Sacral Chakra Svadhishthana Lookbook

Hello my angels and welcome back to my blog. How is everyone today? I hope you’re all great!

Today it’s Lookbook time, hurray. We finally have my second instalment in my Chakra lookbook series and today, it’s time for me to showcase my Sacral Chakra inspired outfits.

The first Chakra I worked on was of course the Root Chakra and as I am working my way up through the Chakras, next to focus on of course is the Sacral Chakra. Even though this Chakra was next on the list for me to work on anyway, I knew it was super important I work on balancing and harmonising this one out regardless as all the signs were pointing towards it being blocked.

As I went to see my counsellor who I visited a lot during the first half of this year, I went through a meditation with her which highlighted that I had a problem with my Sacral Chakra. It came across as overactive and obviously out of balance. Based on the problems you can experience when your Sacral Chakra is out of harmony, I knew I had to sort this out ASAP.

The Sacral Chakra, otherwise known as Svadhishthana, is associated with the emotional body, sensuality and creativity. The colour it associates with is orange which naturally is the colour theme of this lookbook. As I learnt when watching Leeor Alexandra’s video on the Chakras, a blocked Sacral Chakra can result in feelings of guilt, something of which I was experiencing an overwhelming amount of during the first half of this year despite not actually having anything really to feel guilty about. I was suffering with feelings of guilt every single day for a long time over things which hadn’t even happened and problems which didn’t even exist. When I learnt more about the Sacral Chakra it was evident I was experiencing problems with this Chakra and it was blocked and / or unbalanced. I needed to harmonise and balance this out ASAP.

Through self love, I learnt to forgive myself for things I felt guilty for, I learnt to love and trust myself, I learnt to move on, let go of and not dwell on my mistakes so as not to repeat them and of course, I followed Leeor’s amazing, amazing Sacral Chakra Cleansing, Clearing and Activating guided meditation which is phenomenal, and I couldn’t recommend more.

Leeor’s Sacral Chakra meditation is intense and like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, the breathing techniques at the beginning are completely different to anything I’ve ever known and at first I found them hard to follow however it’s clear to see how beneficial these breathing techniques are for moving around stagnant energy and refreshing your body and Chakras. I’ve done this meditation a few times now and they’ve all been incredibly intense, tearful and healing experiences. I always finish this meditation feeling refreshed, revitalised and renewed. It’s without a doubt the most powerful, beneficial, healing, life changing guided meditation I have ever experienced. I will always refer back to this when struggling with my mental health and feelings of guilt, anxiety and discomfort. I hope there will come a time when I don’t experience these feelings anymore but until then I am so, so thankful for this incredible meditation and to Leeor Alexandra for creating it.

I highly recommend this meditation but do be prepared because it is super intense, so make sure you’re ready for it. This meditation will take you back to childhood, it will bring you self love and it will heal you. This is honestly one of the most healing meditations I have ever experienced, and I absolutely love it and look forward to doing it more and more, to cleanse my Sacral Chakra and heal myself completely. What a beautiful gift this meditation and Leeor is to the world. Thank you Leeor. One more time, I can not recommend this meditation enough.

Now, back to the lookbook. As well as working on my self love, forgiveness, repeating Sacral Chakra balancing and harmonising affirmations and of course practicing Leeor’s wonderful Sacral Chakra guided meditation I of course treated myself to some new clothes all in the colour orange so as to surround myself with all the Sacral Chakra vibes in order to aid in its healing and harmonising.

With these new and fun orange clothing pieces I’ve treated myself to, I have put together my Sacral Chakra inspired lookbook to share with you exactly what I’ve been wearing as I’ve been in the process of healing my Sacral Chakra. Enjoy!

Sacral Chakra Svadhishthana Lookbook

Outfit One




Outfit Two


Denim CulottesQuiz



Outfit Three


Shorts / SkortNew Look


My favourite of these outfits is outfit number one, I love the boldness of the dress and all the vibrant orange, it’s so fun! The top in outfit number three is also a fave being totally cute and Summery however the shorts I’ve since sold on ebay as I decided after years of owning them, I’d finally outgrown them and they were perhaps slightly too small for me. For years they were my favourite shorts ever and they will be missed however it’s time I treated myself to a new pair I’ll love just as much. For outfit number two, my favourite part of the look would have to be the awesome denim culottes which are so fun, Summery and comfy. Overall I love all of these outfits and I am totally thankful for all the added brightness in my wardrobe now, thanks to working on my Sacral Chakra. Next up, yellow for the Solar Plexus…

Which outfit from this lookbook is your favourite? What’s your favourite colour to wear? Are you focusing on balancing out any of your Chakras right now? Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for reading,

with all the love and light,

Jennie ❤️

Root Chakra Muladhara Lookbook


  1. I LOVE this! Sacral Chakra is one of my favs, and I LOVED teaching it when I was a yoga instructor. The poses along with Vishuddha (throat chakra) are ones my body needs the most, and I would always request them when I took restorative yoga. (my mentor actually does a different chakra each restorative class) You nailed this look! I love it, especially the first one! ❤


    1. Thank you angel! Ooooh I so wish I could have learnt with you when you taught this through yoga, it sounds amazing 😍 I need to learn more about these Chakra yoga poses for sure 👀 thanks for sharing beauty! And it’s so interesting that we both seem to have a connection with thr Sacral Chakra! And my first experience with a medium she told me I needed to work on my throat chakra too so that’s super interesting! This restorative yoga sounds INCREDIBLE! A different chakra every class?!?!? What!? I need, that’s amazing 😍 thank you so much angel! The first one is my favourite too! Have the best week 😍❤️


  2. Omg you are beyond stunning!!! I am so obsessed with your outfits, especially your asos dress. Sacral Chakra sounds so amazing, I really need to try this and get back into yoga! xx


    1. Aw thank you so so much Chloe! That means the world to me! Yes the ASOS dress is my favourite! Yes, I’ve only done yoga once tbh but it was amazing!! Enjoy the journey and let me know how you get on! Thanks for stopping by ❤️


  3. I’m glad you have been working through each chakra and taking your time to work on it too. I may actually have to do something like this because I havent been feeling 100% either.
    The first outfit I love! Looks so casual and comfy! And that dress is BRIGHT!
    The second and third outfit are super cute too! The top looks amazing on you and I love how you changed up the bottoms and it looks like a very different outfit! Love it!
    Keep working on yourself girl, I see the change in you and you are literally radiating light. 🧡🧡


    1. Thanks so much hun! It’s been really good for me and definitely worth doing! I’m still on the sacral chakra, planning on moving on to the solar plexus soon but we’ll see!

      Aw I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling 100%? Message me on Insta if you need to chat? In fact I’ll message you! But yes take it as a sign to start doing some inner work! Honestly that’s why I feel like I went through all I went through with my mental health etc, it was what propelled me to work on me!

      Thank you hun! I love the first outfit you’re right it is so comfy and so much fun hehe I feel so sassy when I wear it! It is so bright! You’d never lose me in that lol!

      Thanks so much hun and that means so so much, thanks for making my day Rossy, enjoy yours ❤️❤️❤️


  4. Thank you for recommending the meditation. It really sounds like something I need to do because I often feel unneccessary guilt & anxiety! Maybe my chakra is blocked too?! I’d love to find out…

    But onto the outfits!! That first one is killer, I’d rock it all day, any day. ♡ & yesss, the culottes in the second one need to be in my wardrobe.

    I can NOT wait for the next installment in this series!! You are such a fashionista & yellow is going to be so fun. 🙂


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