A Blissful Weekend With My Nearest And Dearest My Weekend Highlights

Hello poppets and welcome back to my blog.

It’s time for a weekend highlights today but do brace yourselves.. this post features 0 pictures. It’s gonna be a heck of a lot of writing but unfortunately since I took no photos over the weekend, naturally I have none to share for my weekend highlights. Never mind, I had a great weekend regardless spending quality time with my loved ones so pictures or no pictures, I’m still looking forward to documenting it all.

My weekend began on Friday evening, a beautiful evening spent with my best friend Emily: chilling, eating, Netflixing and walking. The evening started when Emily came over after work, with the original plan being to go for a walk then grab some food and watch a movie. It didn’t work out like this however as by the time Emily had finished work we were both so hungry, we simply could not wait another second to eat. We switched the plan round and decided to get dinner first. Guys, we had the most amazing meal… Okay, it was a ready meal, hardly gourmet cooking but it was so good, and healthy. It felt amazing. And now I suppose I should tell you what that meal was… a lentil cottage pie. LOL. I feel like I hyped that up so much you’d be expecting something a little more groundbreaking than a lentil cottage pie but I have to be honest, it was so yummy I’d without a doubt get again (in fact, I have another one sat in my fridge currently waiting to be eaten already, thanks to my Mum for purchasing). Obviously this dish is vegetarian however not vegan, which is originally what I wanted my meal to be but they didn’t have any vegan options in the shop. This meal was still perfect though, including two of your five a day (it was made with sweet potato mash), tasting absolutely scrumptious and leaving me feeling light and healthy after I ate. I’m so totally glad I opted for this dish (thanks to Emily’s inspiration). We found a recipe to make our own lentil cottage pie one day, which we can switch up to be vegan so once I get a new oven (mine currently doesn’t work) we will definitely be doing just that and I’m very much looking forward to it. I’ll definitely share the results of what I make with you here.

Whilst we ate, Emily and I watched the film ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ starring Rebel Wilson, Priyanka Chopra, Liam Hemsworth and Adam DeVine. We originally wanted to watch Coyote Ugly but it turns out you now have to pay for it on Sky movies sooo… we opted for a Netflix option instead. I’ve seen Isn’t It Romantic before so I suggested it as it’s a great feel good funny film with a fantastic message all about self love right behind it. This film, on my third time of watching, still made me chuckle. I find Liam Hemwsorths character Blake to be the funniest, his mannerisms and the things he does just tickle me. He’s definitely not the most inspiring or likeable character in the film but his character is funny, he really thinks he’s the business and it’s so amusing to watch. I’d definitely recommend this film, it’s uplifting, fun and giggly! I mean, it must be a good’un if I’ve watched it three times.

Once the film was finished, the night was still young so Emily and I decided it was time for our walk we originally had planned. We took a nice, refreshing stroll around the neighbourhood and it was lovely as I really felt present in the moment, taking in the beauty of the area and enjoying positive conversations with my best friend. It was perfect. Once we arrived back home, we watched some ‘Penn and Teller: Fool Us’ for a while on Netflix before Emily headed off back to hers and I went to bed as I had work the next day. It was the perfect evening.

As just mentioned, my perfect evening was followed by a day of work on Saturday which was all good because it was busy and went quickly. Once I’d finished work, I went straight home and spent some quality time with my parents where we started watching Stranger Things together, thanks to the recommendation from my sister. When my Mum and I first began watching Stranger Things earlier this year we really couldn’t get into it, but second time around we became hooked and my Mum, Dad and I have spent the whole weekend binge watching this show. We completed Season 1 last night meaning it’s time to start Season 2 this evening, and I am so ready for it. I need to know what happens next! Gimme all the answers!

