Growth, Reiki and Football Weekend Highlights

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog. HAPPY SEPTEMBER! One of my goals this month is to write weekend highlights or weekly highlights every single week because I just love reflecting and sharing my journey here on my blog. Writing is so therepeautic and amazing, through the dark times and the light times it will always be great to look back on the blog posts one day and reminisce on my journey. That’s why no matter what this month and going forward I’m not going to save my ‘weekend highlights’ posts for those truly perfect moments, I’m just going to embarace it all.

So let’s start with Friday. I’m going to be honest, this weekend has not been the one. I’m going through some difficult stuff in my personal life (but nothing serious don’t worry), I’m just not really feeling too happy with certain scenarios / where I’m at in life and I’m desperate for a change. I’ll go into it fully as soon as I can but for now, that pretty much sums it up. Anyway because of this, I was feeling pretty low and then to add to the negativity, I had ructions at home. Family disputes / arguments… UH. Anyway, I spent most of Friday evening crying and Saturday was much of the same. A whole lotta crying, and a whole lotta anger from me.

What I’ve learnt from this though, or to demonstrate how I’ve grown, is the fact I didn’t send any texts out of anger… to people who I were mad at. Look, obviously I’m not about to air my dirty laundry online, that’s irrelevant, but there were texts I could have sent that wouldn’t have helped anybody and would only have been coming from a dark place and as much as I wanted to say my piece and get my thoughts across, thankfully my Mum helped keep me strong and I chose love instead. Knowing things needed to be acknowledged, but waiting and choosing my words from a place of love, compassion and genuine hope for the best resolve for all those concerned. That I call #growth, and I’m damn well proud of myself. Guys, we’ve got to celebrate all our accomplishments, big and small… which takes me to another celebration. Last week I achieved my most viewed month ever (so far) on my blog. Hurrah!!! We celebrate! I’m so happy about this and so excited, I’m just looking forward to seeing where my growth goes next. Thank you thank you thank you!

Today I spent my morning playing video games. Well, one in particular. Lately, for the past week, I’ve been obsessing over this game Tropico which I’ve had ever since I was a teen and I am still stuck on the same scenario. I think I need a break from it now because I’ve overdone it a lil’ bit, but I’m sure I’ll play it again soon when I want to. I just want to complete this darn challenge!

After playing Tropico for a while, I had my first ever Reiki session. Exciting!!! I was a little nervous for this to begin with and also looking forward to it, but it was totally nothing like what I was expecting. I honestly can’t explain it, at all. It was interesting but I think it’s something I’m going to have to go back to a few times to fully understand and experience the healing. This is a journey for me, not a one time thing. The prominent things I gained from it though are that I have to work on my self love so much more than I am… and my Root Chakra is really very blocked. The Root Chakra is all to do with security etc, so I can evidently see this blockage reflective in my life. I guess I gotta do a lot more work on this, practice that self love and meditate more. My Reiki Healer did say I need to do a quiet meditation every morning where I still my mind and think about nothing. Of course I will be doing this from tomorrow onwards. This is to help my overthinking tendencies… I’m excited to get on with this!

Once my Reiki session was over I went back home and played some more Tropico, then I met my Dad at the pub to watch the football. It was Arsenal v Tottenham and much to mine and my Dads dissapointment, it was a draw. We were so rooting for Arsenal but hey never mind, at least they didn’t lose right? It was an exciting game. It started off really boring, with Tottenham 2 nil up then Arsenal bounced back and played a very good game. They would have won 3-2 but their third goal was disallowed. Anyway, I’m not Chris Kamera so I’ll stop waffling on about football now. LOL.

So I’m back home now and I’m just chilling. I’m currently watching Mabel perform at Fusion Festival (on the TV obvs) and I just love her! I’m thinking about what series to watch next because guess what!!!!! We finished Stranger Things. Omg. LOVED IT. Roll on series 4! So anyway, please if you have any recommendations for what my parents and I can watch next please do let me know. I’m in the mood for another binge watch, there’s just nothing on the TV at the moment. I’m already missing Love Island.

Right, that’s me signing out anyway. Whilst I’ve not had the weekend I was expecting or all the magic my Dad’s just served me up a fresh plate of Yorkshire Puddings and we had a nice time together at the pub. We genuinely laughed and smiled together and I truly felt the love for him! Let’s see what this week brings… I hope I get some quality time with my Mum and Dad, for sure!

How has your weekend been? I hope you’ve all had a good one, and you enjoy your coming week! Happy September! Sending you all the love and light for it to be your happiest. Love you! ❤️


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us! I have been enjoying your posts so much! You are so inspiring and positive even when you are going through darker moments. You are keeping it real and I appreciate it and you SO much! Sending you so much love beauty! ❤

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    1. Eeek thank you so much Kate. So much love to you!!! Like honestly, thank you thank you thank you for being the best and making my day with your comments hehe! Thank you for being YOU!!! And I appreciate YOU… seriously! So much love right back at ya ❤ Have a beautiful week hun!


