Mrs Mac’s Sweet Treats Cupcakes and Brownies Review

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog. Before we jump into this post I am going to have to give you a little heads up… prepare to get HUNGRY. Seriously, if this post doesn’t have your mouth watering and your hands wishing they could reach out and grab these yummy cakes from the screen… gosh I don’t know what will. Step into Heaven…


Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of picking up some yummy goodies from Mrs Mac’s Sweet Treats, a ‘sweet treats’ cake shop located in Woburn Sands, Buckinghamshire. Here, they sell all sorts of amazing homemade goodies from brownies, to cupcakes to cookies. Not only do they have their shop but Mrs Mac’s team attend food festivals and similar events selling their cakes, one of these events being where I picked up my goodies from recently- I’ve yet to actually visit the shop itself. It’s on the cards for asap though, I need some more brownie, please!

I first discovered Mrs Mac’s Sweet Treats amazing goodies when I visited a Soul Alignment session last month. One of the owners of the business was also attending and she brought along some of her brownies for everyone to try and thoroughly enjoy. If you read my Soul Alignment post you will know how much I adored these brownies and I knew I needed more as soon as possible. It was like music to my ears when Emma (one of the owners of Mrs Mac’s) said she actually had her OWN SHOP where I could purchase these brownies as much as my heart desired. I knew then I’d be having to stock up asap.

Considering how much I fell in love with these brownies I knew that as soon as I could I needed to get my hands on some more of these cakes and do a little review here on the blog. As mentioned, recently I had the opportunity to treat myself and stock up on a ton of yummy treats so without furtho ado, here’s my review of each one. *This is a review of just a handful of the amazing goodies you can purchase from Mrs Mac’s Sweet Treats… I haven’t tried everything they do… yet! Haha!

Chocolate Brownie


10/10 Heaven in a Brownie. Or maybe just Heaven. I said it from the moment I first tried these brownies, Mrs Mac’s are the best brownies I have ever experienced. And never again could another brownie compare. So I actually bought two of these and the first one I just ate to enjoy but brownie number two was the one for reviewing. I actually didn’t eat this one fresh on the day, rather leaving it until a couple of days later (I had a lot to get through) and it was still absolutely perfect?!?! It was a little crunchy in parts but honestly I don’t know if that’s because it wasn’t fresh and eaten on the day or if it’s supposed to be like that but it was still Paradise! These brownies are so rich, chocolatey, creamy, soft and gooey. For a chocaholic like me these are just a dream. I honestly think there must be some kind of magic ingredient in these brownies (lol maybe I’m just in Amsterdam and didn’t know it LOL) because they are THAT good. I think I spoke about them every single day last week, waffling on about how I needed more pronto. These brownies are also the perfect size, although with how yummy they are I really wouldn’t say no to them being bigger. But realistic me does have to say they are the perfect size and honestly, Mrs Mac’s are the greatest brownies I’ve ever had I’m always going to want more. Brb while I take a moment to dream about them right now and wish them into existence… so yum I had to take this extra pic… well, the brownies deserve it.


Peanut Brownie


I have mixed reviews on this one, only because the chocolate brownie is my one true love and can anything compare? I don’t think so (although I know I still have to try the Loaded Brownie at some point- why I didn’t get one already I’ll never know, my friend had one and she loved it). Anyway, at first I really liked the peanut brownie. The peanuts added a nice flavour and crunch to the treat and a little salty flavour but not too much. I only ate a little bit of this brownie and gave some to my Mum to try and she was a fan, but for me I don’t crave this one like I do the chocolate. For example, I still have half this brownie sitting in my cupboard that I’ve yet to finish because I just don’t fancy it whereas if that was the chocolate brownie… well it wouldn’t be because I’d finish that in one bite anyway. For me, I liked the peanut brownie way more than I expected and I totally think the peanuts add that perfect touch if you’re someone who finds pure chocolate too sickly. There is the perfect ratio of peanut to brownie in this treat however as I’ve mentioned, I am a chocaholic. And I’ll choose chocolate every time. I would definitely have a bite of this brownie again if someone had one and offered me a little, and I think I would really enjoy this peanut brownie if it was in bitesize form at a buffet table but the whole brownie itself? I just can’t comment. Maybe I’d have to be in the mood for it but I just know I’m never gonna choose this when that Heavenly chocolate one is an option for me. 7.5 out of 10, if you don’t have the sweetest tooth and you’re not an absolute chocaholic like me then I’d recommend this one.

