The Perfect Weekend (Weekend Highlights)

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog!!!

How is everybody today? I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and you’re having the best week so far.

My weekend (just gone, can you tell I’m publishing this post late?) started on Thursday evening as I finished work and then had a lovely three days off in a row. Beautiful. We love a long weekend. I celebrated with a hot bath using Lush’s Chocomint bath bomb (which smells delicious, fyi) followed by Dominos pizza for dinner which I am just loving lately. I used to be more of a Pizza Hut girl and if someone suggested Dominos I would be kind of like meh, can take it or leave it but now I’m Dominos all the way (I still do enjoy a Pizza Hut too), but Dominos are top of the game at the moment. Pizza paradise, am I right or am I right!?

On Friday, I spent the day walking with my Mum and taking photos for a new lookbook coming either this week or next (exciting). My Mum is such a Queen for coming out and taking these photos with me. God bless her, she is the most supportive mother ever. I can’t wait to be able to pay her back one day (somehow, I don’t know how yet, maybe a new car orrrr… I could just fund her whole retirement so she can retire early and become a gardener 24/7, she loves gardening) anyway I digress, I’m just so blessed to have a Mum who will take all my outfit of the day pictures. We Stan a Supportive Queen. Also, when I say I spent the day walking, I mean spent the day walking. We were out for around 2 and a half hours, it was such a long stroll but so good. It felt amazing to get all that exercise in, especially as I had worked out that morning also. I’ve been smashing the workouts lately, I’m currently on my seventh day in a row. I’ve realised there is no time for excuses when it comes to my goals, if I want to achieve something I have to get up and show up. I’m waking up in the morning and exercising, knowing that it’s my life and only I can push myself to achieve the goals I have set. I got this!


Anyway, back to the walk. It was just so nice and I got some great pictures which I can’t wait to share with you, I’ll definitely leave you with a little sneak peek for now. It’s funny because as I was shooting one of the outfits a guy was strolling past on a nearby bridge and I could see him watching, then all of a sudden he just shouted ‘looking good’! So embarrassing but hey I’ll take the compliment because I love a compliment. Who doesn’t?


When I arrived home, I chilled out for a bit feeling pretty restless because I just wanted to go back outside again for another walk. When it’s sunny, I just don’t feel like being indoors. I could have gone outside in the garden but I was craving another adventure. Luckily the Universe pulled through, as my friend Hannah spontaneously invited me to an outdoors yoga session. I have been wanting to go to yoga forever but the opportunity has never arisen, until now. And how beautiful that my first ever experience with yoga was on Summer Solstice and International Day Of Yoga? Divine timing in all its glory. I love the Universe.

I have to admit, yoga was a lot harder than I expected it to be. And Hannah and I were just a little unprepared (well it was spontaneous) when we turned up and realised everyone else had brought yoga mats but us. Oops. So we had Mother Earth as our very own yoga mat this time, but I’ve already made my purchase so I’m prepared for next time.

I really enjoyed yoga and it felt amazing, to be outside nurturing my body. I felt so good afterwards, even though I found some positions difficult, I can’t deny how good my body felt in general just for participating in this activity. Because of this I will definitely be doing yoga more and more and I know I’m only going to get better at it, therefore I am going to feel even more amazing with each session.

Once yoga was done, I went to visit my family at the pub. It’s ironic because I felt so good after yoga but once at the pub, something happened which put me in a bad mood so I literally went from high to low in the space of twenty minutes. Thankfully I am learning not to let a bad moment make a bad day, and I soon snapped out of my funk and enjoyed my evening once more when my family and I went home and ate dinner together. I am proud of myself as normally once something goes wrong in my day, I can have the tendency to write the rest of the day off as a negative and think ‘what’s the point, I’ll start again tomorrow’, but this time I realised every second is precious and I didn’t have to let my bad mood ruin the rest of my evening, a bad mood does NOT make a bad day. I allowed myself to enjoy the rest of my evening with my family, choosing to focus on the positive and not the negative. Hurrah!