  2. Definitely do more weekend and/or weekly highlights! I used to them but not anymore only because I dont do anything interesting or I do more or less the same so it’s boring to write and read the same stuff over and over lololol
    However I like that you have fun and enjoy life and I’m loving that you’re documenting it all.
    I’m sorry that last weekend wasnt a good one for you but I’m so proud of you for not speaking out of anger. 💜
    I’m sure that all my chakras are either blocked or misaligned. One I have the most problem with I’ve noticed is my throat chakra and I only know that because when I should speak up I dont lololol
    But you’ll get there girl baby steps! One thing at a time, one day a time.
    How cute that you and your dad met at the pub to watch the game together thats precious!
    Ah yay! What did you think about stranger things? Obviously you liked it haha
    And I can definitely recommend some shows just let me know what you’re into 🤗 for instance, theres 13 Reasons Why right now, the 3rd season was released last month but I’m not finished with it. There’s also Riverdale, which is like a mystery/drama kind of show on Netflix as well. If you’re kind of into action/superhero but not really kind of show I also recommend The Umbrella Academy. It’s a bit different than most “superhero” shows and movies. You should be able to find it on Netflix as well. Theres The OC on hulu which is really old but I’ve enjoyed watching as well. One more show on Netflix that I’m watching for like the 4th time is Good Morning Call, it’s in japanese but it’s like a romantic comedy with a little bit of drama I’d say. It’s based on a manga and the way they made it is super cute. I think they’re still debating on whether they will be making a 3rd season but I dont think they have said anything yet
    I finished love island S3 last month. I want to take a break from watching it to finish other shows
    Anyway, let me know if you end up watching any of the shows I mentioned, lol. No problem if you dont I understand people have different tastes than I do
    Have an amazing weekend love!

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    1. Rossy! Your comments ALWAYS make my day. Literally so much love to you! Haha oh my gosh… bless you lol I’m sure they would absolutely not be boring at all!!! But I guess you can save them for when you have exciting things going on. Sometimes I find doing these weekly highlights posts motivates me to do something fun each weekend – making memories with my loved ones and writing the story of my life, you know? It’s good for that!
      Thanks so much hun! Uh honestly, I have been really holding back this past week in terms of not speaking out of anger (so a good way of holding back). It’s definitely a lesson the Universe must have been trying to teach me. I mean, I’ve not been perfect BUT like you say, baby steps, and I’ve definitely progressed and experienced growth in this area so I’m just gonna keep on going. And practice being calmer, and seeing everything from a perspective of peace and love. Thank you so much Angel!
      I remember you saying about your throat chakra before!!! I guess it’s a good one to work on- because you can just practice speaking up a little more even if it’s something as simple as ‘oh- you spelled my name wrong’!! I’mma find some throat chakra affirmations for you hehe.
      I know – I love going to watch the football with my Dad SO much!! Can’t wait for more ❤
      I LOVED Stranger Things, the next season needs to hurry up haha omg. SO sad about the ending though omg… not what I wanted at all 😥 But still, so so so good! Loved it!!!
      Eek thanks so much for all the recommendations hun. I wasn't a fan of the first season of 13 reasons why, I found it far too depressing for me! I used to love Riverdale but so behind with it now, I think I'm up to about season 2 or smth? It's been a long time haha I binge watched it then no idea what happened I just never watched again after the first couple of seasons. Maybe I should put it back on my list! YES OMG I have been recommended The Umbrella Academy before – now you have also recommended it I am going to have to put it on my list for definite. Exciting. Again, thank you so much hun!!! Aww I love a rom com, I'll check that out too and I've heard of the OC but no idea what it's about??? So many shows hehe you're the best!
      OMG eek!!!!! I didn't know you watched Love Island omg what did you think of S3? That was the first series of the show I ever watched!! Yeah, I deffo think you need a break before moving on to season 4. There are so many episodes it can get a bit much if you're binge watching, haha.
      Thank you Rossy for always making my day just by you being you. Hope you have the most fab week ever. So much love to you! xxxx

