‘Behind’ Excited and Alive, An Experience With A Soul Alignment Session

Hello my angels and welcome back to my blog. How is everyone today?

I hope you’re all having a great week so far… Mine has been up and down, (hopefully on the up now) but on Tuesday, as you’ll have seen from my very jumbled blog post, I had a fantastic night which made me feel amazing. Seriously, I felt alive, like a new woman, I felt I’d reached a higher level of consciousness and I want to explain why…

On Tuesday evening, I went to a Soul Alignment ‘sofa chat’ session, a talk hosted by a Medium / Spiritual Counsellor (the one I personally go to visit often) and a Reiki Healer (who I haven’t yet visited, but I have plans to). The talk was all about Soul Alignment, raising vibrations and essentially, all things Spiritual. There was a strong group of people attending, and whilst the talk was hosted by our two Spiritual Leaders (as we shall call them as I don’t want to refer to personal names), we were all allowed to give our input, share our stories and ask questions if we desired.

I attended this talk with one of my closest friends who I like to refer to as my ‘soul sister’, and it was a euphoric evening.

The session started off with a ‘registration’, where we each got to write a question to put into a bowl for later on in the evening (with a couple being answered at the end before the session wrapped up), and where there were the most amazing brownies waiting for us to eat. OH MY. These brownies were divine, the best brownies I have ever had the pleasure of eating and I tell you what, if they’re gonna be a part of these ‘Sofa Chats’ every time then I will definitely be going back. Honestly, so good. I ate three!

I mean, obviously it’s not just the brownies that’ll have me returning though trust me they were Heaven, it was the whole vibe and experience of the evening. As you would have seen from my Excited and Alive post written on the night, I was on a high and if I can experience that feeling I felt forever, then please, that’d be great.

Following on from registration, the ‘talk’ began and we were brought into a meditation to bring the room together, so we could all connect and align. It was a short meditation, which was followed on from with more talking all about Soul Alignment and Spirituality. It’s funny because I can’t remember perfectly the whole evening in terms of what was said, but I remember the magic feeling perfectly. There was talk about calling on your Spirit Guides and Angel Guides, working on your inner self so you can elevate to higher levels of consciousness and ultimately, what 5th Dimensional consciousness even is and how to achieve that.

I guess to put it simply, 5th Dimension Consciousness is when you see the bigger picture. You’re more enlightened, if not fully enlightened, and you can see things for more than what they are. Essentially, being in the 5th dimension means you’re living in a higher state of consciousness, a happier state of consciousness, a happier vibration, and that’s truly what I felt after this soul alignment session. I felt I’d reached 5d reality, if only for a little while. The goal is to be at 5th Dimension consciousness all of the time, living in a permanent state of bliss and enlightenment, and I wish that for all of us. That we can all float through life blissful and loving, enjoying every single second.

An example of ‘seeing things for more than what they are’ / living in 5D: Yesterday, I walked 20 minutes to the bus stop where I waited for my bus, as I was waiting I was taking some Snapchat selfies, only to look up after posing to see my bus drive pass. I had missed my bus, meaning in order to get to my desired destination I would have to walk all the way back home so I could call a taxi and be picked up (my next bus wasn’t for another twenty minutes and it would take longer to get to my destination than it would via taxi). I was completely un-bothered by the fact I’d missed my bus, seeing it as a blessing for me in some way, be that a way I knew yet or not. It meant I got to exercise more as I walked back home and hey, evidently the taxi was the best way for me to get to my destination that day. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t have missed my bus. It’s about seeing the peace in all situations, knowing it is all perfect despite ‘initial appearances’. It’s knowing that there’s more than meets the *physical* eye because everything’s working out in our favour. It’s all aligned perfectly. 

As the session was over two hours long we did have the opportunity to break (where of course I ate more brownies) and have a cup of tea. Afterwards, it was back into the talk and we were all lucky enough to get to experience our own try at being Mediums, partnering up with someone we didn’t know in the room to attempt to connect and ‘read’ them.

