive and SO exhausting, they stop you living your life! YES that makes total sense, an overactive or anxious mind… for sure… especially in terms of categorising things. I feel like a lot of people might have that thought casually but not dwell on it, like the thought passes, whereas I could have that thought and then I’d over analyse why I didn’t want to jump in front of that train for example, to prove to myself why I really don’t want to do it, if that makes sense? Instead of just letting the thought be and thinking ‘lol nah’, or whatever, I’d start thinking about why I’m saying no to the thought.. just bringing more of the thought! But not anymore, now I let that ish go hehe! But I totally get where you’re coming from and I’m so glad it helps you and like you say, they are good reminders because like you say, it’s just your brains way of running things past you to remember who you are and that you are good, and those thoughts just aren’t you honey ❤ It's great you've found that positive perspective on it! Thanks so much for commenting hun, it means a lot and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xxx


  6. Love this post so much. A lot of this did resonate with me because I feel like its something I’ve had to deal with all my life. I always believed my thoughts defined me and always believed my thoughts were true and real when in fact it was nothing. I think for a long time I let my thoughts affect my being until I learned this same lesson. Sure it happens still but not to the point where it is harmful to me, mentally.
    I also try to remember that it’s ok to have all kinds of thoughts, to let them come and go and not hold on to them. You’re right, your actions do define who you are not your thoughts.
    I also try to remember the ying and yang concept. You will have lots of good thoughts but also bad ones, you just need to let them come and leave just as quickly without holding onto them. There needs to be a balance.
    Hope you’re having an amazing week love@

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Rossy! It’s amazing to see how many people have gone through this / something similar etc, when it’s happening, it feels like you’re alone but we really are all going through such similar experiences here on this Earth, so we are never alone and it’s comforting to know that. I am so so grateful you have learned this same lesson, and that you are dealing with them much better now, and I love your views on the ying and yang concept. I’ve totally never thought about that before so thank you for sharing. I always focus on the good etc, and being the good, I forget that there is the ying and yang in life but like you say, ‘you just need to let them come and leave just as quickly without holding onto them’ and you have worded that perfectly Rossy. I will remember those words for sure, and what you say is so true. The thought comes into your head super quick, so quick we can’t stop it so why hold onto it? Let it go just as quickly. I’ve definitely learnt to let go a lot more recently, I haven’t been dwelling on anything I’ve allowed myself to move on freely with love and kindness to myself. I’ve been practising a lot of self love affirmations too which I think has definitely helped.

      I am so grateful for your comment Rossy and for you sharing your perspective on things. Your comment is absolutely beautiful and helpful, so thank you. I’m sorry you’ve dealt with these things you’re whole life, but I am just so glad you’re overcoming it and you’ve gotten to a point where it’s no longer harmful to your mental health. You are doing amazing!

      Have a great weekend hun!

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      1. Yes, as messed up as it sounds, it’s nice to know that you are not alone in certain struggles. I think that company in those struggles make it so much easier for us to move on.
        I have read so much into eastern philosophy and I read a book about the buddha long ago and i remembered some of those ideologies and way of like and way of thinking that it resonated with me on a deep deep level. Sadly I’m better at telling people all of this advice and suck at taking it myself lol
        Thank you! I think what matters most is that you learn and you grow. Change is inevitable and scary but it isnt always bad. We just have to let life as it comes and not ignore the signs of life cycles and stages because the only ones holding us back are us.
        Have a lovely weekend as well! xx


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