Saturday was another day of walking. Kind of. I did go for a walk but it was nowhere near as long as Friday’s. I went with two of my best friends, Emily and Hannah and it was so much fun as Emily bought a frisbee which we played with in the sunshine. It was just a really cute late morning / early afternoon and it was perfect as we even treated ourselves to an ice cream each! Yummy! The perfect Summer activity, eating ice cream outdoors with your best friends! What more could you want?

When I got home I was pleasantly surprised to find out my sister was coming over, I love spending time with my sister so I was so happy to hear she’d be stopping by for a while. Along with my Mum and sister, I spent the rest of my day chilling in the garden talking about life and making special memories.

It was a nice, relaxed Summery day spent with loved ones and I am grateful to have spent such quality time with my friends and family. It was the perfect Saturday.

On Sunday, my parents and I spent some time together visiting my brother, sister in law and nephew. I made some beautiful memories with my loved ones, seeing my Dad laugh and smile, reading with my Mum and nephew and bringing joy to my nephews life by playing catch, rockets and bubble competitions with him! His smile lights up my day and brings me so much joy, I am so thankful to be his Auntie and I am grateful to be a part of his life. Making him happy makes me happy, so I love every second I get to spend with him bringing joy, love and happiness to his world! So precious.

After visiting my brother and his family, my parents and I took a completely spontaneous trip to a place called Avebury, which is similar to Stonehenge in the way that there are random rocks dotted everywhere. It’s a very spiritual place, and I fell in love instantly.

Here, you will find people hugging and leaning against the stones to benefit from their healing powers. Of course I did this a few times and it felt magical, I’ve asked my parents if we can revisit again soon and I will definitely be coming back here for a birthday picnic. It’s the perfect place to spend some quality time with loved ones, and whilst here I bought some more crystals to add to my collection from one of the souvenir shops. I also found the perfect wedding card for my sister and her fiancé so I picked that up, and I am so excited to give it to them once they wed. I found a wonderful blog post all about Avebury which will give you so much information and make you want to visit right away, so if you want to check that post out please click here. I figured I’d share the link considering I’ve only visited Avebury the once so I am no expert, whereas this blogger clearly knows what she’s talking about. I hope I eventually get to know the place just as well myself! This was a really fun, spontaneous trip with my parents and I am so grateful for this adventure with them and it was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. Thank you Universe!


I’m loving doing these weekend highlights posts again as it’s encouraging me to make more of my weekend and adventure and experience as much as possible. This weekend so far I have plans of work and a walk with my Mama, so let’s see what other adventures the Universe surprises and blesses me with this time! I’m excited!

What was the highlight of your weekend? Did you do anything spontaneous, or did you already have exciting plans? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading,

Have a great week,





  1. Dear Jennie,
    the positivity of and in that post is so impressive. Good to see you found it despite you having had (or maybe still having) some mental health issues not too long ago (please do correct me if I’m wrong). It’s always good to find your back. I hope there’ll be plenty more perfect weekends, days, etc. for you in the future! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so very much! No you’re absolutely right, the first half of this year was a struggle for me, but now I’m in a much better place and getting better every day, so thank you so much for your kind words and support. I appreciate it so much 🙂 Thank you so much, and for you too!


      1. You’re welcome. And thank you for spreading and sharing your positivity. I’ve been (and still am) going through some dark times myself and it helps to see that things can and will get better. So thank you again!


  2. I havent used a bath bomb in what seems like forever. My bath tub is just so small and not worth it lol.
    How cute that you and your mom get together for photo shoots I love that! Definitely a great team!
    And good for you for not letting a moment ruin the rest of your day! I know for a fact that however our day ends up being is usually how we react to situations. I’m still learning that too and I’m trying not to take life so seriously lol.
    Avebury looks so cool! I’d totally want to go back there after visiting a first time. It definitely looks magical.
    Highlight of my weekend, there was a wedding and I was the photographer, and then I headed to another state to visit a friend and then headed to the beach for a mini vacation lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no really!? Did you know you can get shower bombs from Lush now, maybe you could try one of those?

