The Importance Of Self Love and Loving Yourself

Self love, in my opinion, is one of the most important things that we can have in our lives, if not the most important. Self love is the door which will open you up to all things miraculous, self love will make you stronger, braver and benefit your life in so many ways. With self love, you can achieve anything.

I believe in the importance of self love because when you have self love, you have so much respect for yourself you would never allow anybody to bring you down or mistreat you. Self love is the door which will open up to you beautiful, fulfilling relationships, because when you have self love there really is no room for any relationship which doesn’t serve you or make you feel your absolute happiest. When you love yourself, you know your worth and you’d never accept anything less than what you know you deserve, which is better than the best.

In our lives, we will meet many people. We will meet beautiful, loving people who shower us with kindness and care, but there will occasionally be people who cross our paths who don’t treat us so nicely. We can’t control the way people treat us, but what we can control is what we accept. Who we allow into our lives, who we allow to stay and what we tolerate in our relationships.

‘People only treat you one way, the way you allow them’, with self love, the only way you’d ever allow people to treat you is with kindness, love and respect.

 When someone is treating you poorly, it can be SO hard to cut that person off. But when you know your worth and when you love yourself fully, it all becomes so much easier, because you know you deserve better. You refuse to disrespect yourself by allowing someone to treat you badly, you walk away because you are strong, brave, and most importantly, you love yourself too much to allow anybody to mistreat you, no matter who they are. You love yourself enough to know you deserve only the best and most kindest souls in your Universe. You love yourself enough to know the love you deserve which is the most love. You won’t settle for anything less, and that’s when you will attract the most beautiful, fulfilling relationships and friendships. You will have so much respect for yourself, you will radiate that confidence and people will be drawn to you, you will feel SO good about yourself therefore attracting to you more people who make you feel good about you, and more people who will treat you with the love you are already showing yourself.

The relationship you have with yourself sets the bar for all other relationships in your life.

I’m sure we all want to be treated with love, kindness and respect, so by treating ourselves with the utmost love, kindness and respect, this sets an example to others of how they should be treating us. Anyone who doesn’t want to treat you with love, kindness and respect won’t be able to reach you, because you will be too busy radiating so much love and joy they can’t get near to your level, not even close. They will meet you there one day as they are on their own journey, but until then, love yourself and allow beautiful loving people into your life by doing so! With self love, your life is going to be OVERFLOWING with love and people who adore you!

Know you are deserving of love, you are deserving of happiness, you are deserving of all your heart desires, you are worthy just the way you are.

When you love yourself, exciting and fulfilling opportunities will flow effortlessly to you. You will be able to attract the job you desire, the experiences you desire, the relationships you desire, anything you want can be yours because you know you are totally and 100% worthy and deserving of all the good life has to offer, of everything your heart desires and so much more happiness and joy.

It is much easier to manifest things when you have an abundance of self love because you truly believe you are deserving of what you want to manifest, there is no room for doubts or any limiting beliefs holding you back because you are worthy. You know you’re deserving of all your heart desires so why shouldn’t these things be yours? For example: I would LOVE to manifest holidays with my parents, friends and loved ones, in general manifesting all of the travel in abundance and knowing I totally deserve these experiences, I am worthy of living a life filled with the travel my heart desires, of course allows these experiences to flow easily into my life because why shouldn’t they? There’s nothing holding you back when you love yourself, so fill your cup right up with love and you’re going to attract all of the good things.

You are your only limitation, but when you love yourself, that limitation fades away beautifully.

When you love yourself, you are never alone and others actions can’t affect you so much. If someone insults you, or is rude to you for whatever reason, the way it affects you is completely different, in a way where it doesn’t really affect you at all. As they say ‘what others think of me is none of my business’, when you truly, fully and wholly love yourself trust me, the opinions of others are totally irrelevant and they can’t hurt you (the negative opinions are the irrelevant ones of course, compliments are always welcome and appreciated). Yes, negative comments, opinions and insults won’t bring you down so much should such a situation arise where someone does insult you, but the good ones will lift you up even higher! And trust me, once you start loving yourself more and more, don’t be surprised if you start receiving so many magnificent compliments that just make you feel so good! Honey, that’s what you’re attracting with all that self love radiance!

*Just to clarify when it comes to ‘negative comments’ I am not referring to constructive criticism, because there’s nothing wrong with that when it’s ultimately for your highest good (for example one friend once told me she struggled reading my blog posts because I used too many exclamation points, this is something I took on board and learnt from, ultimately improving the quality of my blog. Constructive criticism and negative comments = two totally different things.

With self love, you have so much more to give. I read somewhere that you can’t pour from an empty cup and it’s so true, I personally don’t believe that you can’t love another if you don’t love yourself, but what I do believe is that when you love yourself the love you give to others is so much more vibrant and powerful than what it is without self love because you yourself are filled with so much love, you have so much more to give. And when you love yourself, you want others to feel that love you’re feeling. You want everyone to feel as amazing as you do, you want to share that joy, so you do! You have so much love inside of you, the love you give to the world and others is going to be abundant, it’s going to be so beautiful. You want others to feel just as great as you do, meaning you pour so much love into the world, bringing others joy and making this Universe a much happier, more loving place! It truly is magnificent.

Self love will change the world for the better.