I have two stories from this exercise. One is my own and one is my friends, my friends is the more exciting of the two, so we’ll start with hers. She was partnered up with another lady who we had only met that night, and although we knew a little about her, one of the most important things we knew was that she was the mastermind who had made and provided us with those delicious brownies. A Queen, if you will. As part of this exercise, my friend had to close her eyes and call upon her Spirit Guides and Angel Guides to help assist her in reading the Brownie Queen (as we shall call her) then when told to do so, she was to open her eyes and tell BQ what she’d seen / experienced when doing the ‘reading’ (This was the same process for all of us partnered up at the same time). My friend said although completely random, her guides and angels had presented her with the image of a Banana, which of course is quite giggly and BQ actually said this had meant something to her, because just a couple of weeks ago she had visited an arcade where she had won a stuffed toy banana. Normally she wouldn’t win anything, but this time she did, and so there was a connection with the banana.

So there we have someone who experienced a connection but for myself, I didn’t achieve a successful reading. I was partnered up with someone who had already shared part of her story with the group so for me I found it really difficult to receive messages from my guides and angels because everything I was presented with, I passed off as these things only coming to my mind because they related to what I’d already learnt about this lady. Of course, I doubted myself (something I need to work on), but with this first medium experience of mine, I struggled. That’s not to say the angels and guides weren’t presenting me with these facts, but my trust in myself and my abilities was wavering. There’s always next time. 

The most important thing though, is whilst I didn’t achieve a reading with my partner I did experience a connection which was that of pure care and love. Whilst I was doing my ‘reading’, I just wanted to reach out and take my partners hands (which I didn’t but maybe I should have asked if I could do, come to think of it, as there can only have been a reason why I wanted to do that), and when she was ‘reading’ me, all I was thinking during this time was ‘I love you, you can do this, I love you, you can do this’. All this love for a woman who until then I hadn’t even met before, but I felt so much love for her. I wanted her to do well and I wanted to transmit my love to her, which was a euphoric feeling. The burst of love I felt was amazing, and it made me feel so connected. Because ultimately we are connected. We are all one, we are all love, and love is infinite. 

I felt a lot of love on this evening, being surrounded by like-minded souls, talking all things Spirituality, alignment and connection. The vibes in the room were incredible, and my soul has never felt so alive or magical thanks to the conversations I participated in and the feelings I felt. I left the session feeling so uplifted, vibrating on such a high frequency, I was dancing in the streets. Now, I am prone to a spontaneous dance here and there, but this was a different type of spontaneous dance. It felt like my feet were lifting me to dance, like I was so high on life I couldn’t help but dance. I felt electric.

I carried this feeling with me into the next day, I felt like I was floating on Cloud 9 (as you will see from this 10/10 magnificently angled selfie)


and I felt like nothing could stop me. I felt powerful, uplifted and enlightened. I felt ‘awake’. A feeling I wanted to hold onto forever, but one I know I can return to anytime when I raise my vibrations and set the intention to connect to my higher self and live 5D. I know one day this feeling will be permanent if I allow it, and if I keep on doing the inner work. Connecting to my Angels and Guides everyday, loving myself, meditating, affirming, learning and following my bliss, doing the things which bring me joy in order to keep on vibrating higher and higher, up, up and up.

I am so blessed that I had this amazing opportunity, to attend a Soul Alignment session and be in a room surrounded with so many high vibrational, beautiful beings filled with so much love. It was an evening I will treasure forever, an evening which changed me for the better and an experience I enjoyed in abundance. It was truly an enlightening experience, and I am so excited for more.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Spiritual Workshop or visit a Spiritual Counsellor then DO! I couldn’t recommend an experience like this more. I went away from this experience feeling so aligned with myself and the Universe, so connected to the world, so blissfully happy and joyful knowing all is well, all is more than well. Life is a blessing everyday, with more and more to come.

Attending an event like this, you are going to leave feeling so high vibrational and positive, it’s life changing and I would definitely recommend. I know I’m so excited for my next experience with the Spiritual workshops / chats / literally anything Spiritual. They can’t come sooner!