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      1. Awh haha well thanks and you’re welcome! Didnt know my comments made anyone’s day so that means a lot and it also means I’ll be commenting on every post (not that I already dont 😉)
        Yes very true, making memories is the best with loved ones!
        No problem. I remember when I was much younger I’d lash out at everything and everyone lol. Now a days I just shut up and mull it over inside until I make sense of the situation and my emotions lol.
        Haha awh thanks but I meant bigger issues. Personal relationships have had both its ups and downs because I haven’t spoken my mind like I should have but I’m beginning to do it more and more and I’ve been feeling really good about myself 🤗
        The ending was a HUGE twist! Super sad I agree. Cannot wait for S4 as well! Might take a while unfortunately. 😭😭
        I finished watching S3 of 13 Reasons Why and was very disappointed with it. It had potential and……it came up short lol.
        I stopped watching Riverdale mid season 3 I think? It was getting to be too boring. Lol.
        The umbrella academy was really great in my opinion, super funny as well.
        I liked S3, loved all the twists they added like Casa Amor. There were lots of couples that didnt mesh well together if you know what I mean and obviously now it’s obvious that that was true lol. I’m glad Kem and Amber won but I was really rooting for Jamie and Camilla. I’m actually following those two on IG they’re adorable and cannot believe they’re still together till this day and absolutely everyone believed it was a fake relationship. Nope!
        Awh you’re the sweetest! 💜💜 have an amazing week yourself love!

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      2. Ah they so do! Haha precisely- you are so loyal and always make my day with your comments you are just the best!! Thank you thank you thank you!
        I agree. Oh my goshhhh same!! Like a proper temper tantrum haha. I’m still learning to be more calm… I think the Universe keeps throwing these challenges at me to seriously bloody take on board these lessons I’m learning LOL. Ah well… I’m getting there!
        AH yay I’m so proud of you and pleased to hear you’ve been feeling good about yourself. Go Rossy let’s celebrate. I am so so happy for you and to hear this!!!! Yayayayay! Congratulations girlie ❤ You rock!
        Ah no way really? I thought S4 would be coming out next year? Ahhh I hope it's soon. But yeah, so so sad. UH! I'm gonna have to message you on insta cos' I don't want to drop spoilers for anyone else lol.
        Ah no way – I definitely won't be watching 13 reasons Why! And yeah Riverdale I don't know what happened- I was so into it then just not. It's still going on now LOL.
        The Umbrella Academy is next on my list after 'The Good Place' have you heard of that one? It's quite chilled, funny and easy watching! I'm only 3 episodes in so far, haha.
        Ah oh my gosh Casa Amor yes!!! That is a good twist! Kem and Amber were a great couple in the villa, and they're both lovely lovely people. Jamie and Camilla are goals and such beautiful people. I am so happy they're still together. Camilla has a one episode show 'What Camilla Did Next' which I'd definitely recommend. She's a great person!!!
        Thank you Rossy! Lot's of love!

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      3. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
        Haha I always think of that too! The universe gives us the same experiences or situations over and over until we learn our lessons and yet I know that but still cant properly move forward sometimes lol. Life is hard. 😪🤣
        I do hope it comes out next year but one cant be too sure unless they release some news about it. Some shows have taken a bit more than a year to release the next season so who knows.
        Yes I’ve heard of The Good Place, Netflix right? I’ll be sure to check it out as well when I get the chance. Someone told me to watch Friends before they take it off Netflix, but it doesnt seem like my kind of show even though everyone loves it?? Lol
        I want to watch all those spin offs from people who were on Love Island but since they’re in the UK, I have no idea how to stream there or where 😞 Alex & Olivia from S2(?) are doing their wedding recap this week I think and then they’re gonna have a 6 week series? I wish I could watch it lol


    1. Thank you honey!!! Aw I love that, that’s such a nice thing to say. Thank you SO much!!! Reiki was interesting… It left me feeling pretty drained afterwards because of all the healing work, but I guess I gained something from it based on learning I need to work on my Root Chakra & Sacral etc… I’m definitely going to go back!!! You got this girl ❤ xxxxx


  3. Aw yay!! I love that you’ve decided to write & reflect more often on your blog. You’re right that it will be amazing to look back on in the future & even if it’s not a truly perfect weekend– you’re gonna be happy you documented it. 🙂

    I am so so sorry to hear that you were crying so much & that you were in some arguments with people you cared about. Not texting them was such a big step & is definitely proof of your growth. ❤ Go you!!! Also, congratulations on hitting your most views on the blog– what an accomplishment!! 😀 I have loved reading all of your posts. ❤

    I have never heard of the game Tropico, lol. It sounds like me & the Sims though, I've prob overdone it & need to step away for a bit. 😛 So cool that you go to Reiki sessions & know that your Chakra is blocked so you can know exactly how to fix it. I hope the meditations help your overthinking mind. ❤ I still haven't watched the last few episodes of Love Island because I'm not ready for it end! I know I'm going to miss it too much lol. & I know I've said it before, but the relationship you have with your parents is so cute!! I just love it. ❤

    Hope you have an awesome rest of you week, Jennie!!

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