I had work again on Sunday which was followed by an evening at the pub with my Mum and Dad. It was a nice evening together, the pub busy because of the football. There was a lot of cheers going on as evidently a lot of Man United fans were in the room, it was a Man U vs Chelsea game and United had a very healthy win (4-0) so there were lots of happy people in the room… thank GOODNESS. We wouldn’t want any unhappy people!!!! My Dad says he thinks he was the only person in there who wanted Chelsea to win, bless him, I love how he still showed his dismay when United scored despite the whole pub absolutely loving it. Man stays true to himself! (And no, he doesn’t actually support Chelsea but he did want them to win that match, sorrrry Daddy)!

Anyway, pub time over and no more football, Mum, Dad and I went back home to eat dinner and of course you guessed it, watch more Stranger Things. Dad wanted to stay up even later to watch another episode after the three we’d already watched but Mum and I were just too tired so he had to be patient and wait another day before we could continue. God bless that man, I just love him.

Yesterday I had another day of work (another day, another dollar), followed by an evening of Pilates with my friend Vikki. This was my second ever time doing Pilates (I took a class a couple of years ago which I’d completely forgotten about until now), and I definitely enjoyed it though I did find it a struggle. I know the more I do it, the easier it will come to me, therefore making it more enjoyable as it will just flow. There was a lot of core ab work and stretching involved, so I’m excited to improve my flexibility so I can get alllll the amazing dancer pose shots for Instagram, and of course improve my strength, posture and the general well being of my body.

Yesterday was a special evening, as not only did I have the new experience of a Pilates class (because it basically was new considering I don’t even remember the one I took years ago), I obviously got to spend quality time with my amazing friend Vikki who I love so much. Yesterday, Vikki gifted me with a little present which is very special, she had bought me a Hematite necklace. What an Earth Angel!!! Hematite is a stone which has many beneficial properties to it, including those of dispelling negativity, bringing you strength, grounding you and so much more. I thought this was such a thoughtful gift from my friend Vik and even more special as she’d bought one for herself too meaning we have matching. So cute!

The second reason yesterday evening was a special one is because my favourite Youtuber Leeor Alexandra (I swear I mention her name here at least once a week, LOL) liked and shared my Instagram post promoting my Sacral Chakra Svadhishthana Lookbook. What a beautiful, beautiful Earth Angel! Honestly this meant the world to me and I felt so honoured to have had that interaction with Leeor, knowing she has noticed me and also supported me by sharing my Instagram. What a Queen! If you don’t know, Leeor is a Law of Attraction Spiritual Youtuber who shares the most amazing Youtube videos which have seriously benefited my life and helped to change it for the better. She shares videos on all sorts of Spirituality topics along with some incredible meditations and I really couldn’t recommend her channel or her Instagram enough. Definitely give her a follow if you’re into the LOA / anything Spiritual because she is the Queen of divine. Love her!!!!

And so I think that wraps up my weekend perfectly. I had a blissful weekend with my loved ones, spending beautiful quality time with my nearest and dearest and I am so excited to see what this coming weekend brings too, I have a feeling it’s going to be another good one (I’ll try to get some pictures this time too).

What has the highlight been of your weekend just spent? Do you watch Stranger Things? What TV show are you currently binge watching? Who is your all time favourite Youtuber? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

As always thank you for reading,

lots of love and light,

have a great week,


*Featured image / header image taken in Italy last year because as mentioned I took no pictures this weekend and this time last year I was living my best life in Italy, so why not hey?! ♥


  1. HAHA lentil pie def doesn’t sound good but these unique foods always surprise you! The movie sounds like so much fun, the Hemsworth brothers always seem to be quite funny even though you can’t tell by their macho muscle type! One of my fav things is to also just walk around and chat with my bestie too! Its so nice to be in the open sometimes right? OH YES you get to binge all 3 seasons that’s so freaking satisfying! Omg, I am so envious of your relationship with your parents, you guys spend so much time together! Mmm I love your excitement for pilates and flexibility! Vik is so sweeet, how freaking awesome! Omg, I’m gonna go watch some of her youtube videos, it sounds like what I need right now! Oh man, that was honestly such a nice weekend, its so well balanced and filled with love. ❤

    My highlight was spending 9 hours playing games with my friends whom I hadn't seen in a long time. I'm thinking of binging Sex Education, have you seen that before? I don't really have an all-time fav rn but I used to really love Marzia!