Chocolate Cupcake

Cupcake time now. This chocolate cupcake was perfect for my chocaholic heart and the butter cream was just dreamy being so soft, chocolatey and perfectly creamy. The buttercream was by far the best part of this cupcake and I love the little star on top which added a nice crunchy texture to the cake so you got the best of both worlds in terms of texture. The actual cake part I’d say was average however I want to be clear that I ate this the day after purchasing so maybe it was down to it being not super fresh that it tasted just a little dry. Next time I pick up one of these cupcakes I will eat it fresh on the day of purchase and do an updated review for you so I have the full facts and nothing but (and it’s an excuse for me to eat more Heavenly cupcakes… I’ll take it). I would definitely get this cupcake again and for sure recommend! 7.5 out of 10.

Vanilla Cupcake


Probably my least favourite cupcake of all, the buttercream was yummy but the cake itself tasted a little bit… flavourless. This is the perfect cupcake for the fussy eater because it is just vanilla therefore not overwhelming on the tastebuds but I could have done with just a little more kick, maybe a hint of jam or something however I understand not everyone would enjoy jam in their cupcake hence why this is perfect for someone who does prefer something more neutral. I would get this cupcake again regardless and I think it’s great that it’s an option on the menu as not everyone wants a big show for their tastebuds, they just want a nice simple cupcake. A good ‘everyday’ cupcake if there’s such a thing and definitely necessary to have on the menu, for this reason I’d give it a 7.5/8 out of 10.

Oreo Cupcake


A cupcake game changer. Whilst I’ve found my Brownie Heaven, here I’ve found my Cupcake Heaven. With the yummy chocolate cupcake and this one (and even the Vanilla), I really don’t think I’ll ever feel fully satisfied by any cupcakes other than the ones from Mrs Mac’s from now on. Facts. So, for someone who’s never actually had an actual Oreo before (believe it or not) I really really liked this cupcake. The Oreo itself I could probably take or leave although it obviously wouldn’t be an Oreo cupcake without it but the actual cupcake and buttercream itself was delicious. The buttercream was absolutely amazing, being once again so creamy and so packed with yummy Oreo flavour. And the cake part was perfect too, this one gets a 10/10 from me and I’d definitely purchase again. YUMMY!!!

Raspberry and Vanilla Cupcake

This is the cupcake for the people who like the Vanilla cupcake but just want something with slightly more flavour and a lil’ bit more to it. This cupcake was very soft and creamy and VERY flavoursome and sweet, I enjoyed this cupcake because just like I wanted from the Vanilla cupcake, this one featured jam. Hurray!!! It’s a celebration. This cupcake is packed with plenty of flavour so if that’s what you’re all about then this is the perfect cupcake for you. There was one slight moment when eating this cupcake when I did feel I got a slight aftertaste which I didn’t love but I’m honestly not sure what that was all about. I still enjoyed the cupcake though and this is another one I’d definitely get again and another one I’ll be doing an updated review for next time I try it. I think this cupcake is perfect for someone who loves birthday cake and someone who loves flavour, it would go really well together with one of the chocolate cupcakes as then you have the perfect balance of chocolate-y and sweet, sweet, sweet. I’d give the raspberry and vanilla cupcake a 7.5 out of 10 and of course I look forward to purchasing it again in the future for my updated review. Also I do just have to comment on how pretty it is! It’s definitely the most Instagrammable out of all of the cupcakes, hehe.

Overall I just adore Mrs Mac’s Sweet Treats. They have so much more which I have yet to try and I seriously can’t wait to treat myself to more of their goodies (especially the Loaded Brownie). My mouth is watering just thinking about the brownie and the Oreo cupcake especially and I am so grateful I discovered Mrs Mac’s Sweet Treats. These brownies have actually brought so much genuine joy and enrichment into my life, they’re just that good.

I honestly couldn’t recommend Mrs Mac’s Sweet Treats more, the owners are absolutely lovely and so friendly (always replying to my Instagram dm’s about where their next stall will be and what they’ll be selling there etc) and evidently, their cakes are amazing. I will never forget those first brownies of theirs which I tried which then began my absolute love… and all I’m saying it’s a good thing I don’t drive yet because if I could I’d be at that shop purchasing brownies and cupcakes every single day of my life… Best cake shop I have ever discovered. Thank you Mrs Mac’s for being amazing. I’ll see you again very soon!