      I know she really is the best. And she always mentions to me places she’s seen or read about and is like ‘I thought that place would look great for an outfit of they day’ BLESS her she is so thoughtful omg. Too precious! Yes, I am lucky to have her ❤

      Absolutely. Like you say, it's not necessarily the situation it's how you react to it. I feel exactly the same about not taking life so seriously… there's no need. I'm definitely growing a lot. The other day I had plans to play a board game with my parents, but then we had a mini argument which normally I would have allowed to upset the whole night, not played the board game because I would have thought 'what's the point the nights already ruined, we'll play it another day when we're all in the perfect mood', but then I thought NO! We are gonna play this game and have fun, we've had a dispute so what? Let's move on from it. We turned out to have a lovely time playing the game and we were all joyful, completely different to the mood we were in the hour beforehand. Amazing. I am so glad I continued with my evening and allowed myself to enjoy it instead of wallowing… sorry if that was an absolute mess of a ramble by the way, just wanted to give my example. And I am proud of you for learning / practising to not take life so seriously. We got this! Let's enjoy ourselves!

      Avebury is magical, I think you would love it. An amazing place for an outfit of the day too hehe, maybe one day. But honestly Rossy I think you'd really like it there, I'm looking forward to going back!

      Ah amazing!! That's wonderful that you were the photographer ❤ wow!! And so exciting that you travelled to a different state, how exciting. And the beach too, I hope you had the most fantastic time, lovely! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Whaaaaaatttt???? Shower bombs are a thing???? Omfg I’ll have to look into this, this is huge news for me lol. I hope they have them in store here! Thanks for telling me doll!!
        Gosh no that’s the perfect example! We tend to become so petty to the point where we can’t let things go, we need to become more present and remember that life is also so very short and the time we spend mad at each other is time wasted.
        I’ve been looking over the photos today, still got about 900 left to choose from and pick the best ones. My camera isnt the best so the photos arent high quality (sadly) but I did let them know beforehand when the bride asked me and she said it was ok. The videographer never showed up anyway so whatever photos I took is the only evidence that that day even happened.


  3. I love that you went on such a long walk with your mom. I’ve never really spent quality alone time like that with mine. So sweet of her to take pictures & be so supportive of your blog, too! I’m crackin’ up about the guy who shouted “lookin’ good” to you. 🤣

    Yoga in the sun & grass sounds so relaxing! & the time spent with your family in the garden sounds lovely! That’s what summer days are all about, right? Making those special memories. ♡

    Avebury sounds so cool, too! Thanks for sharing, Jennie! I enjoyed this post so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks Hunida. I love walking with my Mum, in fact, it’s been a while since we went for one so I’ll be sure to ask her again soon – thanks for inspiring me, Maybe next time you see your Mum you could suggest a walk too? My Mum is the best when it comes to supporting my blog, she is the cutest. I love her so much, haha. Omg the thing is I could see him staring from the corner of my eye… honestly I was expecting something. My Mum said he was really talking about her LOL.

      It was a lovely experience! I agree completely, and everything always seems more special in the Summer too for some reason.

      Avebury was awesome, I can’t wait to go back. Thanks so much for commenting Hunida, hope you’re well ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are so cute, Jennie & so is your mum, I am LOLing about her saying the boy was talking about her!! ;D

        Everything totally seems more special in the summer. I feel like that too!!

        ❤ ❤ Hope you're well, too, babe!!


  4. LOVED reading this update (even if I am weeks behind!) I feel like I am catching up on your life and it makes me so happy! That bath bomb looked amazing! And I LOVE that outfit! Can not wait to see the look! Ughhh I hate when something bad happens, but good for you for shaking it off. It isn’t always easy to do. Stonehenge looks incredible! I hope you have an amazing week ahead beauty! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe thanks hun! Looool I still haven’t uploaded the lookbook yet, it’s probably time I do that 😂 thanks for giving me the nudge I needed!

      Thanks hun, it was annoying but I’m so proud of myself for taking control and not letting it spoil the rest of my night. Thank you so much hun and the same to you ❤️❤️❤️


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