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    1. Omg your comment is so sweet and thoughtful! Thank you so much hun!!! the lentil pie was so good, it was definitely worth the hype 😉 and yes omg you’re so right! Even my friend said you’d never expect Liam to play such a comedic character, it’s so true. I haven’t seen any of Chris’ films though. Isn’t he in a lot of Marvel / superhero type films? Yes 100% walking and talking out in the fresh air is so nice!! It’s totally good to be out in the open more often than not!!! Haha omg have you seen Stranger Things then? 👀 I seriously can’t wait to watch more of it tonight, I think we’ll probably be finished with all three seasons by the end of this week so if you have any other shows you’d recommend please do tell me! Aw I love my Mum and Dad, I really do value them and I feel thankful that we are so close ❤️ Yeah Vikki is just lovely!! So thoughtful and kind, I’m so excited to wear the Hematite because honestly it sounds amazing! Omg yass enjoy Leeor’s videos hun! She is wonderful I make my parents watch her videos too sometimes and I was SO excited before when I found out my manager at work watched her too. She’s awesome and I think you’ll find a topic covered for whatever it is you’re looking for because she really does share a lot so whatever you need I think she’ll have a video just for you. Enjoy ❤️

      Ooh amazing! Video games or board games? Catching up with friends you haven’t seen for a while is always wonderful and fulfilling. 100% yes to Sex Education, I watched that this year and thought it was brilliant. Definitely a great series to binge watch, I hope Season 2 will be out soon. Let me know what you think if you do watch it!!! Oh Marzia? Is that Pewdipie’s partner? Gosh I hope it is now I’ve asked lololol anyway I haven’t seen any of her vids before! I think I heard she doesn’t do Youtube anymore? I could be wrong anyway I’ll definitely check her out. Thanks so much for commenting hun you’ve made my day ❤️ Have a great week!

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      1. Yes he is! I saw him in ghostbusters and in interviews, what a charming fellow! Yes I have seen ALL Stranger Things seasons! I finished 3 in like 2 days which is horrible because now I have to wait a whole year (or more eek)! I like Mindhunters and season 2 just came out so I’m really excited! Queer Eye is really good to for a nice feel good show! Ahh truly a rare blessing to have wonderful parents! I’ve been watching Leeor’s vids and I just binged so many! Thank you so much for reccommending! Games like charades and heads up haha! And I actually started Sex Ed a few days ago, ITS SO GOOD, it has such a unique tone to it and its absolutely hilarious! Yes she is Pewdiepie’s fiance! Sadly, she did quit about a year ago which is tragic, she has such lovely content! You too, its approaching the weekends now I wonder if you’ve finished ST?

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  2. This sounds like the perfect weekend although it is a shame that you had to work both weekend days. I used to work weekends but I am so happy that I get them off now, even if it is just for a few months before I change jobs again.
    Leeor sounds like such an interesting YouTuber to watch – thank you for sharing. I will be sure to check out her videos. xx

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    1. Thank you hun! I know right, but at least it kept me busy! I’ve always worked weekends for the most part though I do get a lot off too, I don’t mind so much because it shakes up the routine, and I guess I’ve never known what it’s like to always have a weekend off so I can’t compare, you know? I really don’t mind simply because it’s not every weekend so I’m lucky like that! It also means I get a day off at home to myself in the week whilst everyone else is out working! So I get a ton of blissful ‘me’ time!