Have you ever been to a Soul Alignment or Spiritual talk / workshop? What do you do to raise your vibrations?

Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,

love and light,



  1. What an incredible experience you had! Thanks for sharing this beauty! This is one of the reasons why I love yoga so much.Yogis call the 5D Samhadi and as humans we are always trying to reach that. Breathing and meditation help to center and ground. I always feel better when I practice even if it is n my own 🙂 I hope you have an amazing day! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much my angel! Your words always make my day 💓 Ahhh yes, I never knew of that word before ‘Samhadi’, thank you for sharing and enlightening me! Yes, breathwork is amazing, there’s a whole course on breathwork which I need to purchase because I know that will ascend me but also I know yoga is so aligning, you will have to teach me one day please! I’m so happy you have your techniques which work for you 💓 thank you for sharing! You too Kate! So much love to you! Xxx


  2. My god, I’ve never been to something like that, much less heard of it until right now! Its such a great concept and frankly I could really use it. This is really wonderful i hope you’ll share more of your experiences. It’s so powerful!

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    1. Oh wow, that’s so interesting to know! Ahh, it honestly was amazing. Search one up in your area, you won’t regret it. I hope you’re okay? Yes of course, I definitely hope to share more of my experiences as they flow. Thank you so much honey ❤

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  3. Soul alignment sounds so amazing and uplifting. I really want to do more things like this, it sounds so good for your mental health. I used to have a friend who was really spiritual and always bought me crystals and taught me about the law of attraction and I always felt so positive and light after being around her. You remind me of her! Thank you for sharing xx


    1. Honestly it’s amazing and yes perfect for your mental health. It really will only enhance your life! I visited my Spiritual Counsellor when I was struggling with my mental health and it honestly helped me massively and changed my life. I am so thankful to her and she is my go to (as well as my Mum) when I need guidance and clarity. I could not reccommend more! Aw that’s so lovely! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment! So much love to you! X


  4. Whoa, I didn’t even know they had workshops like this! I would love to attend & participate in one. ♡ Super cool how your friend saw the banana & made a real connection with her partner. I know you did, too, even if it wasn’t made as obvious!

    I LOVE your ‘living life in 5d’ example. I cracked up about how you missed the bus because of a selfie but how you said it happened for a reason was super inspirational. I needneedneed to think & stay positive like that always, it’s so important.

    Thank you SOSO much for sharing your experience with us, Jennie. Along with the 5d life & affirmations you taught me, if I keep practicing, I will soon be in that ‘permanent state of bliss.’ ♡

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    1. Omg Hunida it was amazing!!! I think you should have some near you because I know a Youtuber who does these types of things and he lives in Vegas! Next time I see him Instagram one I will email you to let you know!!! Yes so cool, so proud of her! Aw thank you hun, I saw my counsellor after and she said my ‘logical’ mind was kicking in too much and she’s so right!

      Hahahah omg it’s SO funny that story, honestly!! You couldn’t make it up but thank you hun! I definitely looked for the positive because I knew it happened for a reason! I so agree, because things happen for us not against or to us. And things happen for a reason. Sure sometimes you’re not going to react super positivelu but it’s about getting to that place where you do start to see the bigger picture. Like that traffic you’re stuck in somedays or whatever is actually a blessing!!!! Imagine your car breaks down which you think ‘oh so annoying’ but actually, the person who comes to fix it could turn out to be the love of your life or an incredible friend! Things happen FOR us ❤️ Hehe sorry for going super preachy, just wanted to give another example 😂😂😂

      You are so welcome hun!! So grateful for your love and support always!! You will totally be at that permanent state of bliss sooner than you think hun, we GOT this! Life is a blessing for us 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 so much love to you Hunida, have the BEST weekend!

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      1. Yes!! Totally e-mail me the next time he posts something. I’d love to see it!!

        Oh my gosh, no. You don’t sound super preachy at all. I actually love that so much. YES!! I’ve never thought of things happening ‘for us’, instead of ‘to us.’ I will always remember that from now on!! Thank you, Jennie!!

        ❤ ❤


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