There really is so much to gain through self love, and self love is a journey we take every day. Every day I work on my self love, I try to treat myself the way I myself would want to be treated, which is with so much love. That way, I’m filling my self love cup up and feeling better and better about myself, enabling me to attract all the love, happiness, positivity, kindness and respect. I believe in treating others the way you wish to be treated 100%, but I also believe treat yourself the way you wish to be treated. I compliment myself when I look in the mirror, I tell myself I’m beautiful, I buy myself flowers and I send myself little loving texts sometimes because that is the way I want to be treated, and I find the more goodness I pour in to myself, the more love I treat myself with, then the more love I want to treat others with. I have SO much more to give, so I really believe that there is only so so much to gain through self love! So keep loving yourself, complimenting yourself, believing in yourself, telling yourself you are worthy, if someone compliments you THANK them and know you deserve that compliment! If someone tells you you’re smart, know that you deserve that, you are totally smart and worthy of that compliment. If someone calls you beautiful, you are totally deserving of feeling that beauty and receiving that compliment, I want you to know that!

You are worthy. You are deserving. Of all the good. Of all the love.

You are beautiful and whole just as you are. Look in the mirror, tell yourself you love yourself. Repeat and affirm to yourself ‘I love you I love you I love you’. Tell yourself you love yourself as much as possible, as much as it takes to feel good and completely overflowing with love and joy. Self love is going to transform your life and your world (and the lives of the people and the world around you) so beautifully, blissfully and perfectly.

More and more good things are going to flow into your life with all that beautiful self love! You are going to live the most wonderful, fulfilled and happy life. You are living the most wonderful, fulfilling, happy life. All good things are yours!

Love yourself, honeys!

Here are a few little tips and links I’d like to share which will help you improve your self love, these are things I do often (some daily, some weekly, some when I feel so inspired) and they always make me feel so amazing. I will definitely be doing a whole post with an abundance of self love tips here on the blog soon, but for now please enjoy some of my favourites. Enjoy loving you. ♥

  1. Mirror work. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you love you! I do mirror work as much as possible, whilst I’m doing my skincare in the morning, getting ready etc etc and as I go I’ll look at myself and tell myself how much I love me. I’ll say things like ‘Jennie, I love you, you are beautiful, you are good enough, you are more than worthy and deserving of love, joy and happiness in abundance. I love you I love you I love you’. I learnt about this technique here and I am so thankful I did, it’s definitely very powerful and always has me smiling whilst I’m doing so, raising my vibrations and making me feel so good with all the self love. I finish this exercise feeling amazing.
  2. Listen to self love meditations and affirmations on Youtube. My favourites come from Agnes Vivarelli. These are great meditations to start your day off with, they’ll have you feeling so good and attracting an abundance of love and joy all throughout your day. I definitely see positive results from doing these meditations so of course I have to share them with you here.
  3. Write and repeat self love affirmations out loud on the daily. You know I’m a fan of affirmations, and I find self love affirmations to be so powerful and uplifting. After a few days of writing out my own self love affirmations I definitely felt a growing of my own self love, caring for myself more and also being a lot easier on myself therefore benefiting my mental health, soothing my mind and soul and calming / easing my anxieties. As much as I love writing out these affirmations, I also love repeating them out loud as I find that technique to be so powerful. I’m really putting my words out there, getting them across to the Universe and implementing them and cementing them into my life and belief system. I’d definitely advise repeating self love affirmations, here’s a few to start you off: I love me, I am beautiful, I am more than good enough, I am worthy and deserving of all my heart desires and all the good life has to offer, I love myself, I am thankful to be me, I deserve happiness, I am worthy of love, I love myself unconditionally, I trust myself, I love myself, I love myself, I am loved.
  4. Tell yourself ‘I love you’ as much as possible and as much as it feels good. When I apply my moisturiser I give my body love repeating ‘I love you I love you I love you’ as I go, it’s the same when I wash my hair or brush my teeth for example, and when I do my skincare routine. When I walk past myself in the mirror, I think ‘hey beautiful, I love you’. It’s such an easy way to implement self love into your daily life, just keep repeating it to you ‘I love you I love you I love you’. Feel the love for yourself, and bask in it.

Until my next post,

keep practising and implementing your self love,

‘do everything with love, kindness, compassion and good intentions’

keep thriving,

and be happy.

You deserve it my love.

I love you

and I love me

I love the Universe

and the Universe loves me

and the Universe loves YOU

Thank you all for reading,

love, light, and good vibes,


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  1. An absolutely empowering post and you are killing it in that dress! We can’t force other to love and treated the way that we deserve – although, life may be a lot less hectic if so – we can definitely treat ourselves well enough! Thank you for sharing your tips as well. Have a wonderful day!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Your welcome! Thanks, happy to comment cause it’s a great post, I have a learning disability called Dyspraxia, so I have problems with speech,balance, co-ordination etc. On the positive side it makes me more determined, creative and empathetic. So I just learned to embrace them all. Because it makes me, me. I always strive to be the best of me, no matter what.

        Btw have you seen my latest blog it’s on relaxing


  2. LOVE this so much! I firmly believe that if you can’t love yourself, you can’t be in a healthy relationship with anyone else. I love the tips you shared! Amazing post beauty! ❤


  3. Love this post! Totally agree with everything you said. We only allow people to treat us the way we feel we deserve to be treated, but we deserve much more and we should all know our own worth 💙


  4. You made sooo many good points in this post, Jennie! Self-love is super important. My favorite quote you included was not being able to pour out of an empty glass– that’s so true. & I agree that it’s still possible to love someone else if you don’t love yourself but, if you do, what you give is much more vibrant & powerful! Loving yourself is the key to knowing what you deserve & I need to tell myself “I love you” more often. Thank you again for always sharing your light & positivity with us. ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much hun, I couldn’t agree more! I need to focus on it so much more that I am right now! So much! It is true isn’t it!? So I want to love myself more so I can give more to the world! Yas definitely! Awww do it Queen!!! So much love to you hun thank you for always brightening my day by being the most supportive and uplifting friend! So much love to you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree, I have been beating myself up a lot lately but I NEED to remember to love myself!! Thank you for always reminding me with these uplifting posts. ❤ So much love to YOU!!! ❤


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