      She is a wonderful, wonderful Youtuber! Both her and Isabel Palacios are great, Ashley Ducey is fab too!! Let me know what you think of her vids 😍 Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment, have a great week ❤️

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      1. I used to work Sundays and take Fridays off so I would get a day when everyone else is working to go shopping or have medical appointments as normally places arent open weekends or are fully booked. But I do enjoy having weekends off now and spending them with my boyfriend. Also it means I can finally attend outings that were always planned for weekends and I could never attend.
        I watched her channel trailer and omgosh I am in love! xx

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  3. This sounds absolutely lovely! Most of my favourite memories are just of me and my best friend hanging out, cooking and going on walks around our neighbourhood 🙂 Sorry to hear about your oven – I honestly don’t know what I’d do without mine tbh!xx

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    1. Thank you so much hun! Yeah, hanging out and chilling are always fun times, so simple and pure! They’re some of my favourite memories too ❤️ Aw thank you hun! It’s actually been okay, we’ve been using the grilled cheese toastie maker for things like burgers and stuff 😂 but obviously that can’t go on forever! We need another asap! Have a great week xx

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  4. LOVE this so much! I am so glad you had such an amazing weekend spent with family and friends. Sometimes it is nice to not have to take pictures and just be in the moment. When I was a skater I use to be big into pilates, but now I much prefer yoga (many of the poses are the same just the intention/breathing/mentality is different. What a wonderful friend to gift you such a special necklace! And congrats on the repost! I hope you have an amazing week beauty! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much hun!!! I totally agree with you about the pictures thing 😍😍 I am definitely more of a present moment person although a good picture here and there is always valued too! It’s all about the balance haha! Ooh see I think I got on better and preferred pilates to yoga you know, but they are very similar aren’t they? I still don’t really know the full difference between them. My instructor said Pilates and Yoga both complement each other really well though so!!! The yoga you do sounds amazing though Kate, what you’ve mentioned to me before with all the Chakras and stuff! I love!!! Maybe if I tried your Yoga I’d enjoy it more 😍 I know, it was so sweet and thoughtful of her ❤️❤️ Thank you so much hun, you too! ❤️


  5. Lol I was honestly expecting you to eat something else too haha. I feel like because of the word pie it doesnt sound like much, and I’ve also never heard of lentil cottage pie? But if it made you feel good after eating it and it was light on your stomach then thats the best! Those tend to be my favorite foods now a days.
    I haven’t heard of isnt it romantic. I’m honestly so behind on what’s been released haha I’m sure I have loads of movies to explore further but now a days, I dont seem to catch interest in newer movies lol.
    Oh my gosh I cant believe you hadnt seen stranger things yet! Honestly so so good! I binged watched S3 when it was released on Netflix and holy moly! Better than S1 and S2 in my opinion I cannot wait to hear what you think of the series. Also I love that you watched it with your mom that’s super sweet!
    Also your dad at the pub sounds cute! Haha. I can kind of imagine his face when they didn’t win lol. And omg when your dad wants to binge watch another episode you know the show is that good am I right?? 😉😉 lol
    Very awesome you tried something new even if you’ve tried it before. I mean I’m sure it’s been long enough to make it feel like you’ve never done it before lol. I havent done pilates, like the original thing, but I do pop pilates on YouTube, Blogilates is the channel, but it’s so so fun and some stuff is actually kind of hard but I’m loving it. You should check out her videos!
    How nice of your friend to gift you a stone! I think I almost got hematite as well one time I havent gone back to see others one to purchase. In fact, I haven’t recharged my stones yet ugh lol
    Awwwww!! When someone you look up to notices you and even better, supports you, that’s honestly the best feeling in the world!
    That was a great weekend you had love I hope this weekend is another great one for you! Dont feel bad that there were no photos, when you are in the moment and enjoying it, no phones, no pictures, I feel like you enjoy your time more and cherish those memories even more.


    1. Ooh, it’s just like mash with lentils in a pie form? Do you have shepherds pie?? It’s like that but veggie obviously! It did feel so light and good! I’ll definitely have it again!

