Pink Friday Outfit Of The Day

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog, how is everyone today?

It’s Pink Friday… and Outfit Of The Day time!

I was recently gifted the most gorgeous pink dress from an acquaintance of my Dad’s, I’d just failed my driving test and bless her soul, she wanted to cheer me up (bare in mind this is a lady I have never actually met before, what a beautiful person), anyway, when I was presented with this dress I fell in love instantly. It’s the most beautiful piece of clothing I have ever seen, so elegant and classy and simply the nicest colour (I’m sure Hunida would agree, since it’s PINK).

I haven’t actually had the opportunity to wear this dress out yet because it’s so special, I’m saving it for a nice dressy occasion and hopefully, I’ll have a nice beachy holiday to go on soon where I can wear this dress in the evening when going out for dinner. It would look stunning against a gorgeous pink sun set. Anyway, even though I haven’t actually worn this dress out ‘in real life’ yet, I still had to shoot it for an Outfit Of The Day blog post and Instagram because it’s too gorgeous not to share, plus I found the most perfect location to shoot it too so it simply seemed a must to take these photos and share them with an Outfit Of The Day. Enjoy.

Pink Friday

DressRiver Island *I believe this dress is old season, so not available to buy right now however I have linked a couple of dresses similar which you can find here and here.

ShoesNew Look *Again, no exact link because they’re old season however I have linked some similar here.

EarringsMiss Selfridge *No exact match but I found similar on Boohoo here.

AmuletsAlchemybyla *Balancing and Cosmic Love *Side note, I genuinely can’t be sure if it’s the Balancing Amulet or Healing Amulet I own, I’m pretty sure it’s the Balancing one but just wanted to clear that up!! I intend to own the whole range eventually anyway. 

WatchTissot *Not an exact link but it does take you directly to the Ladies Watches section on the Tissot website.

BraceletsPandora *Links to Pandora website.

RingPandora *No exact link but very similar, just a silver heart instead of red!

So what did you think of the outfit? I am in LOVE and I’m so excited to finally have the opportunity to wear it hopefully ASAP. It’s just so beautiful and I am so grateful to my Dad’s friend for gifting me this dress (see I knew there was a reason I failed my driving test, it was so I could receive this dress), honestly, what a kind, beautiful, generous soul. I am so thankful!

I hope you enjoyed this Outfit Of The Day post, I love how the pictures turned out so much. I have to give a massive thank you to my wonderful Mama for always supporting me and being my photographer, I am so so blessed!

What’s your current favourite outfit? What colour are you loving to wear at the moment? What outfit do you wear when you want to feel a million bucks? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. What a lovely dress! and it flatters you so well! I’m sorry about the test but daaamn you got such a gift in return! Your mom is so noiceeeeeeee, I love that! Frankly, I’d love a leather jacket and jeans look but its always too hot to wear a jacket where I live! Oh well!

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    1. Thank you so much lovely, it means a lot! I know right but thank you for your sympathies also, it’s just one of those things isn’t it!!! But I’m lucky it meant I got the nicest dress because of it sooo 🤷🏻‍♀️ Ooh I do love a leather jacket but you’re right they are so hot to wear, if it’s already hot where you are you’d be boiling! I always get so hot in mine, I wouldn’t wear it in the sun! Definitely save it for Winter or cooler nights hopefully? Leather jackets are just the coolest!!! Thanks for commenting! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly! Oh gosh, I feel hot just thinking about it haha. We’ve had a pretty hot day here to be fair! Do you mean do I have a leather jacket? Sorry if I’m wrong hahaha but if that’s what you’re asking then yes my sister gave me one a few weeks ago and I love it! I always feel so sassy and cool when I wear it ahha x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes I was asking you HAHA. Omg I’d love to see it in a post or something! But i guess you’ll have to wait awhile more for it to be cooler eh? Yess leather jackets are so freaking coool!


      3. Oh good haha! Ooh really? I will make sure to feauture it in an outfit of the day then yes once it’s more Wintery! Thanks so much for the inspiration hun I’m seriously going to do this hehe and style it SO cool!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg this dress is gorgeous!!! Fits you like a glove! How kind of your dads friend to gift you this, that’s super sweet!! And I’m sorry you failed your driving test! Maybe next time!!
    Anyway I’m not usually a fan of pink but this dress is wow!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eee thank you so so much Rossy!! I fell in love instantly it’s the perfect dress 😍😍😍 I know, so lovely of his friend, so so kind, thoughtful and generous! Makes you realise we do live in a really nice world! Yes there will always be a next time, thank you for your kind words though ❤️ Thanks so much hun!! So much love to you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It definitely is the perfect dress for you. The style suits you so much.
        Yes some people restore our faith in the world. Really, it’s the small acts of kindness. 💙
        Have an amazing weekend love!


  3. Jennie, wow, that dress looks STUNNING on your figure! Pink is the bestbest color ever so you know I am freakin’ swooning over how you match that telephone booth perfectly oh my gosh, it is the perfect pink world!!

    Don’t worry about failing your driving test, you are do right it happened for a reason. I didn’t pass til my 3rd try so trust me, you will get it!! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much Hunida!! It means the world! Haha isn’t it the greatest colour? Honestly when I saw that phone box I thought I’d found Heaven… or at least phone box Heaven I knew I had to get a picture combo with the phone box and the dress! So amazing!!! YAS perfect pink world! I love that!

      Aw thank you so much hun!! Ahhh that makes me feel so much better, sometimes it feels like everyone else can drive but me and I feel so out of the loop but yeah, I gotta keep perservering! Thanks so much for your sweet words Hunida. Enjoy your weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Was there an actual working phone in there!?! This photo shoot, you & the dress, the phone box… seriously, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! What if the grass were another shade of pink & the sky too… ❤

        I have my license & I never drive! I hate it so much but you WILL pass!! ❤


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