Excited and Alive

Fuck wow. The connection I felt tonight was unreal. I’ve never felt such a buzz in my heart. So alive with light. Lit up in magnitudes. What a life. To know I can experience that feeling once, I know I can experience it again and I am so excited. I could cry with gratitude and also, maybe a little bit of longing. Though to say I have longing would mean I’m not fully in the alignment I think I am. But to quote Drake ‘I want this sh*t forever man ever’. The feeling I felt tonight, yeah. I want that forever man, ever. I really do.

I asked the question, ‘how can I connect more to the Universe and my higher self to be in flow and reach a higher consciousness’. The Universe gave me everything. And I am in that higher consciousness. I feel elevated. I feel 5th dimensional.

The love I felt tonight was beautiful and pure. I have never felt so much genuine love and care for a stranger before. It was pure divine love. I’m not talking romance here, I’m talking the love I felt for this lady I had the opportunity to connect with on a spiritual level, and as she was trying to read me and trying to understand the messages I needed to receive, I sent her messages. I love you I love you, you got this.

This is a jumble of a blog post, and I don’t expect anyone to understand. To throw into the mix, remember: pale blue car, exams, shoes/ feet. Wild I Know. I’ll explain someday soon but for now, this is me documenting my feelings.

In love with life.

Excited for what’s to come.

Excited to work on me.

Excited to receive the answer to the question I just asked the Universe in my dreams tonight.

Excited to help people.

Excited to fall in love.

Excited to be a Tuscan Princess once more (shhh, I can’t say when)!

Goodnight my angels,

with love



  1. Totally reading this not in order, but this still makes me so happy to read and so happy for you! I am happy you had such an amazing night and so excited for what the future holds especially when you say Tuscan princess!!! Eeeek! ❤


  2. I love this!! I love that you are documenting this for yourself and honestly, I’d say you’re putting it out there even more and you’ll most likely get something back so good on you 👍🏻👍🏻😀😀


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