      Isn’t it Romantic is on Netflix, it came out a few months ago, maybe the beginning of this year I think!!! It’s so good!!! There’s a few new films on Netflix that are good actually, I’d recommend ‘Murder Mystery’ also!

      Omg I’m on Season 3 of ST now!!! So exciting!!! I will let you know what I think of it when I’m done, and my friend also said she thinks Season 3 is the most exciting season so I’m v excited especially considering S1 and 2 were also great, I’m expecting really good things!

      Haha bless my Dad, he’s so sweet! Finally his team is playing this weekend, I hope they win omg!! And he’s never binge watched a show until now… I feel so proud haha!

      Ooh thanks girl I will totally check out blogilates, should be good! Thanks hun!! Glad you’re enjoying it!!

      Omg haha I recharged a couple of my crystals last week. It felt so good! I recharged and set new intenions for my rose Quartz! ✨✨😭 Hope you get to do yours soon ❤️

      I so agree! I was so happy and thankful Leeor shared my post, she’s truly my absolute fave Youtuber. Love her!

      Thanks so much lovely, I couldn’t agree more about the phone thing. Thank you hun ❤️❤️❤️ Have a wonderful week and weekend! Lots of love xx

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      1. Ooh okay I have never had shepherds pie either but I do know what it looks like lol honestly I’d love to try it, since its veggies 🤗
        Oh okay I should go find it and add it to my list then or maybe I’ll try watching it right now lol I’m sick anyway and I havent got much to do lol
        Okay I’ll look them up both
        Ahhh yay!!!!! Let me know what you think of the ending 😁😁
        I keep forgetting I dont want to leave them out in the sun but theres no moon light either and it has to be a full moon too or something lol
        I hope you have an amazing rest of your week!! Love ya!


  6. I watched isnt it romantic the other day and it is such a good, easy watching film. This sounds like such a lovely weekend so thank you so much for sharing, the hematite necklace sounds like such a cute gift too!xxx


    1. Yes I agree its a great easy watch!! Thanks so much for commenting hun, the hematite gift is so precious! So thankful for my beautiful, supportive friend for gifting it to me! Have a great week / weekend hun! Xx


  7. First of all, I am in love with the photo of you in Italy! Your dress, heels, & hair are just perfect!

    I’ve never heard of a lentil pie before. I’ll have to look it up now. 😛 Please do share the results when you make it yourself! I can’t wait to see it!

    Isn’t It Romantic sounds cute, I love Rebel Wilson so I’ll def add that to my watch list. Thanks for recommending it!! ♡

    Your dad sounds like an awesome man. Really cool that you go to the pub & hang out with both your parents so much! I’d love to try a pilates class, too.

    Congrats on having your IG post shared! I know how much you look up to Leeor so that must have meant a lot to you. ♡

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    1. Aw thank you so much Hunida! I want to go back to Italy so much, omg1

      YES. It was sooo yummy! I might have one for my lunch today actually lol. I will definitely share the results, hopefully I can make one from scratch with my friends soon. 🙂

      YAS Isn’t It Romantic is a great film I think you’d find it funny. Liam Hemsworth’s character makes me chuckle, he’s such an ass but it’s amusing as heck to watch, he is so in love with himself LOL and Rebel is amazing. Let me know what you think if you do watch it please hun!

      Aw he is, thanks hun ❤ I know I'm so lucky to get to spend lots of quality time with my Mum and Dad, I wouldn't have it any other way. Pilates was so relaxing and feel good. Hopefully you do get to try it.

      Aw THANK YOU so much hun, it did mean a lot to me but that sweet comment means even more omg thanks so much Hunida. So much love to you hope you have the best week everrrrrr xxxxx

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      1. I would love to visit Italy someday! 🙂 & yes yes, can’t wait to see the pie you make with your friends. I will def let you know what I think of the film when I watch it!! Your relationship with your parents is the cutest. ❤ & you've inspired me to look up some YouTube Pilates!

        ❤ ❤

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