What do you prefer, brownies or cupcakes? Which of these sweet goodies do you think you’d enjoy the most? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading,

With so much love and light

And all the sweetness, hehe,




  1. Okaaaaay, super glad I’m eating something, but I must have one of those brownies! I’m such a sucker for them; I always eat at least a third or more of the batches I make. They have the look and a dead giveaway of being a perfect, scrumptious brownie! Also, you look gorgeous and I love your makeup!

    I’m not a cupcake fan because the icing is too sweet for my liking, but I know how the icing can make or break a cupcake sometime! Everything looks delicious, though. Thanks for sharing and now I must feed into my sweet tooth right now! Haha.


    1. Eeeeek thank you so much Chloe!! That’s so lovely of you to say and means the worldddd ❤ The brownies are so amazing, I can't stop thinking about them lol!! Please let me know if you ever try the brownies- they are out of this world. I'm seriously craving more right now lol anyways thank you so much for your sweet comment. Hope you have the best week! xxx


  2. Ooooooooohhhhhh I love this!! Desserts are my weakness, well cupcakes are. I still have not had a proper brownie that is amazing out of this world but that chocolate one looks super delicious! Also I would love to try the oreo one! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much hun!!!! Omg same, well all desserts especially chocolate. The cupcakes are so good!! Trust me- if you tried this brownie, it would be the one. I wish I could bring you one over to America!!!! Seriously- when you come to London, Mrs Mac’s will be the first place I take you for the brownie!!! The Oreo one is amazing, the butter cream is so good!! Thanks for commenting Rossy, have a great week ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh, yum!!! The chocolate brownie & Oreo cupcake would probably be my favorites, too!! Your photos with the treats are so adorable. I love your outfit & makeup– those lashes are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely reviews on everything you tried. Hope you enjoy the loaded brownie when you get it! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yum indeed!! Oh gosh they were / are so good. I had a Kit Kat one the other day too, it was divine. Ah I just want more right this instance, haha! I’m gonna do another review nearer Christmas time I think… any excuse to eat cake hehe. Thanks so much lovely!!! It was a spontaneous little photoshoot but I just love how the pictures turned out. I think they’re my fave photos ever (so far) hehe. And I’ve been loving the lashes lately, though I need to get some more as I’ve been wearing the same set over and over… lol. Thank you so much hun! Ah I tried the Loaded Brownie the other day, it was good and I’d definitely get again, but the chocolate is STILL my number 1! Although right now I’m craving the Loaded… gosh they’re just TOO good. Thanks so much for commenting lovely, have a ‘sweet’ week hahaha see what I did there? Ok bye LOL

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh no way! A Kit Kat one?! I am drooling & I haven’t even seen a photo! 🤤 I would love one right this moment, too!! I cannot wait for your next review!!

        Your photos turned out adorable, they’re my second faves after the pink phone booth & dress shoot. 😍 You are just adorable! I wish we lived nearer, I have some nice lashes I don’t think I’ll ever use! LOL I want a brownie of any sort at the moment! Love what ya did there, ‘sweetie’ 😉 hahahaha! Ok talk to you later! 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes! Hehe I’ll share a picture of it soon. Ah yay, thank you so much Hunida. There’ll definitely be one coming ASAP!

        Awwww thank you so much Hunida that’s so precious. You are always so thoughtful with your comments seriously! Oh no way – haha we live so far not even in the same country!! Hahahaha thanks hun I had to sign off quickly after that pun you know?? Glad you appreciated it though!!! Eeek I hope you didn’t think I was being rude LOL. xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ooo, man am I looking forward to the Kit Kat cupcake photo!!!

        ❤ ❤ I know!! If we lived in the same country, I could at least ship them to you. I LOVE puns, hehe, I didn't think you were being rude at all. ;D ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh my gosh I am craving it now haha. Aw that would have been so good… I just bought some new lashes actually and they’re so pretty omg! Well it’s the thought that counts anyway, so thank you for thinking of me Hunida! Haha yay thank goodness! ❤ SO much love to you Hunida!

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